Wedding & Event planning

Decorations that will surprise your guests on your wedding day

Weddings are a time to celebrate and have fun. Sure you might have some of the traditional parts of a wedding like dinner and dancing. If you really want to impress guests, you should include some unconventional and surprising details to your wedding day. Having a memorable wedding is all about keeping guests entertained and including decorations and activities that are unexpected. Here are some ideas that will take your wedding day to the next level:

  1. Unusual Bars – Everyone loves an open bar at a wedding, but why not take that idea and add your own personal spin to it. Instead of having a typical bar you can include a bar that serves other things such as a cigar bar. You can come up with creative ideas such as a plant bar where guests can create their own green giveaways.
  2. Fireworks – A great surprise to treat guests to is a fireworks show. Gather everyone outside your venue by telling everyone you want to get a group photo outside. Then as everyone is outside the show can begin. A fireworks show creates perfect photo opportunities and is a great surprise to include for an outdoor wedding. This is a great way to end an epic wedding night and is the perfect send off.
  3. Blacklight – A blacklight party is a great way to add some fun to your dance floor. Guests will love the throwback and nostalgia of blacklight parties. Give guests glow sticks to enjoy the blacklight fun for a few minutes. This can even give you a chance to see yourself glow as well. If you have any diamond jewelry on such as your engagement ring, you might notice that the diamond gives of a fluorescent glow. Most diamonds have a bluish glow that is only detectable under a blacklight.
  4. Alternative Guest Book – Guest books are great for guests to leave their well wishes and messages to the newly wedded couple. However, think outside of the typical paper book. Instead of just getting another guest book have students sign something unconventional. If you have a beachside wedding, a nice touch would be for guests to sign an old surfboard. For travel themed weddings, you can have guests sign a vintage globe or on postcards that you can collect. These are great alternatives that can be displayed in your home instead of just being put away into a bookshelf.
  5. Selfie Stations – Photo booths have become almost a staple at weddings. However, they can often be costly to rent. Instead of renting a photo booth, you can set up selfie stations where guests can take selfies with their own devices. Provide a fun background with fun props. There are apps where they can send their photos so you can collect everyone’s selfies so you can create a digital photo album from them. You can also get portable photo printers that print out sticker versions of their photos. All they have to do is download an app that connects to the printer and they can print out their photos from their phone.

Weddings are meant to celebrate your love with your significant other. Guests might expect to have some drinks and do some dancing, but you can really make sure they have the time of their lives by including some surprising elements to your wedding. Think about incorporating some of these ideas into your wedding day to create a day that you and your guests will never forget.