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    Searching For The Best Divorce Attorney In Pune?

    Marriage in India cannot wrongly be considered as important as anything else that is essential for surviving in this world like breathing oxygen or eating food. Marriage is something that is considered as an obvious case when it comes to Indians. There will come an age and time when an individual say a girl or even a boy has to get married.  A marriage function in India starts with two families coming together to build a relation they rather believe is inseparable and so it should be. It brings together emotions from different groups of people that are somehow related or attached to the respective bride and groom. A series of occasions and rituals followed by an emotional journey of bidding Farwell to the bride by her family members and friends and wishing her all the luck for the new life that she has stepped into is what constitutes a complete marriage function in India.

    A marriage doesn’t only hold the fulfillment of certain conditions and situations on legal terms by the two respective bodies but is made up of a lot of dreams that the two might have stitched together about initiating their new life with their partner and building their future together. But what if there comes a time when the two bodies that were meant to stay together till death part them somehow arrive on a decision of letting go of the bonding that is keeping them together? This is where the idea of divorce comes up.

    What are Divorce and the main reasons that lead to it?

    Divorce is the mutual agreement by two different bodies or party that were once bonded together on legal terms to be called the respective husband and wife of each other. When both the bodies fail to keep up with their resolutions of living together as a couple the same legal bodies is requested to step to end their terms of marriage. Divorce though not a very popular custom in India is still witnessed as the only solution in many cases where the reasons for being separated are for more prominent than being together.

    Though it is generally advised that such marriage issues should be solved by the husband and wife among themselves and should not involve the foreign parties in it, but there are cases when the consequences turn out to be so fatal that the legal body has to step in to avoid any misconduct in the future. For such cases, best divorce lawyers in Pune is appointed or referred to who is knowledgeable enough as to how to proceed with the formalities that require helping two people get divorced.

    Best divorce attorney in pune will know all the grounds that are to be presented in defending the case of its client in its favor. After a marriage breaks up, the custody of the children(if any) the rightful alimony to be provided with and the ownership of many other things that were brought up when the two individuals were together as a couple has to be decided on legal terms.

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    Can Pop out Belly Button Cause Any Harm? Know It Well

    During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through several changes. Her entire body and mind get prepared to take the responsibility of the little one coming into her life. Her bulging belly completes her look as a content would-be mother. Among the visible changes, the popped out belly button is common. No matter how inverted it is, pregnant belly button pop out will happen surely.

    Do you know why it happens? Actually, when you are carrying, your body is getting prepared each day for the delivery. Your uterus gets bigger which pushes your abdomen and as a result, you get popped out belly button. This is completely harmless and you don’t have to freak out about it unless it is an umbilical hernia.

    What Is Umbilical Hernia?

    Instead of being stressed, you should know about it in details. The umbilical cord connects the fetus with the mother inside the womb. There is a small opening between the abdominal wall muscles of the babies through which their umbilical cord passes through. When the layers of abdominal walls don’t join, the umbilical cord bulges through the belly button and this condition is known as an umbilical hernia. According to several studies, around 20% babies are born with an umbilical hernia. Usually, an umbilical hernia is painless and doesn’t cause any discomfort. But, if it doesn’t disappear until age 4 of the child, it has to be operated.

    Causes of Umbilical Hernia

    Pregnant belly button pop out is common, but having umbilical hernia can be disturbing a lot. Yes, it is common in babies, but it can also happen to the mothers. This happens to the pregnant ladies when too much pressure is posed to the weak sections of abdominal muscles. Potential causes of an umbilical hernia in mothers are-

    • Obesity
    • Excess fluid in the abdominal cavity
    • Frequent pregnancies
    • Having a heavy and continuous cough
    • Having twins or triplets
    • Abdominal surgery

    Symptoms of Umbilical Hernia

    As most cases are painless, you may not notice it in your baby. But, if you notice any bulging around the umbilical area that is something you should consult with doctors.

