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    How to pick the right wedding ring for your partner?

    When you plan on buying an engagement ring for your proposal it will be an exciting time. Finding an engagement ring is hard and it is expensive. To find a perfect ring for your partner there are wedding rings melbourne that fits with your style. That is why you have to make sure that you’re buying the right one so your partner won’t feel disappointed. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking together or you’re the only one. You have to use these guides for you to be on the right track in looking for the perfect ring.

    Know what shape you want

    When you know what kind of shape your partner wants it will be easier for you to find it and you can focus on that certain shape. Each of the shapes has a different price range. Even though it is the same shape that you’re looking for. They have different prices because it depends on the carat. The most expensive shape is the round cuts while the pear and marquise are not that too expensive. But when the size is necessary you can have more carats at a reasonable price and you have to choose a different shape except for the round cut.

    wedding rings melbourne

    Pick a metal for the band of the ring

    The usual engagement rings that you see are made of white gold, silver, yellow gold, or platinum. But these days there are now rose gold bands to make it a change. The platinum band looks like silver but platinum is more expensive because of its highest density. There are metal scratches that are easier compared to others. You have to be sure that it fits with your lifestyle and budget before you decide what kind of metals you want to have in the ring.

    Measured it properly

    It is the necessary thing that you need to secure when you are looking for a ring. Before you buy a ring you have to make sure of the size of your partner’s ring finger to avoid problems in the future. The ring needs to be perfectly fit and comfortable. When you’re not together you have to know their size through maybe their jewelry box for references.

    The look of your ring on the wedding band

    While you’re busy looking for the right shape for your ring you have to also work on your wedding band. It is sometimes overlooked by most partners as their main focus was on the type of cuts. Both of you need to think of a style that goes with your ring. There are some rings that do not fit with the band which makes them upset. It is better to think of a package to make everything perfect before your wedding.

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    Three Effective Methods for a Happy and Lasting Marriage

    Marriage is a partnership between couples who expect to have a healthy, beautiful, and lasting relationship. Unfortunately, after the honeymoon phase, many couples struggle to keep the marriage from falling apart. But, happy couples continue to find effective ways to ensure that their marriage, as well as their well-being, remains intact.

    Popular methods for maintaining a strong relationship involve constant effort and complete commitment. Other ways include effective communication or relationship counseling in Draper. The key is to constantly look for ways to have a happy marriage together.

    Some couples continue to go on dates or travel together to keep the fire on their marriage burning. Others are contented in having deep conversations with their spouse from time to time. Here are other effective and proven methods you can try for a lasting marriage.

    Remember how your love story started

    The first page of your married life should always be etched on your minds. You and your spouse should constantly recall your wedding day or the good, old days when you were just starting as a couple. The long history of your love will become the foundation of your marriage.

    Reflecting on how your relationship began is an effective way of making it last. When couples go back to the positive reasons they decided to get married in the first place, both of them get a reaffirmation of their relationship. So, despite your busy schedules, you and your spouse should always recollect your happy memories, especially from the time when you were just starting your journey as a married couple.

    Strengthen your friendship with your spouse

    It is important to remain good friends with your partner. Find time to build and strengthen your friendship, even if you are both too busy with your kids or your careers. This can make your marriage stronger because friendship builds physical and emotional intimacy, which are crucial in maintaining a strong relationship.

    Get involved in marital therapy

    Getting into arguments with your partner is common in every relationship. However, it should not cause your marriage to fail. You need to understand each other even during tough times. You cannot just walk away or make personal attacks every time things get rough for the two of you. Instead, you need to resolve your issues together.

    If you want, you can seek professional help to ensure that your marriage will not lead to separation. Relationship counseling is also an effective way to resolve conflicts in marriage. A study reveals that 70% of couples who receive therapies experience a positive impact on their relationship. You can talk to a professional marriage counselor to know more about the different programs that they are offering.

