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    How to Buy Indian Paintings Online Like a Veteran Buyer?

    Online art galleries have opened the doors of the world of art for every person who has access to the Internet. This means that most of us have access to online art galleries from any nook or corner of the world in the network area. It has made it easy for each lover of art to buy Indian paintings or paintings of any other genre at the comfort of their homes, anytime. One just needs to open the website and begin browsing. Therefore, here are some tips to help you buy like a veteran buyer even if you are a novice.

    • Choose a web portal that complies with government rules-

    The online art world is full of forgers and scammers just like the offline art world. Moreover, you also don’t meet anyone running the online art gallery in person. That is why, it is important to buy paintings online, only after being sure of the authenticity of the online websites. So, check if it is compliant with the government norms. The best and easiest way to check the same is to check the payment gateways they use. If they don’t use any legit payment gateway approved by the government then take it as a red flag.

    • Purchase art prints instead of buying the original works-

    Art prints are quite affordable. They will cost you one-fourth of the amount that the original painting would cost you. Thus, if you feel you want to buy Indian paintings that are a bit over your budget, opt for prints of them. Also, it is a known fact that painters like Pollock, Husain, Amrita and others are prodigies of the art world. That is why their paintings are too costly for a middle-class person to afford. But that should not stop you from satiating your love for art. In such a situation also you should buy the prints of their paintings. Always ask for authentication proof.

    • Participate in online art auctions-

    Often, online art galleries conduct auctions. They also give you the benefit of being anonymous throughout the bidding session. So, always prepare yourself for such auctions. Get acquainted with the process of payment making. Auctions also involve some taxes and convenience charges. So, prior to getting yourself registered in the auctions, lean the basic etiquettes that you need to follow during an art auction.

    Online art world used to be quite intimidating in the beginning to people of all ages. Gradually, people are getting used to it as it is gaining popularity. However, even after the advancements and zillion of ways to check the genuineness of online portals to buy Indian paintings, those who plan to buy art are still more or less skeptical when it comes to buying it online. Just don’t be afraid while buying paintings just be a bit careful and you will realize soon that the web galleries are way more feasible than its other counterparts.