Wedding & Event planning

The Perfect Place for “I Do”

Kuala Lumpur has been one of the wedding destinations for future couples all around the globe. With its outstanding sceneries and amazing food, there’s no second guessing that this is the perfect place for celebrations and milestones. Special event, just like weddings, should be held at places where “special” has always been the forte.

Do you want your wedding to be memorable and spectacular? Are you looking for a wedding reception venue in KL to fit your budget? Are you ready to experience a wedding like no other? Don’t worry; we got you covered with Corus Hotel!

Why Choose Corus Hotel?

Corus Hotel is one of the premiere hotels in Kuala Lumpur. With its great facilities, ambiance and service, people from different parts of the globe keep coming back to this place. The hotel is also known for giving future couples the best wedding reception they could possibly imagine.

Here are some of the reasons why Corus Hotel should be chosen as your wedding reception venue:

  1. Place

The venue could accommodate great amount of guests for your wedding. It secures comfort while giving the perfect ambiance for the wedding. You could also redecorate it to make sure that it would complement to your theme.

Aside from that, the Corus Hotel is in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. It is situated with KL City Centers. Guests and family members should never worry about the hassle and stress of parking. The place has facilities made to secure and protect your cars all throughout the event.

The hotel is tagged as one of the most convenient places to held wedding receptions as it is connected to the rail transit places.  Remove the stress of thinking if guests would come during your event. With the hotel’s location, their attendance is now 100% sure.

  1. Food

With the executive chefs of the place, there’s no doubt that the food in your wedding reception would be priceless. Corus Hotel is known for its award-winning innovation of Chinese cuisines fused with some foreign tastes. It also has credentials that are above any other place.

If your guests or family member are picky of what to eat, make sure to book Corus Hotel now and experience food unlike any other. You won’t leave the place disappointed. Instead, you will leave it with a happy tummy and a happy heart.

Corus Hotel has still a lot to offer to its future clients. Aside from the food and the location, the ambiance and the whole experience that it could offer shouldn’t be missed. The people that came in the hotel are great testimonies of the place’s service. The hotel is committed to bringing wedding receptions to a whole new level. We want you to create a memory with Corus Hotel.

The hotel has made a lot of couples happy and satisfied during their wedding day. So make sure that if you are looking for a wedding reception venue in KL to fit your budget go and check out Corus Hotel as they give you the best wedding ever.