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Facts about infertility you need to know

There are a lot of surprising factors about our fertility health. Some the reasons are the cause of infertility are from nowhere. I hope you all should have heard about the term unexplained infertility. In the case of any unexplained infertility, the reasons for infertility cannot be diagnosed. There are a lot of factors which affects our infertility health but none of these fall under the reasons for infertility in case of unexplained infertility. The word infertility can give nightmares to a lot of people. Let us see some of the surprises which come from nowhere when your infertility health is considered:

  1. You may be super healthy and still face infertility. Yes, all good health does not guarantee you a good fertility health. You can have a good physique or a six-pack and still face male infertility. According to a study, one in 10 healthy couples faces infertility. You exercise regularly, eat healthy food, live on veggies without any habits of drinking and smoking, you may still face a lot of risks to be infertile. So always remember that a good health does not guarantee you a super fertile reproductive health. But it will reduce the chances of infertility. So do not leave out staying healthy.
  2. You more you weigh, the more is your risk of infertility. Your BMI is an important factor when your reproductive health is considered. Fatter couples or overweight people have fewer chances of conception than slim ones. Always keep your weight in control, this is not just for the fertility health but there are other risks of heart diseases and risk of diabetes.
  3. Some people believe that sex positions during intercourse can be reasons for not conceiving. There is no science or fact to back up this. During one of my research study, I asked the same question to a doctor at an IVF center in Bangalore. The answer was a big no. Sex position is just for the intercourse and it has nothing to do with your chances of conceiving.
  4. There is something called as a biological clock. It ticks for both men and women. This is very relative. Age and fertility health are very closely related. One of my friend who works at an infertility clinic in Mumbai told me that the chances of conception reduce as the couple grows older. Older men have fewer chances to conceive than younger men. Women who conceived through older men have higher chances of miscarriages than from younger one.
  5. The time of ovulation and pregnancy cannot always be interlinked. Sometimes the myth of the ovulation goes invalid.
  6. Your underwear and clothing do not determine your infertility.