    Keep in mind that marriage needs two people working together. To ensure that you and your spouse will continue to have a happy and lasting relationship, both of you need to work things out. The abovementioned methods can serve as a guide to help you continue building a strong, healthy, and happy marriage with your loved one.

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    Decorations that will surprise your guests on your wedding day

    Weddings are a time to celebrate and have fun. Sure you might have some of the traditional parts of a wedding like dinner and dancing. If you really want to impress guests, you should include some unconventional and surprising details to your wedding day. Having a memorable wedding is all about keeping guests entertained and including decorations and activities that are unexpected. Here are some ideas that will take your wedding day to the next level:

    1. Unusual Bars – Everyone loves an open bar at a wedding, but why not take that idea and add your own personal spin to it. Instead of having a typical bar you can include a bar that serves other things such as a cigar bar. You can come up with creative ideas such as a plant bar where guests can create their own green giveaways.
    2. Fireworks – A great surprise to treat guests to is a fireworks show. Gather everyone outside your venue by telling everyone you want to get a group photo outside. Then as everyone is outside the show can begin. A fireworks show creates perfect photo opportunities and is a great surprise to include for an outdoor wedding. This is a great way to end an epic wedding night and is the perfect send off.
    3. Blacklight – A blacklight party is a great way to add some fun to your dance floor. Guests will love the throwback and nostalgia of blacklight parties. Give guests glow sticks to enjoy the blacklight fun for a few minutes. This can even give you a chance to see yourself glow as well. If you have any diamond jewelry on such as your engagement ring, you might notice that the diamond gives of a fluorescent glow. Most diamonds have a bluish glow that is only detectable under a blacklight.
    4. Alternative Guest Book – Guest books are great for guests to leave their well wishes and messages to the newly wedded couple. However, think outside of the typical paper book. Instead of just getting another guest book have students sign something unconventional. If you have a beachside wedding, a nice touch would be for guests to sign an old surfboard. For travel themed weddings, you can have guests sign a vintage globe or on postcards that you can collect. These are great alternatives that can be displayed in your home instead of just being put away into a bookshelf.
    5. Selfie Stations – Photo booths have become almost a staple at weddings. However, they can often be costly to rent. Instead of renting a photo booth, you can set up selfie stations where guests can take selfies with their own devices. Provide a fun background with fun props. There are apps where they can send their photos so you can collect everyone’s selfies so you can create a digital photo album from them. You can also get portable photo printers that print out sticker versions of their photos. All they have to do is download an app that connects to the printer and they can print out their photos from their phone.

    Weddings are meant to celebrate your love with your significant other. Guests might expect to have some drinks and do some dancing, but you can really make sure they have the time of their lives by including some surprising elements to your wedding. Think about incorporating some of these ideas into your wedding day to create a day that you and your guests will never forget.

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    Tips on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Theme

    Your wedding will be something you look back on for years and will have thousands of photos to reminisce through for decades. It will be the happiest day of your life and one where all your favorite styles and designs make up your dream event.

    With all of these factors riding on your back, it is crucial to choose a theme that will alter your wedding to be the best one you ever attend. Not only as the bride but if you were to be a guest.

    Create A Mood Board

    Planning your wedding should be stress free and fun. Connect to your youthful self and make a mood board! Flip through all the wedding magazines you can find and cut out all the things you find visually appealing, relate emotionally to or interests you. Make this even more fun by including glitter, stickers and sequence. Or, if you’re a computer whiz, create a digital mood board.

    We know on our mood board there would be Alamour The Label. They have evening dresses in all different shapes, colors and textures, you will find the perfect bridesmaid dress. The Alamour The Label Yassime Mermaid dress – is luxurious and shapely, it will make your bridesmaids stunning and confident.

    To look for more bridesmaids dresses from Alamour The Label look here: https://www.alamourthelabel.com.

    Wedding Theme

    The Venue

    The location of your wedding will deeply impact the theme of your wedding. For example, you wouldn’t have a beach theme if your wedding is in a Christian Church. You will need to match your location to theme of the wedding.