    The common symptoms of an umbilical hernia in babies are-

    • If your baby suddenly starts vomiting
    • There is a bulge in the umbilical area which is tender, discolored and swollen
    • If he/she is crying in pain

    In case of adults, often umbilical hernia can be painful and create immense discomfort. Surgery is the only way to get rid of this.

    Are There Any Other Complications?

    Usually, additional complications are very rare in case of children, but if the umbilical cord is incarcerated, certain complications can be there. Often intestine can’t be pushed back to the abdominal wall can’t get enough blood supply. This can kill tissue and cause immense pain. A strangulated umbilical hernia is another common complication.

    If you have this problem in your child or you have it in yourself, consult a doctor immediately and surgery is the best way to stay away from any types of complications.

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    6 Components for Designing a Perfect Identity Card for Employees

    An Identity card is considered to be one of the important documents to be carried by the employees whenever available in the office. We are all aware of the thing that the companies will provide ID cards to the employees as per their wish. When it comes to different companies, the ID cards are mainly differing and customizable as well. However, it is all mainly depends on the companies that how they are going to choose the designs for the identity card. It is also important for the companies to provide the IDs for the visitors as well.

    One must admit that the ID card is important for all the employees to carry to the office. Nowadays, without carrying an ID card, it is difficult for the employees to get into the office. When it comes to the security plan, ID card is said to be the important document to carry along with employees. It is also helping the managers to find the right employee and his/her status with the help of ID card.  It is the main reason that ID card is said to be the pivotal role of every employee available in the office.

    If you are the one who wants to launch your startup with new employees, then it is essential for you to create an ID card with main components. By following the proper components, then you can find the perfect designed Identity card at the end for employees. However, we all know that the ID card is mainly used with Lanyards. As per your wish, you can also choose the type of lanyards at any time. For instance, you can also visit lanyardstomorrow.co.uk for getting lanyards. Here we are in the discussion of 6 components when it comes to designing the ID card.

    1. Photo of Employee

    Without a photo on your Identity card is actually not possible at all. So, according to the ID card, thus the picture will be sized and designed over the ID card. For your information, ID card with a proper photo of an employee will create more secure and safe for your company as well. At the same time, photo with ID card will be mostly used for verification process as well.

    1. Boost security

    Most of the companies are nowadays coming up with the quality identity cards for the employers to boost up the security. Generally, in most of the ID cards, there will be features like software or proper equipment is added. For instance, fingerprint or holographic overlay is also considered to be the additional features on your cards. It helps to prevent frauds at any time.

    1. Data encoding

    Nowadays, ID cards are mainly comprised of barcodes, smart chips, RFID tags and more. This kind of features will help the organization to find the user access along with his/her attendance. At this condition, your company also doesn’t require any securities. It also leads to avoid the personal securities at any time.

    1. Design

    It is also always important for the organizations to bring additional designs to the ID card. The main thing about the ID card is it should be effective with attractive design. Make sure to add valuable information about the employee with proper graphics. So, whenever going to design a proper identity card, then the design is always considered to be the essential one to follow by the designers.

    1. Companies LOGO

    It is one of the important stuff that you need to be added to the ID card. When it comes to logo design, it is essential for the designer to enlarge the company’s logo for a better view. Along with the proper logo, thus the font, as well as colors, also turns the ID card more attractive and visible.

    1. Durability

    If you are looking for the better ID card, then the durability will always set the bar with the help of durable materials. The way that how you are going to laminate the ID card with proper lanyards will lead to stay last longer than expected. So, while making an ID card, make sure to keep it in mind about the durability.

    When it comes to a proper identity card, the above-given components will be useful for the better outcome. Along with the ID card, it is essential to get lanyards to carry. In this case, you can visit the lanyardstomorrow.co.uk to get it for ID cards without any difficulties.

