5 steps to buy the right DTH HD connection

We guide you on buying the perfect DTH connection for your home, in 5 easy steps.

Are you wanting to buy a new DTH connection? You can do so in 5 easy steps:

1 Look for the best channel packs. Every DTH provider offers channel ‘packs’ which are pre-designed by the provider and arranged in terms of genre, language, and audience demographic. Some packs can be customised while others remain inflexible. The best DTH providers like Airtel allow for a fair degree of customisation on the pack – they offer the widest range of choice on GEC, infotainment, news, movies, foreign programming, HD channels, etc. We recommend opting for a new DTH connection like the Airtel Infinity packs with a yearly subscription that offers a mix of SD and HD channels. If you don’t like the pack at a later date or want to modify it, you can easily do it online.

2 Check the pack and connection costs. You are quite interested to know how much the new DTH connection will cost you. Check across leading DTH providers in your city and see if any of them have any attractive new DTH connection offers. These offers could pertain to reduced set up box price, or free set top box with the connection, or lowest priced base pack, or free channels for a limited time, etc. Leading providers like Airtel offer the best proposition in terms of price points: the quoted price includes the pack price, hardware like dish antenna, remote control and set top box. Airtel is one of the few providers that does not charge installation charges.

3 Check the installation process. Most DTH providers have a long-winded installation process. There may be a delay between logging your request and the technical team coming to install the new DTH connection. Or the team might arrive and take several hours to fit the dish antenna and connect your TV. Leading providers like Airtel send the installation team within 24 hours of noting your request for the new connection. The installation is done quickly without disturbing your schedule. The technician then explains how to use the remote control and access different channels.

4 Judge the level of customer care responsiveness. Good customer care is the hallmark of a good DTH provider. You may need assistance in the future, even months after you buy the new DTH connection. You can get a good idea of the customer care when you first contact them for the installation. If they take inordinately long to respond to your request, and you sense that you are not being given all the information, go with another provider.

5 Check the pack recharge options. Every DTH connection needs to be recharged at the end of the pack validity. The provider must make it really easy for you to recharge the connection online in just a few steps.