    Select a venue that resonates with you and your style. Look back onto your mood board and see what sort of style the board was filled with. If you found that there were elements of flowers and light colours, maybe look into a Spring themed wedding!

    Don’t Feel the Need to Follow A Trend

    You may feel obliged to follow the latest trends and copy celebrity’s weddings themes. If you want to, go for it! But we always admire a modern and original wedding, they are also always the most memorable.

    After all, ask your mum what she thinks of the little-bow-sheep style bridesmaid dresses and Elvis impersonating celebrant now. You’re better off choosing a theme that resonates with you and your interests that you later won’t regret.

    Consider Hiring A Wedding Planner or Ask for Some Help

    If it fits within your budget, a wedding planner can take some stress off the planning as well as many other added benefits. They have connections and references to many caterers, venues etc. as well as experience in finding what fits best with their clients. This is what they’re best at, take advantage of the ease it offers.

    On the other hand, if you don’t want to dedicate your budget to this service, that’s fine also! Ask a friend, family member or multiple of each to help. By choosing someone that knows you well or has experience in wedding planning they can assist you in making decisions on colours, patterns and other added features of your wedding’s theme.

    Don’t get too stressed with your planning and embrace the help of others. Create an end product you are proud off and build something that you’ll be excited to invite your guests to. Have fun in with your theme and love it!

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    The Perfect Place for “I Do”

    Kuala Lumpur has been one of the wedding destinations for future couples all around the globe. With its outstanding sceneries and amazing food, there’s no second guessing that this is the perfect place for celebrations and milestones. Special event, just like weddings, should be held at places where “special” has always been the forte.

    Do you want your wedding to be memorable and spectacular? Are you looking for a wedding reception venue in KL to fit your budget? Are you ready to experience a wedding like no other? Don’t worry; we got you covered with Corus Hotel!

    Why Choose Corus Hotel?

    Corus Hotel is one of the premiere hotels in Kuala Lumpur. With its great facilities, ambiance and service, people from different parts of the globe keep coming back to this place. The hotel is also known for giving future couples the best wedding reception they could possibly imagine.

    Here are some of the reasons why Corus Hotel should be chosen as your wedding reception venue:

    1. Place

    The venue could accommodate great amount of guests for your wedding. It secures comfort while giving the perfect ambiance for the wedding. You could also redecorate it to make sure that it would complement to your theme.

    Aside from that, the Corus Hotel is in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. It is situated with KL City Centers. Guests and family members should never worry about the hassle and stress of parking. The place has facilities made to secure and protect your cars all throughout the event.

    The hotel is tagged as one of the most convenient places to held wedding receptions as it is connected to the rail transit places.  Remove the stress of thinking if guests would come during your event. With the hotel’s location, their attendance is now 100% sure.

    1. Food

    With the executive chefs of the place, there’s no doubt that the food in your wedding reception would be priceless. Corus Hotel is known for its award-winning innovation of Chinese cuisines fused with some foreign tastes. It also has credentials that are above any other place.

    If your guests or family member are picky of what to eat, make sure to book Corus Hotel now and experience food unlike any other. You won’t leave the place disappointed. Instead, you will leave it with a happy tummy and a happy heart.

    Corus Hotel has still a lot to offer to its future clients. Aside from the food and the location, the ambiance and the whole experience that it could offer shouldn’t be missed. The people that came in the hotel are great testimonies of the place’s service. The hotel is committed to bringing wedding receptions to a whole new level. We want you to create a memory with Corus Hotel.

    The hotel has made a lot of couples happy and satisfied during their wedding day. So make sure that if you are looking for a wedding reception venue in KL to fit your budget go and check out Corus Hotel as they give you the best wedding ever.

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    Affordable Event Spaces as Per Your Need

    As a global business focus, event space is frequently host to displays, expos, meetings and corporate occasions. The decision of gathering focuses in different places is broad and extents from little boutique inns with work rooms directly through to colossal reason constructed presentation focuses. Each of these settings has an alternate blend of offices and administrations, distinctive limits and diverse value focuses. Picking the correct gathering setting will rely upon the size and style of the occasion.