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    Coffee with a Cause: 5 Unique Cafes in India That Offer More Than Just Food

    Cafes are not just about the food; it is the ambiance, service and the experience that contributes towards their popularity. Culinary culture in our country is evolving fast and cafes are paying more attention towards the conceptualisation. They are slowly becoming focal points to create awareness, fight social stigma and support social causes.

    Check-out these 5 out of the league cafes that are based on noble ideas–

    Sheroes Hangout Café, Agra

    This unique cafe is run by acid attack survivors who believed in fighting back. Sheroes was started in the year 2014 and is located in proximity with Taj Mahal. It runs on a pay-as-you-wish model and offers free Wi-Fi. Also, there is a well-stocked library inside the cafe that gets books through contributions. The cafe has outlets in Lucknow and Udaipur too and is planning to expand further.

    Address: Fatehabad Road, Opposite The Gateway Hotel, Taj View Chowraha, Agra, UP

    Cat Studio Cafe, Mumbai

    Feeling blue? There is nothing like a little cat therapy to make you feel better. Spend some leisure time with rescued cats and kittens at this wonderful cafe. All the cats here are up for adoption and waiting to find a loving home for themselves. Cafe owners take good care of cats and ensure they are healthy, de-flead, de-wormed and litter-trained. You can also help in this noble cause by donating cat food, medicines, cat toys, cash and other necessary items.

    Address: 63, Harminder Singh Road, Aram Nagar Part 1, Aram Nagar, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai

    Book flights to Mumbai online through ixigo.com and avail amazing cashback offers. Also, there are a number of hotels in Mumbai that offer warm hospitality and high-end facilities.

    Seva Café, Bengaluru

    Ever received a restaurant bill of INR 0.00? Visit the Bengaluru’s Seva Cafe where your meal is a gift from someone who came to the cafe before you. If you wish, you can also gift a meal to someone. Isn’t it cool? Visit the cafe and try for yourself. If you are not in Bengaluru, don’t be disappointed as the cafe has branches in Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad.

    Address: Shopper’s Plaza, 4th Floor Opp Municipal Market, Chimanlal Girdharlal Rd, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009

    Tihar Jail food court, New Delhi

    Tihar Jail Food Court, an initiative by Tihar prison, is situated half-a-kilometre from prisoners’ dormitories. The inhabitants of this prison are given an opportunity to bring a positive change in their lives. Prisoners who are to be released within 2 years are eligible to work at this restaurant. Jail authorities trust them enough to let them commute on their own.

    Address: Tihar Food Court, Jail Road, New Delhi

    The ‘Giving Tree’, Pappadavada, Kerala

    In an attempt to feed the hungry and contribute towards a better society, Minu Pauline – owner of Pappadavada Restaurant has installed a fridge outside the restaurant. This restaurant keeps 50 packets of food inside the fridge every day to be consumed by the needy. This fridge is accessible 24*7 and is monitored by a CCTV camera for security.

    Address: Opposite Kaloor Bus Bay, KK Road, Ernakulam, Kerala

    Isn’t that cool? You are paying for your regular coffee and indirectly contributing towards a social cause.

    Visit your nearest cafe and spread smiles 🙂

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    Get an Assortment of all the Hair Essentials for that Lasting First Impression

    Grooming and keeping up with the current trends has become an important way of life today for men all over the world. It is not just women who need to take care of what their hair looks like, use a good face-wash, etc. In order to be stylish and be able to make a strong and impressive first impression in any sphere of one’s life, being well-kept, groomed and dressed is quite significant. Today, people buy all sorts of creams, lotions, oils, appliances and more in an attempt to make themselves clean, well-kept and presentable. To that end, anyone interested in properly grooming themselves and improving their looks and appearance can invest in a men’s grooming kit. These grooming kits will have an assortment of all the products and tools one would consider as Hair Essentials and would make it easier for them to go through the motions of a grooming session with ease and finesse.

