How to pick the right wedding ring for your partner
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How to pick the right wedding ring for your partner?

When you plan on buying an engagement ring for your proposal it will be an exciting time. Finding an engagement ring is hard and it is expensive. To find a perfect ring for your partner there are wedding rings melbourne that fits with your style. That is why you have to make sure that you’re buying the right one so your partner won’t feel disappointed. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking together or you’re the only one. You have to use these guides for you to be on the right track in looking for the perfect ring.

Know what shape you want

When you know what kind of shape your partner wants it will be easier for you to find it and you can focus on that certain shape. Each of the shapes has a different price range. Even though it is the same shape that you’re looking for. They have different prices because it depends on the carat. The most expensive shape is the round cuts while the pear and marquise are not that too expensive. But when the size is necessary you can have more carats at a reasonable price and you have to choose a different shape except for the round cut.

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Pick a metal for the band of the ring

The usual engagement rings that you see are made of white gold, silver, yellow gold, or platinum. But these days there are now rose gold bands to make it a change. The platinum band looks like silver but platinum is more expensive because of its highest density. There are metal scratches that are easier compared to others. You have to be sure that it fits with your lifestyle and budget before you decide what kind of metals you want to have in the ring.

Measured it properly

It is the necessary thing that you need to secure when you are looking for a ring. Before you buy a ring you have to make sure of the size of your partner’s ring finger to avoid problems in the future. The ring needs to be perfectly fit and comfortable. When you’re not together you have to know their size through maybe their jewelry box for references.

The look of your ring on the wedding band

While you’re busy looking for the right shape for your ring you have to also work on your wedding band. It is sometimes overlooked by most partners as their main focus was on the type of cuts. Both of you need to think of a style that goes with your ring. There are some rings that do not fit with the band which makes them upset. It is better to think of a package to make everything perfect before your wedding.