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    Facts about infertility you need to know

    There are a lot of surprising factors about our fertility health. Some the reasons are the cause of infertility are from nowhere. I hope you all should have heard about the term unexplained infertility. In the case of any unexplained infertility, the reasons for infertility cannot be diagnosed. There are a lot of factors which affects our infertility health but none of these fall under the reasons for infertility in case of unexplained infertility. The word infertility can give nightmares to a lot of people. Let us see some of the surprises which come from nowhere when your infertility health is considered:

    1. You may be super healthy and still face infertility. Yes, all good health does not guarantee you a good fertility health. You can have a good physique or a six-pack and still face male infertility. According to a study, one in 10 healthy couples faces infertility. You exercise regularly, eat healthy food, live on veggies without any habits of drinking and smoking, you may still face a lot of risks to be infertile. So always remember that a good health does not guarantee you a super fertile reproductive health. But it will reduce the chances of infertility. So do not leave out staying healthy.
    2. You more you weigh, the more is your risk of infertility. Your BMI is an important factor when your reproductive health is considered. Fatter couples or overweight people have fewer chances of conception than slim ones. Always keep your weight in control, this is not just for the fertility health but there are other risks of heart diseases and risk of diabetes.
    3. Some people believe that sex positions during intercourse can be reasons for not conceiving. There is no science or fact to back up this. During one of my research study, I asked the same question to a doctor at an IVF center in Bangalore. The answer was a big no. Sex position is just for the intercourse and it has nothing to do with your chances of conceiving.
    4. There is something called as a biological clock. It ticks for both men and women. This is very relative. Age and fertility health are very closely related. One of my friend who works at an infertility clinic in Mumbai told me that the chances of conception reduce as the couple grows older. Older men have fewer chances to conceive than younger men. Women who conceived through older men have higher chances of miscarriages than from younger one.
    5. The time of ovulation and pregnancy cannot always be interlinked. Sometimes the myth of the ovulation goes invalid.
    6. Your underwear and clothing do not determine your infertility.
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    How Much? The Cost of Raising Kids

    It’s not cheap to have a family.

    According to the latest figures it will cost roughly $233,610 to raise a child born in 2015. For many people these figures will come as an eye watering surprise. And these are just the average –higher income households will pay around $372,210 over the years. Although there are many ways to economize when it comes to something like childcare or putting meals on the table it’s still difficult to escape the basic costs of raising kids, which can be substantial. If you then start to factor in private education or hobbies such as tennis or computer equipment then these costs start to spiral significantly upward.

    Why does it cost so much to have a family?

    There are many different factors that come into play with respect to raising kids.

    The basics aren’t cheap – from the endless cycles of diapers, to prams, beds, bedding and clothing, there are many expenses to take into account just to keep a child warm and alive. It obviously becomes cheaper to do this second time around – especially with a child of the same sex – but for the first child everything has to be bought, rather than handed down. On top of that you have the necessities such as rent or mortgage repayments and the cost of heating and electricity so it’s little wonder that many families struggle and need secured loans for extras like holidays or a new car.

    Childcare can be really costly – our society is not (yet) adapted to providing cost effective childcare that enables both partners in a couple to work full time if that’s what they want. As a result, there’s a shortage of childcare places and those that are available can be incredibly expensive and competitively fought for. Families can spend anything between 7% and 19% of annual income on childcare costs, depending on where in the country they are and the type and frequency of childcare required.

    Food is one of the biggest expenses – putting food on the table is an expensive business. For those with a large family, paying for food that is healthy and satisfying for a large number of people generates significant bills. Plus, during the teenage years children (especially boys) tend to eat a lot more and that can result in food bills hitting new heights.

    Transport also takes cash from the budget – families need cars where single people or couples may not, that’sjust a fact. Whether it’s to carry larger shopping loads or simply so that you can keep everyone together when you travel as one family, most people who raise kids see enough benefit in a car to justify buying one. However, cars are expensive from the petrol that has to go in them to the cars themselves. And that’s not the only type of transport to consider. Bus fares and train fares for journeys to school as children get older can end up being enormously expensive, especially in bigger cities.

    Education is the killer – even where education is free there are numerous costs to bear in mind, from school uniforms to sports kit and writing utensils. However, it’s when children want to go on to college and university that things start to get really expensive. Many families now face the choice of allowing their children to get into debt to get an education or taking on serious debt to cover the costs themselves.


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    The best destination to get reviews about mom and baby gear

    Taking care of your parenting needs

    Parenting is a full-time job and it does not need any specific skills to possess for becoming a good parent. The parenting skills are imbibed as soon as you take your newborn in your arms for the first time. The skills are perfected over the time as the child grows and goes through different life stages. Parentinn.com is a useful site that gives reviews on every mom and baby essential gear. Starting from the baby food, feeding accessories, travel gears, beds, chairs to fun and activity equipment, this website give you a detailed overview of each product along with the user reviews. If you are expecting a baby soon then also this website can be very helpful as the checklist includes reviews and buying guides for various products for pregnant women. In short, this website is a complete guide for all mom and baby needs.

    Get the basics right

    There are no fixed rules for parenting but to get the basics right you need to keep yourself updated with the latest trends in the market. There are many advertising hoaxes and false claims made by new entrants in the baby care segment. But you should not get carried away with these marketing gimmicks and be completely sure about the products you use. Remember the products and brands you choose for your baby should be the best. You should never compromise with the quality and performance of a particular product when it comes to ensuring the wellbeing and safety of your child. There are numerous groups, forums and review websites available online that are great sources of necessary information about baby and mother care products. The blogs and posts uploaded from time to time can be extremely helpful to keep you informed. They are also useful to build a basic idea about the important features to look for while making a purchase. It is a complete guide for you to choose and pick the best-suited equipment for you and your baby.

    Reviews and recommendations for the best solutions 

    Parentinn.com is a popular review website that takes gives complete information for mom and baby essentials. Hundreds of users trust this site to gather knowledge about a particular product listed under a specific category. Inside this site, you will find reviews about each product, along with the pros and cons. Price comparisons are also provided for the cost-sensitive users.  Top picks and recommended brands are highlighted in each product category. So, if you are expecting a baby soon and is already spending hours in reading books and articles to adopt best parenting skills, then include this site in your surfing list. You will find excellent reviews and guidance during the pregnancy period. If you find the reviews authentic and if they help you in choosing the best products suiting your needs, stick with it for the long-term. The reviews will surely be useful for selecting the right products in baby care segment.