Mercedes taking the top spot

How Marchionne’s death impacted on Ferrari’s season

In July 2018, the world of motor sport was deeply saddened to learn of the tragic passing of Sergio Marchionne. The Ferrari CEO was in the process of ending his position as the head of the company, and was handing over the reins to the successors. For Ferrari, the blow was immeasurable, and affected all in the company, the business side and the Formula 1 race team.

Impact of the loss

After health issues, Marchionne’s condition deteriorated after an operation. Sadly, the CEO passed away only days before the Hungarian Grand Prix, back in July. The loss was huge and clearly affected the team going into the race, and as the rest of the Formula 1 tournament continued. Marchionne was warmly credited with the significant turnaround by Ferrari, making the team a serious challenge to the standings of the season overall.

Ferrari had led the status up to that point, but Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes came through to take both names, with the Silver Arrows victoriously their fifth successive double of Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships. Mercedes was the group to beat, and before the loss of Marchionne, Ferrari was in the running. The season closed, however, with Mercedes taking the top spot, only adding a further blow to Ferrari, who were looking like serious contenders.

Mercedes taking the top spot

Marchionne’s legacy

For the Ferrari fans, the loss was just as tough. Watching from the Paddock Club, fans knew that Ferrari was struggling to put their loss aside on race days. They could clearly see that winning just two out of the nine races that followed Hungary, Ferrari were mourning, and it was affecting their game. Looking to next season, though, both Ferrari and fans are feeling positive. Weekends can be booked with companies such as
Vettel and Ferrari came under fire for being unsuccessful to finance on having possibly the powerful package of the field and making a number of functional and driver-connected faults throughout the campaign. Former Ferrari technical director Ross Brawn drew a straightaway connection to Marchionne’s passing and the Scuderia’s following absence of performance, with the Maranello squad winning just twice in the enduring nine rounds that followed Hungary. Inside Ferrari the business continues, but the loss of Marchionne will be felt for a long time. What drivers and team crew are taking forward is that before the passing of Marchionne, Ferrari had one of the very best packages in the whole field. What Marchionne would have wanted is for Ferrari to knuckle down and make the most of their team, their drivers, and their world leading engineering and technological prowess

For Ferrari, for Formula 1 and motor sport and the business world, Marchionne will be remembered as a fantastic leader and an inspiration. His contribution to Formula 1 will not be forgotten by fans or by the teams. He was a visionary, brave, and unconventional. The sport will not be the same without him. There is no doubt the disturbance of the unexpected death of its leader, Sergio Marchionne, who had been such a powerful reference in the team, will have a major influence, and that is completely perceivable.