    It is a standout amongst the most energetic, refined, energizing and occurrence urban communities on the planet and furthermore a noteworthy place for world’s exchange and trade. Consistently, New York plays the host to a few corporate occasions, private gatherings, weddings, item dispatches, worldwide meetings, showcasing occasions and some more. There are numerous inns and eateries scattered all through New York that gives occasion space to arranging occasions. These are changed in numbers and one can undoubtedly discover one that suits his needs.

    Be it a substantial get-together or a little private occasion, these occasion spaces are in a perfect world suited to have a fruitful occasion. These spaces come in each size and charge contingent upon the necessity of the coordinators. The New York party settings offers world class administration and all the essential courtesies to make it a fruitful and critical occasion. They utilize profoundly prepared and cordial staff to take care of the visitors at the occasion.

    The achievement of any occasion depends a ton on the occasion scene, excitement for the night, menu included and the beverages. Picking the privilege New York scene is along these lines critical for a fruitful gathering. You can likewise employ the administrations of some New York occasion arranging firm to choose the best occasion setting for you. Sit in interview with these experts and choose the financial plan of the setting. They would have the capacity to enable you to get the best place at an awesome cost. In order to get more information about the luxury event spaces, you can visit divinespaces.co. The company is much professional to offer luxury spaces at an affordable charges. There are thousands of options are available to choose event spaces as per your need and budget. All type of event spaces are available for commercial and residential purposes too. People can go online and choose the best space with them.

    There are distinctive settings to look over contingent upon one’s financial plan. These scenes offer world class administrations and current pleasantries to have an important occasion. They utilize inviting and exceptionally experienced utilizes to take care of the requirements of the visitors. The private lounge area offers the perfect place for pre-wedding parties, birthday parties, meals, corporate breakfast and introductions. We offer a great site to sort out corporate capacities, get-togethers, meetings and business parties. The meeting corridor is fixed with idealize varieties of seats, designs and roundabout lighting. The nourishment incorporated into the menu and the administration offered guarantees that the occasion facilitated is noteworthy.

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    Tops 12 Shots a Bride Must Have in Her Wedding Story

    Your wedding photo story is undoubtedly the most beautiful collection of the best moments of your life. A perfectly shot album seamlessly portrays your wedding journey and arrests the plethora of emotions that rule the special day. A candid wedding photographer is the best person in capturing your story about love, who may not even make you realize that you are been shot to get the most unadulterated expressions. However, it will be wise on your part to let him/her know beforehand which particular shots you would like to have in your wedding story photography. This way, you will make sure that there is no disparity between your expectations and reality and can enjoy your D-day to the fullest.

    Here is our list of top 12 shots that you must have in your photo love story:

    wedding story photography

    Bridal attire: Whether you are wearing a majestic lehenga or a pristine gown, click photos of the dress before you actually wear it. You have spent a fortune on the special number and it makes every sense to make it the subject for a few shots.

    Makeup and jewelry: Both these items are a bride’s best friends, which magically transform a plain Jane to a gorgeous diva. Have them photographed in groups or as standalone pieces. Photos of adornments, specific to married women like the mangal sutra, toe rings or chooda, are also a must have.

    The ring: You may have numerous photos of your adorned hands with your engagement ring, but the one photo showcasing the ring as the subject is an absolute necessity.

    Getting ready: Allow your photographer to click you while you get ready to showcase how you transform into a dazzling bride. You can also have a couple of shots halfway through your session while you relax with a mug of coffee.

    Mehendi: You had to wait patiently for hours to let you mehendi artist create magic on your hands and feet. Now it is the time to show them off. Get photos of your heavily adorned manicured hands. Don’t forget to ask for shots of your feet showcasing that extraordinary bridal footwear, beautiful payal, and gorgeous mehendi or alta.

