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How Prime Matchmaking is quite effective in Avoiding Hackers?

CSGO, like any of today’s popular multiplayer games, has experienced the same dredge on the gaming community and has seen a large portion of its gamers be affected by it. Cheaters. Cheaters in CSGO have changed how CSGO gamers play ranked, as they have effectively made it harder and harder for gamers to maintain their rank at higher levels. Ranks in CSGO are the primary basis for which most ranked games are played, as players want to both, have a good ranked experience and also win so that they can climb up the rank ladder to the next rank. Because of how the CSGO gaming community is saturated with players from all sorts of skill brackets, the level of competition is always high and players find it quite tough to either rank up or maintain their original rank. Players have thus no option than to be forced to buy CSGO ranked accounts and either reach or maintain a good CSGO ranked accounts

Prime matchmaking in CSGO is one such way that Valve has been able to help players effectively deal with cheaters in the game. Unlike Valve’s anti – cheat system called VAC or their over watch feature, prime matchmaking has been able to really help with the menace of cheaters and players who use unfair means in their game. Prime in CSGO refers to those account which are verified using steam – authenticated contact numbers and are thus, allowed in prime matchmaking. These accounts are unique, and if you are not able to join prime matchmaking due to some reason, then you can always buy CSGO prime accounts from an online gaming site.

Why has Prime Matchmaking in CSGO Proven to be Most Effective in Avoiding Cheaters?

  • VAC system introduced by Valve for CSGO was not that effective, and somewhat useless against the wave of cheaters CSGO faced after it was launched. Over the years, the developers over at Valve have updated and changed VAC to quite some degree, but still, after 6 years of its first run, it is more or less at the same spot when it comes to catching and removing cheaters from the game. Only careless cheat users are detected by VAC, and most of those who buy their cheating soft wares or use premium ones, slip by unnoticed.
  • Over watch, a system designed to have players judge the game play of other players if they are cheating or not, is also quite ineffective. Though players are able to deliver a more accurate judgment, and most cheaters are caught quite easily in over watch, it has never really taken off as an important service for CSGO players to perform. Many players either watch too less cases when watching over watch evidence, and many choose to skip it all together, leading to a very low rate of players actually using over watch as it was originally put out as. Instead, players can just buy CSGO ranked accounts and use them instead.
  • Those opting to buy CSGO prime accounts have had a much better time dodging cheaters from their ranked games, because prime is quite good at punishing those who are banned from it. If any player using a prime account gets caught cheating, then they would have an even tougher time returning to the matchmaking pool. If they try to start afresh, then they would have to go through a pretty long process of leveling up before their account is allowed to apply for prime. Also, they can’t use the same number they used before, further discouraging them from hacking in the first place.

Therefore, based on these reasons, you can see how prime matchmaking has proven to be quite effective for those looking to avoid cheaters. You can easily get CSGO prime accounts from an online gaming site, and use it to play only in the prime matchmaking pool.