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    Most Popular Types Of Coffee

    No matter what time of the year is, a beverage means having a nice cup of coffee with your favorite book in hand. Whenever you are sleepy but have tons of work, you trust a cup of strong, black coffee that can instantly ward off the tiredness. Casual dates or friends meet looks best in a café where you can have your favorite cappuccino or a latte.

    Since coffee is one of the essential beverages, it’s quite natural to drink it in various ways, be it black coffee or the delicious latte with whipped cream. If you are a coffee lover, you are in the right place because we will talk about the different kinds of coffee drinks you can have. As the coffee suppliers are increasing each day, you can have either the coffee beans or the freshly made coffee powder and make one of these drinks at your home.

    So, without wasting any further time, let’s find out what are the most coffee types you can enjoy.


    Even though the Frappuccino is an exceptional coffee from Starbucks, you can easily make it at your home with straightforward ingredients. For this, you will need ice, half cup espresso, half cup whole milk, sugar, and your favorite chocolate or mocha syrup.

    • After brewing the coffee, allow it to cool down at room temperature and put this coffee, sugar, milk, and syrup in the blender.
    • After twenty to thirty seconds, but the ice, and give a nice blend. Pour the coffee mix into a mug and top it with whipped cream and your favorite syrup.

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    Caramel Macchiato

    This is more of an enhanced version of iced coffee and can be made similar to that of the Frappuccino. You will need vanilla syrup, cold milk, caramel sauce, two shots of espresso, and a cup filled halfway with ice.

    • Add all the ingredients- milk, vanilla syrup, espresso, and ice in a blender, blend it, and then pour it into the cup filled with ice.
    • Give the two contents a mix and once the liquid comes to rest, drizzle the caramel sauce on top slowly.

    Café Mocha

    Café Mocha is an advanced form of a latte, and hence you need to try it at your home at least once. For making this drink, you will need a two-thirds cup of mocha or your favorite chocolate powder, dark roasted coffee beans, two cups of skimmed milk, a coffee grinder, and whipped cream.

    • The chocolate or mocha syrup and the coffee should finish at the same time.
    • After this, heat the milk and add the skimmed milk into a cup with chocolate or mocha powder already present in it. Make sure to stir it quickly.
    • Pour the coffee into this mix and give it a nice stir. Add whipped cream on top and garnish it with some powder.

    Since these drinks are very rich in flavor, we suggest you have dark roasted beans from the coffee suppliers to have caffeine’s full essence in the drink.These beverages will hardly take ten minutes and so, rather than going out, prepare it in your home and enjoy it.

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    4 Creative Ways to Promote Your Hotel

    Many people love hotels, as they are often one of the most exciting parts of traveling. You get to stay in a completely new environment and would not need to worry about the upkeep and maintenance of the space.

    As a hotel owner, marketing is key if you are to keep your rooms booked and your ratings high. Promoting a hotel, however, is quite different from promoting a product as you are essentially asking potential customers to pay for an experience. There are many creative ways to promote a hotel to the public, some of which are as follows:

    Make a Virtual Reality Video

    When it comes to the hospitality industry, image is key. And as a result of past experiences, consumers are sometimes reluctant to trust the word of hotels. It has even become popular to share images online of advertised hotel rooms side by side the often-disappointing reality that customers were treated to.

    One way to avoid becoming the next trending hashtag for the wrong reasons is to have a VR 360 video made by a firm like Liquona. These videos give the customer a 3D virtual tour of the room and hotel itself so that they know exactly what they will be getting and can get a feel of the room before they book. This way, the customer can make an informed decision as well as enjoy a creative new way to see their accommodation.

    Pay for Influencer Marketing

     Influencers have become the celebrities of the internet, and most have a loyal following that trusts their opinions and recommendations. A good idea would be to get an influencer whose audience overlaps with your target demographic and have them stay at your hotel in exchange for a promotional deal. Oftentimes, this includes videos of the room, a review of the facilities, and a recommendation for the hotel. It is not unheard of for many hotels to get sold out when given a good review by an influencer. Tap into a brand new audience by getting into influencer marketing.