    Following are some of the best Grooming Products and Tools for Hair Essentials:

    1. A good Hair Styling Product:

    Styling one’s hair with some product is one aspect of grooming that’s been present for a long time, and has only improved with time. Today, men can buy hair gels or wax and use it to effortlessly manage their hair, however frizzy or unkempt it might be. Using this, any man can style their hair in a casual, devil-may-care manner or gear up for a smart look depending on the occasion.

    1. A reliable Trimmer:

    There are many who don’t want to completely get rid of their beards and rightfully so. Any method of keeping one’s beard in check using a shearing scissor is too outdated and going to the barber every week isn’t practical. Instead, any man who wants to be able to keep his beard and moustache trimmed well, should purchase a trimmer for their mens grooming kit.

    1. Bathing Soap:

    There’s a variety of bathing soaps that are available in the market, with each one looking better, well-made, scented and attractive. However, any man who knows about bathing bars or gels will know that it is important for them to use only those which are packed with essential nutrients. This way, it would never remove moisture from the skin, but only rejuvenate it and make it look smooth and fresh.

    1. Skin Moisturizer:

    A skin moisturizer is perhaps one of the most overlooked items from among the essentials necessary for every mens grooming kit to contain. Every person should get one for themselves as it can make a world of difference for their skin. Using one, no one would have to endure any dry, itchy necks or cheeks after a trim and shave. This holds especially true for winters when dryness sets in much faster than before.

    1. Beard Wash:

    Another important item to have handy, especially for those who like to keep thick beards, is a beard wash. Just like using a face wash for one’s facial skin, a beard wash can be significant for both the beard and the skin underneath. A good beard wash will get all the grime, dirt and oil that’s present and make it look fresh and clean once again.

    1. Beard Oil:

    Out of all the hair essentialsfor a person’s hair, beard and moustache, this is an underrated item that people only now have begun to recognize. A good beard oil, made of important ingredients like sandalwood, cocoa butter and other nutrients can be quite useful for those who want to grow a thick, luscious beard. It also prevents a common problem that plagues bearded men called ‘Beard Dandruff’.

    Therefore, these are some of the important products and tools that every man should care to buy and stock their mens grooming kit. They are quite useful in their own way and could certainly improve one’s quality of life in their social spheres.

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    4 Most Effective Type of Social Media Advertising In 2018

    Social media is one powerful tool that is used by almost every individual in the year 2018. From the tiniest to the eldest, we find every person glued to their social media channels much and this blog will enlighten you about 4 effective type of social media advertising for your brand and business.

    1. Facebook Advertising

     Facebook now hosts over 200 million users on an average which comes out to be approximately a quarter of the entire world’s population. A major type of facebook advertising includes campaigns and other related stuff. Facebook harbours plenteous of advertisers today and this is the reason why it has become one of the most popular social media platform for the advertisers for selling their products and services. A major benefit of using facebook for advertising is that it allows a specific and advanced type of targeting which very few other social media platforms provide. 

    1. Twitter advertising

    Twitter is yet another type of social media platform which is one of the leading social media platforms all over the world. Twitter houses over 328 million users all over the world and is therefore, one of the most important kind of platform for advertising different products and services. Twitter advertising mainly uses promoted accounts, tweets, promoted trends and website cards. The entire focus of advertisements is to enhance engagements on a particular post. 

    1. Instagram advertising

    Instagram is the next one on the list and it owns around 500 million monthly users that are active. When it comes to audience engaging rates, instagram is above all other kinds of social media platforms including both twitter and facebook. As per statistics, the audience engagement feature of instagram is 58% higher than facebook and is 200% higher than twitter and this makes it an ideal social media platform to advertise your brand and products. No matter what kind of business it is that you are currently running, instagram will undoubtedly be the best place to run your advertisements. 

