5 Reasons to upgrade your existing inverter right now

As the heatwave gets into full swing, we all welcome the joys of a fresh glass of lemonade, but not power cuts because they are just an inconvenience. People all over the country go through this and nobody is really spared in the process. As a result backup power solutions are very popular among households in India and anyone who hasn’t got one; make it a priority to get one. But the point of this article isn’t to explain the statistics, but rather aimed at the average buyer who us still using an older inverter model (good quality inverters last a long time) to manage power backups.

home inverter

So without wasting any more time, here are 5 reasons why you should upgrade your existing inverter unit:

  1. More technologically advanced: Newer inverters are equipped with a lot of tech that actively monitor the needs inside the household. They employ newer technologies like sine wave to shield against electrical anomalies and protect electrical gadgets inside the house from malfunctioning. Also the newer models are built using newer and more reliable parts which are more efficient for everyday use.
  2. Risky: So your old inverter unit has served you good all of these years without giving you a reason to worry. Well think again. Any older appliance is a liability waiting to occur. Electrical components have a specific shell life and although you may still be able to use them, it isn’t recommended for longer periods. The core internal components like circuits or transformers themselves may be less capable at this point then they were when the unit was new. Therefore they might not be able to work as efficiently and someday might give out altogether.
  3. Much more efficient: Newer inverters use much less energy to operate and provide much safer operations to the battery. As a result, there is significantly less chances of raising unwanted electricity bills or cause unnecessary issues while they are in operation. You can also easily buy home inverter online and have it installed at your home, just from the click of a button.
  4. Available in many different capacities: Inverters today have to crater to a large array of electronic titbits. Some requiring low voltage and some requiring high. Either way, if your older inverter is showing up signs of overloading, then it’s probably a good time to change it because in effect, your inverter isn’t able to handle the load from the house on the same unit. You can check your average load with a qualified technician and pick an inverter that adequately supplies current to power all essential gadgets of your home.
  5. Upgrade form DC to AC: Older inverters used to work mostly on DC and it was fine then because most electrical appliances used a lot of power. However, over the years those same appliances have got much more efficient and consume a lot less power and have migrated to using AC power which is much more stable and safer.

So these are top 5 reasons to buy inverter online India today. I made the switch and I can see a tremendous difference already, so when are you make your inverter purchase online?