    Make a Testimonial Video

     Customers often look for social proof when deciding whether or not to patronize a business. Take advantage of this by making a video of testimonials from current guests at your hotel. Have them describe what they like best about the hotel and then share it on social media.

    Another idea would be to create a viral video of a proposal or celebration of some sort and attach the hotel’s name to it. These are more likely to catch attention and can bring you a lot of free publicity.

    Create a Package Deal

     Many times, when people are searching for hotel deals, they look for room prices per night. You can give your business an edge by offering deals that include rooms, food, and other extra attractions.

    Hotels can be tricky to promote but it can be done. Follow the above tips to have your hotel seen and patronized by more people.

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    Carve Out Some Fun for Yourself with Exciting Destination

    Are you planning for some rejuvenation and charm? Do you want to go for a holiday or relaxation? Do you really want your pooch to accompany you? Well, all these things can be exciting once you have a perfect destination and stay in space.  Well, what if you get a self-catering accommodation with pleasant surroundings?

    Once you are at a place like The Powis Arms, you would be in a world that is far from stress and weariness. It is situated in an idyllic location for experiencing the stunning natural beauty of South Shropshire. There are even country pubs in Shropshire and Offa’s Dyke and Bury Ditches Walks just a couple of miles away. You can stay in a king-size manner once you get a perfect accommodation in such a hypnotic space.

    There is much to explore

    At a small distance of 3 miles, there is the quaint and gorgeous market town of Bishop’s Castle.  It is popular for its excellent beers and homemade eatables.  Pubs are the life of this space with their amazing environment and surroundings. The arrangements of beer Garden and variety of beers make the space more comforting and impressive for visitors. There are even events that take place throughout the year and these are great fun for every member of your family. You can become a part of events like annual Michaelmas Fair, Carnival, and Party in the Park, Christmas Lights and the amazing Real Ale Trail.

    Don’t dodge relaxation

    If you have always been to work, deadlines and family responsibilities then it is the time to relax and unwind. You can experience a lot of thrill and relaxation once you go to a place like Shropshire. These places and their surroundings are complementing. You can have a rejoicing and uplifting time with your friends and family members. Even if your pooch is along with you, you might get a stay over the place that welcomes dogs too. After all, people who have a dog, the family are never complete in their absence. Your pooch is your partner in fun and memories right!

    Are you a foodie?

    Well, if you are a foodie or gourmet, then the Powis Arms welcomes you with open arms to experience the finest of local food and ales that Shropshire pubs have to cater. Treat your loved ones to a conventional Shropshire Sunday lunch, or you can munch on the local delicious lunches or dinners. The beer collection and the appetisers are mesmeric.  Even if you want something special at your place you can talk to the authorities of the pub or otherwise to cater you. On special reservations, variety can be served to you. If kids are along, you might get exclusive food options for them too. The deliciousness is extremely high, especially on Sundays. Be it starters, burgers or any other thing; everything is served in a bun with fries, onion rings, apple slaw and much more.

    So, go on a hypnotic time and do reservations at country pubs with accommodation. It would be the memorable and cherished experience for you!

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    Coffee with a Cause: 5 Unique Cafes in India That Offer More Than Just Food

    Cafes are not just about the food; it is the ambiance, service and the experience that contributes towards their popularity. Culinary culture in our country is evolving fast and cafes are paying more attention towards the conceptualisation. They are slowly becoming focal points to create awareness, fight social stigma and support social causes.

    Check-out these 5 out of the league cafes that are based on noble ideas–

    Sheroes Hangout Café, Agra

    This unique cafe is run by acid attack survivors who believed in fighting back. Sheroes was started in the year 2014 and is located in proximity with Taj Mahal. It runs on a pay-as-you-wish model and offers free Wi-Fi. Also, there is a well-stocked library inside the cafe that gets books through contributions. The cafe has outlets in Lucknow and Udaipur too and is planning to expand further.