    1. Pinterest Advertising

    Pinterest is one of the most interesting and addictive kind of social media platforms. People use it for informational purposes and this is where you can play your cards right by advertising your services or products. When it comes to social media almost everything is dependent upon engagements and this is what is the quality of pinterest that it has the ability to engage users for a longer period of time. Also, it is one of the most unique social media platforms, though it is visual like instagram. This social media platform is targeted completely towards women, therefore it is the best platform to advertise female products and services.

    These are four cherry picked type of social media advertising that you should indulge in 2018 for getting a higher amount of traffic and for generation of a better lead for your business. Using any or all of these stated social media advertising will surely help your brand in gaining better customer and clients.



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    You might be wondering where to buy modafinil and let yourself test its cognitive enhancing benefits. It is not available for everyone just to set the record straight; you should be diagnosed with sleep apnea or any illnesses related to severe sleeping disorder before you can get your hands of it with a proper prescription from a doctor.

    However, you might wonder why a lot of people around the world without any severe sleeping disorders are reaping the benefits of modafinil and other forms of cognitive enhancing drugs and nootropics. Where do they buy this stuff? It is available primarily online through unlicensed pharmaceutical companies that manufactures modafinil pills in 100-milligram and 200-milligram supplement without the need of any prescriptions. The internet might be the best place to buy modafinil

    Now you might be thinking that is it safe to purchase modafinil online? Especially if there is no prescription? Or licenses from food and drug authorities?

    Everyone nowadays are looking to obtain modafinil online but what are the things to consider before you make the decision to buy it?

    This article will provide a list of things you might want to keep in mind before buying modafinil online. Let me just warn you, buying modafinil online is generally illegal but who cares? You want to become smarter and become more productive in either work or study so here’s a short guide to determine if that pharmaceutical company that sells modafinil online is legitimate or not.

    1. Word of mouth- Make sure that the pharmaceutical company that sells modafinil is referred by the majority of people who are patronizing cognitive enhancing drugs. Referrals are one of the best ways to determine if it is true to its business or not since most of modafinil manufacturers online does not have any license, it’s better to stick to this option.
    1. Check the website- If the website has enough information about the products it sells and the proper dosage and instructions it has embedded in the product then it is relatively safe to consider it and include it on your list. Make sure that the website can be navigated easily and has sub-menus that provides more information to support its products’ details.
    1. Check reviews- Reddit might be the place to scout legitimate websites that sells modafinil online because it provides you a wide array of reviews and testimonials from modafinil users and more conveniently they often provide links to the websites they have purchased in so check out Reddit if you are searching for one.
    1. Read the ingredients- Although you are not a chemist of some sort, it is still important to know what are the active ingredients used in making that modafinil supplement that you are about to purchase because you will consume it inside your body and you will be the one who will face the consequences if you are too irresponsible. Legitimate modafinil websites often provide an in-depth explanation about its products active ingredients and provides proper dosage to its patronizers.
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    5 Reasons to upgrade your existing inverter right now

    As the heatwave gets into full swing, we all welcome the joys of a fresh glass of lemonade, but not power cuts because they are just an inconvenience. People all over the country go through this and nobody is really spared in the process. As a result backup power solutions are very popular among households in India and anyone who hasn’t got one; make it a priority to get one. But the point of this article isn’t to explain the statistics, but rather aimed at the average buyer who us still using an older inverter model (good quality inverters last a long time) to manage power backups.

    home inverter

    So without wasting any more time, here are 5 reasons why you should upgrade your existing inverter unit:

