Most Popular Types Of Coffee

Most Popular Types Of Coffee

No matter what time of the year is, a beverage means having a nice cup of coffee with your favorite book in hand. Whenever you are sleepy but have tons of work, you trust a cup of strong, black coffee that can instantly ward off the tiredness. Casual dates or friends meet looks best in a café where you can have your favorite cappuccino or a latte.

Since coffee is one of the essential beverages, it’s quite natural to drink it in various ways, be it black coffee or the delicious latte with whipped cream. If you are a coffee lover, you are in the right place because we will talk about the different kinds of coffee drinks you can have. As the coffee suppliers are increasing each day, you can have either the coffee beans or the freshly made coffee powder and make one of these drinks at your home.

So, without wasting any further time, let’s find out what are the most coffee types you can enjoy.


Even though the Frappuccino is an exceptional coffee from Starbucks, you can easily make it at your home with straightforward ingredients. For this, you will need ice, half cup espresso, half cup whole milk, sugar, and your favorite chocolate or mocha syrup.

  • After brewing the coffee, allow it to cool down at room temperature and put this coffee, sugar, milk, and syrup in the blender.
  • After twenty to thirty seconds, but the ice, and give a nice blend. Pour the coffee mix into a mug and top it with whipped cream and your favorite syrup.

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Caramel Macchiato

This is more of an enhanced version of iced coffee and can be made similar to that of the Frappuccino. You will need vanilla syrup, cold milk, caramel sauce, two shots of espresso, and a cup filled halfway with ice.

  • Add all the ingredients- milk, vanilla syrup, espresso, and ice in a blender, blend it, and then pour it into the cup filled with ice.
  • Give the two contents a mix and once the liquid comes to rest, drizzle the caramel sauce on top slowly.

Café Mocha

Café Mocha is an advanced form of a latte, and hence you need to try it at your home at least once. For making this drink, you will need a two-thirds cup of mocha or your favorite chocolate powder, dark roasted coffee beans, two cups of skimmed milk, a coffee grinder, and whipped cream.

  • The chocolate or mocha syrup and the coffee should finish at the same time.
  • After this, heat the milk and add the skimmed milk into a cup with chocolate or mocha powder already present in it. Make sure to stir it quickly.
  • Pour the coffee into this mix and give it a nice stir. Add whipped cream on top and garnish it with some powder.

Since these drinks are very rich in flavor, we suggest you have dark roasted beans from the coffee suppliers to have caffeine’s full essence in the drink.These beverages will hardly take ten minutes and so, rather than going out, prepare it in your home and enjoy it.