    Address: Fatehabad Road, Opposite The Gateway Hotel, Taj View Chowraha, Agra, UP

    Cat Studio Cafe, Mumbai

    Feeling blue? There is nothing like a little cat therapy to make you feel better. Spend some leisure time with rescued cats and kittens at this wonderful cafe. All the cats here are up for adoption and waiting to find a loving home for themselves. Cafe owners take good care of cats and ensure they are healthy, de-flead, de-wormed and litter-trained. You can also help in this noble cause by donating cat food, medicines, cat toys, cash and other necessary items.

    Address: 63, Harminder Singh Road, Aram Nagar Part 1, Aram Nagar, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai

    Book flights to Mumbai online through ixigo.com and avail amazing cashback offers. Also, there are a number of hotels in Mumbai that offer warm hospitality and high-end facilities.

    Seva Café, Bengaluru

    Ever received a restaurant bill of INR 0.00? Visit the Bengaluru’s Seva Cafe where your meal is a gift from someone who came to the cafe before you. If you wish, you can also gift a meal to someone. Isn’t it cool? Visit the cafe and try for yourself. If you are not in Bengaluru, don’t be disappointed as the cafe has branches in Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad.

    Address: Shopper’s Plaza, 4th Floor Opp Municipal Market, Chimanlal Girdharlal Rd, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009

    Tihar Jail food court, New Delhi

    Tihar Jail Food Court, an initiative by Tihar prison, is situated half-a-kilometre from prisoners’ dormitories. The inhabitants of this prison are given an opportunity to bring a positive change in their lives. Prisoners who are to be released within 2 years are eligible to work at this restaurant. Jail authorities trust them enough to let them commute on their own.

    Address: Tihar Food Court, Jail Road, New Delhi

    The ‘Giving Tree’, Pappadavada, Kerala

    In an attempt to feed the hungry and contribute towards a better society, Minu Pauline – owner of Pappadavada Restaurant has installed a fridge outside the restaurant. This restaurant keeps 50 packets of food inside the fridge every day to be consumed by the needy. This fridge is accessible 24*7 and is monitored by a CCTV camera for security.

    Address: Opposite Kaloor Bus Bay, KK Road, Ernakulam, Kerala

    Isn’t that cool? You are paying for your regular coffee and indirectly contributing towards a social cause.

    Visit your nearest cafe and spread smiles 🙂

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    Life blood of a steak restaurant

    At the point when selecting to eat in a steak eatery, you’re destined to anticipate these two things: The nature of the meat (hamburger by relationship to “steak”), and obviously, how it was readied (how well it was cooked and prepared), the last being intensely subject to the previous. It can in this way be said that no measure of readiness can safeguard an extreme steak from the feedback of iii forks dallas, a steakhouse will get from a disappointed burger joint. Conversely, meat of high calibre can by one means or another spare unremarkable planning. The main issue – It’s about the meat.

    Encountering eating quality hamburger, arranged by the best gourmet experts and cooks around the local area (in a perfect world) is the reason a great many people would select to feast out in any case. It’s the real segment of the whole eating knowledge. In the event that the meats neglect to convey, anticipate that the steakhouse will lose business. What then compares to an awesome steak eatery eating knowledge? There are no settled guidelines in getting a charge out of a steak supper yet there are a few essentials all burger joints can or may anticipate.

    The atmosphere and client administration will set the mind-set for the whole supper and will likewise leave separating impressions. Initial introductions last; how visitors are gotten and took care of will influence how whatever is left of the supper will advance. Once the coffee shops are altogether situated, prepared and holding up, it will then come down to the dinner – the nature of the fixings and the readiness methods. This is the place the fight for consumer loyalty and steadfastness will be won or lost.

    Ought to a steak eatery neglect to awe seeing that mood at iii forks dallas or client administration is concerned, it has the feast to compensate for it. Give the sustenance a chance to do the talking. On the off chance that the sustenance conveys, the rest will be of less significance however not to be underestimated. Be that as it may, if the nourishment neglects to awe, consider the war lost. As its name infers, a steakhouse will dependably be about its steaks.