    Bridal portrait: Once you are finished with your ‘getting ready’ session, wait for a few glossy cover-worthy portrait shots. Believe us; you may not get this type of image once you hit the mandap.

    With your kith n kin: Take happy pictures with your parents, siblings and friends before the ceremony starts. Chances are that your near and dear ones will be misty eyed once ‘vidaai’ approaches.

    With your pet: How can you forget your furry friend who has been an important part of your life? Get some adorable photos of you two clicked.

    Baraat: This one photo you will surely don’t want to miss since you may not see your man riding a horse again in his life, while you wait for him with a garland at the entry. The dancing in-laws come as a bonus.

    The important rituals: Right from your grand entry to varmala to pheras to kanyadaan – your professional photographer will never miss any. However, remind him/her about these before the ceremony begins.

    Stolen glances: Subtle romantic exchange of eyes between you two, amidst the large gathering of invitees, must be captured by your photographer. These cozy shots actually remind you that weddings are romantic affairs.

    Heartwarming vidaai: This one is an absolute must. You may not normally like to see sad faces of your loved ones, but these pictures depict the bond that you share with each of them.

    Your wedding is the once-in-a-lifetime affair for you and you will always cherish the memories of the same. Hence, it will be wise to pay attention to your wedding photography and not miss a single photo-worthy moment.

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    5 Tips to consider while hiring a florist for your wedding day

    Your D-day is around the corner and one thing you should be skeptical about is the bouquet of beautiful flowers that you would carry while walking through the aisle. And yes, I’m sure you must have idealised a million things about that perfect wedding florist who would be the rockstar of your wedding. It is surely a tedious task. Also, you need to make sure that the florist which you’d be hiring doesn’t make you loosen your pocket more. So if you want a perfect wedding florist to make your wedding look grand, take some of these steps into consideration.

    Interviews and consultations

    When you’re going to hire a florist, it is important that you book an appointment and discuss the important things with them. Do a little bit of online research and pick some of the good wedding florists in London. Also, you can have a round of interview with each one of them and consult them for the future plans. Along with this, be open to their suggestions as well.

    Hit the right time

    It is important to start thinking about hiring a florist as soon as possible. Ideally, you should book your wedding florist 4 months prior to the wedding date. This is because of the reason that the florist needs to accomplish all the floral arrangements done. If your wedding date is close to a holiday, it is more likely that your florist would be busy on that date. So, it is very important to consider the timing of your wedding. Make sure that you give enough time to your florist to come up with stunning floral arrangements.

    Be open about your budget

    If you’ve fixed a certain budget or if you’re on a low budget, be upfront with your florist. Ask him/her if they are ready to work within your budget. Most of the florist would agree to work with you no matter what your budget is. All you need to do is to start the conversation a little early and be open to suggestions, feedback, and ideas. Also, talking frankly about your budget would give a better idea about the florist’s professionalism and work ethics.

    Tell them to show you their previous work

    A good thing to keep in mind while hiring your florist is to ask him or her to show you their previous work. Pictures of the past bouquets and centrepieces would help you in realising whether you and your florist have a similar taste or not. Seeing the photos would also help you in analysing what exactly they’re capable of.

    Ask them if they have done weddings at your venue

    If they’ve done, it would be easy for them to do it for you also. The reason being, they would be having a perfect idea about which shapes, sizes, and colors would work at the venue. It is also a great way to take inspiration from other couples and what they did with the venue. If they haven’t, ask if they’re willing to take a tour of the place which can help them being more creativity. This would be super helpful and would also save your time and money

    A wedding is the most important and auspicious event of one’s life. Flowers are the part and parcel of the wedding and the right florist can make your wedding even more magnificent.

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    3 Obstacles to Consider When Using Wedding Sparklers

    Using sparklers at your wedding is becoming a more and more common choice, and when it’s done correctly it can really add a lot of fun to your big day. However, you can’t simply hand out sparklers and expect everything to work out magically; you need to carefully consider several different things for it to work out right. The good news is that you don’t need to be a genius to figure it all out; you just need to plan ahead and buy the right type of sparklers. Here are the three biggest obstacles that you will face if you’re planning to have sparklers at your wedding celebration.