    1. More technologically advanced: Newer inverters are equipped with a lot of tech that actively monitor the needs inside the household. They employ newer technologies like sine wave to shield against electrical anomalies and protect electrical gadgets inside the house from malfunctioning. Also the newer models are built using newer and more reliable parts which are more efficient for everyday use.
    2. Risky: So your old inverter unit has served you good all of these years without giving you a reason to worry. Well think again. Any older appliance is a liability waiting to occur. Electrical components have a specific shell life and although you may still be able to use them, it isn’t recommended for longer periods. The core internal components like circuits or transformers themselves may be less capable at this point then they were when the unit was new. Therefore they might not be able to work as efficiently and someday might give out altogether.
    3. Much more efficient: Newer inverters use much less energy to operate and provide much safer operations to the battery. As a result, there is significantly less chances of raising unwanted electricity bills or cause unnecessary issues while they are in operation. You can also easily buy home inverter online and have it installed at your home, just from the click of a button.
    4. Available in many different capacities: Inverters today have to crater to a large array of electronic titbits. Some requiring low voltage and some requiring high. Either way, if your older inverter is showing up signs of overloading, then it’s probably a good time to change it because in effect, your inverter isn’t able to handle the load from the house on the same unit. You can check your average load with a qualified technician and pick an inverter that adequately supplies current to power all essential gadgets of your home.
    5. Upgrade form DC to AC: Older inverters used to work mostly on DC and it was fine then because most electrical appliances used a lot of power. However, over the years those same appliances have got much more efficient and consume a lot less power and have migrated to using AC power which is much more stable and safer.

    So these are top 5 reasons to buy inverter online India today. I made the switch and I can see a tremendous difference already, so when are you make your inverter purchase online?

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    Best Five Gifts for Men This Holiday Season

    Buying gifts for women is cakes walk while; when it is the women turn, men can be extremely hard to purchase presents for. Possibly it is their birthday events, anniversaries or even on the occasions like Thanksgiving or Christmas. You must be the Santa of the family on the grounds that your man has been working his take off at work to improve the occasions for you and the family.

    Men have dependably been gifting women with the choicest of endowments in light of the fact that there are a plenty of choices accessible to them. In any case, women confront a lot of inconveniences while picking the correct piece for the man of the house or even the young men. Consequently, this article will come as a help for them.

    This article discusses the different blessings that you can consider giving the men of your family this holiday season.

    An accumulation of miniatures:  When you discuss miniatures, there are a lot of choices from which you can look over. Extending from scaled down toy autos to the liquor bottles or even ponders of the world statues, men love to have a gathering of miniatures. You simply need to make sense of what your child or spouse likes and purchase something in understanding to that. Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, autos models, there’s a great deal to look over. With such a wide assortment of choices, you can look on the web and get something that you like at reduced costs.

    Grill set up: Which man doesn’t care for investing energy with his companions in the garden influencing their most loved steaks or grill to sheep or chicken? All things considered, the dominant part of men loves to accomplish something like this since it influences them to feel loose and invest some quality energy doing what they like doing. Thus, a grill flame broil is certainly an incredible alternative for them.

    The whole arrangement of a show: Well, on the off chance that it was for a young lady, Vampire Diaries or One Tree Hill would have been a sit without moving alternative, however, men are unique. Men are a greater amount of the awkward sorts who love to see the arrangement like Strange Things, Avengers, James Bond or even game of thrones gifts. These shows will doubtlessly light up their vacation season and will likewise welcome it originating from you. On the off chance that the individual whom you are looking the present for is a savant, you can much consider giving them these arrangements as books.

    Accessories:  When it goes to men’s mold, nothing is finished without the right accessories. Bracelets, cufflinks, chains, charms, ties, sunglasses different accessories are accessible available online or at the physical shops from where you can lift them up.

    Clothes:  Clothes are a wide term where everything appears to fit in. Regardless of whether it is the outfits like shirts, pants or men’s clothing or even socks, each piece tallies in the classification. You can pick anything that you find is inside your financial plan and that you know will be valued by the individual who is in a bad way. Ensure you purchase the correct size and attack of the same to keep away from any issues. As far as underneath design, cushioned clothing is the thing that you can bless. It is an incredible wellspring of inspiration and improving the deceivability of the masculinity.

    In this way, these are the blessing choices that will light up the festive season.