    Using Them Indoors

    While there are plenty of couples who decide to get married outdoors, most weddings will take place inside a venue. If you’re planning to use sparklers at your wedding, this can present a major challenge because a lot of sparklers create smoke as they burn in no small amount. That can quickly turn your wedding venue into a smoke chamber if you don’t have adequate ventilation! Fortunately, there is this company that sells smokeless wedding sparklers for this very purpose, so you can easily overcome this obstacle. You’ll still want to crack a window or two, but smokeless wedding sparklers are the only option if you want to use them indoors.

    Choosing a Length

    The length of your wedding sparklers is also an important thing to consider carefully, because the wrong choice here can really be a detriment at your wedding. Many couples are tempted to by ten inch sparklers because they are the least expensive, but they burn so quickly that they are virtually useless. Twenty inch sparklers are a better choice because they will give you enough burn time to take pictures and enjoy the fun. But if you are coordinating a larger activity like a send-off line or grand entrance, thirty-six inch sparklers provide the longest burn time by far and your guests can hold them high enough in the air to create a “sparkling tunnel” effect for amazing photos. If you think realistically about how long you need your sparklers to burn, choosing the right length is an obstacle that is easy to overcome.

    Make Safety the Priority

    Safety should always be the first priority when using sparklers, and using them at your wedding creates all sorts of additional challenges. Most of the time when you use sparklers, you have to option of being well spread out form each other. If you are doing something like a send-off line, your guests will be very close together while they hold their burning sparklers. Make sure you have all the proper safety equipment on hand such as buckets of water and fire extinguishers just in case of an emergency. You should also have first aid kits available I the event of an injury, but if you tell your guests to keep their sparklers high in the air until they fizzle out and practice proper sparkler safety procedures, you should be able to use them safely without any trouble.

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    Lifetime best moments with wedding photography

    The beautiful thing in one’s life is love and wedding will never forget in their lifetime. Most couples are loved for this day to get their partner as their own legally. The day of getting married is the day that they never forget because there are millions of small things will happen on that specific day. Their whole branch of friends and family will come over to wish them for their life which is the best thing that cannot happen again. Wedding is the place where we can see everyone happy and they just came to look over the couples face to wish them for their life.

    How couples enjoy outdoor photography?

    We cannot get those moments back in our life and to remember them again most of us used to take photographs with all of their friends and family. To take these moments with best pictures we need to choose best wedding photography as well. There are many indoor photographers who cover all the essential things to be captured on those moments. While on taking the album to see our friends we are much proud and happy to see. Personally couples have a thought to take their photos together with some privacy. In that manner there is an option to in photography called as wedding photographer Toronto where couples can make love each other to get the best photograph as well.

    Even the outdoor photography will gives the clear picture of the couples in a right way and they will feel comfortable to make love without any disturbance. There are certain things to get noticed when we are committed to make the outdoor photography. Even in this photography creativity plays the big role and the couples will feel so great on seeing their pictures in different perspective.

    Things to notice on outdoor photography:

    The first thing to notice in outdoor photography is the background because it helps to improve the standard of photography and at the same time couples will remember the place that they spend their moments. Spot a place to make a perfect romance sketch for the couples and make them comfortable by your actions. Some photographers will make mistakes on moving to public locations and in those times the couples cannot make any beautiful reactions for a picture. Nature and green places are the perfect location for outdoor wedding photography.

    After making the location comfortable let the couples to enjoy their moments because the best clicks are made without the notice of people. Patience is the key for a good photographer where he will get double the beauty of the picture when a right moment will come. Take some photographs of couple when they used to laugh and romance each other. Those times are precious and they will feel so happy on seeing those kinds of pictures of them. Be conscious in lightning and shading because it gives the soul to the picture that you are taking.