  • Career

    Apply & Prepare for bank jobs – Make your dream come true

    There are both public and private banks in India. Passionate aspirants are willing to get placed in any of the banks. To quench the aspirants’ thirst, bankers call out for many vacancies to fill up the places all over India. Every year both public and private banks conduct bank recruitment exams. If you are preparing for the Bank Jobs, then you shall monitor all the advertisements to forward your application.

    IBPS PO Exam, IBPS SO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO, SBI SO, SBI clerk, IBPS RRB Officer Exam, IBPS RRB Clerk Exam, RBI Officers Exam, RBI Clerk Exam, NABARD A & B Grade Officers exams are regularly announcing advertisement for their bank vacancies. Some of the banks do not conduct exams separately. They recruit eligible candidates based on the IBPS scores. The popular posts in bank jobs:

    • Probationary officer (PO)
    • Specialist officer (SO) – Law officer, Agriculture officer and IT officer
    • Managers
    • Loan officer
    • Office assistants
    • Clerk cum Cashier etc

    Here, we shall discuss some of the current Bank jobs opportunity

    Post name: SBI Specialist Cadre Officers

    • Online Registration starts on: 20.3.18
    • Online Registration ends on: 7.4.18
    • No of vacancies: 119
    • Educational qualification: Degree in the respective post

    SBI SO Selection Procedure:

    • Special Management Executive – Shortlisting & Interview
    • Deputy General Manager (Law) – Shortlisting & Interview
    • Deputy Manager (Law) – Written exam & Interview

    SBI SO Written Exam Pattern

    Reasoning, English language and Professional knowledge

    Post name: SBI Junior Associates (or) Clerk

    • Online Registration starts on: 20.1.18
    • Online Registration ends on: 10.2.18
    • SBI Clerk Exam date (Preliminary): March/April 2018
    • SBI Clerk Exam date (Mains): 12.5.18
    • No of vacancies: 8301
    • Educational qualification: Graduate from any discipline

    SBI Junior Associates Selection Procedure:

    SBI JA Phase I (Preliminary Exam Pattern)

    Reasoning ability, Numerical ability and English language

    SBI JA Phase II (Main Exam Pattern)

    General / Financial Awareness, Reasoning Ability/Computer Aptitude, General English and Quantitative Aptitude

    The exams will be conducted only ONLINE.

    Post Name: Indian Bank Clerk/Officer (sports quota)

    • Last date of receipt of application: 3.3.18
    • No of vacancies: 21
    • Educational qualification:
    • Clerk: Pass in 12th std (or) equivalent
    • Officer JMG Scale-1: Pass in 12th std (or) equivalent

    Indian Bank Clerk/Officer Recruitment procedure:

    • Screening of the applications
    • Conduct of Trials: Achievement/ Physical Fitness/ Speed Endurance and Game Skill

    National Bank For Agriculture And Rural Development (NABARD)

    Post Name: Assistant Manager in Grade ‘A’

    • Online Registration starts on 13.03.18
    • Online Registration ends on: 02.04.18
    • Phase I Exam date (Preliminary): 12.05.18
    • Phase I Exam date (Mains): 06.06.18
    • No of vacancies: 92
    • Educational qualification: Graduate from the respective disciplines

     NABARD Asst. Manager Selection Procedure: (online exam)

    Phase I: Prelims

    Test of Reasoning, English Language, Computer Knowledge, General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude, Economic & Social Issues, Agriculture & Rural Development

    Phase II: Mains

    • Paper I: – General English: (Descriptive)
    • Paper II: Questions on the related disciplines
    • Paper III: Interview

    All bank jobs preparing candidates can download free material from the internet, concerned banks provide their previous year question banks, printed material is available in the book market. Since most of the bank exams are conducted through online, candidates must be proficient in handling computers. They have to practice many question papers and try to complete the mock tests within the time period which would make the candidates complete the Bank exams at the stipulated time.