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    How To Make An Office More Eco Friendly

    Running an office can be expensive but it is not just money that is sometimes wasted in a badly run establishment, but also energy. Keeping an eye on carbon footprints is something that everyone should do, for the good of their balance sheet and the good of the planet; there are many ways to do this, from the Green Deal to ditching staples. Some savings can be quite substantial, others small but if everyone does their best, the cumulative savings can be very worthwhile.

    Get a Green Deal audit

    An experienced Green Deal inspector can pinpoint ways in which you can save energy and there may be areas that you can improve, using a Green Deal loan which is repayable through energy bills, saving on capital expenditure. Even if there are no immediate opportunities to save in the major ways – although there usually are, especially if explored at the point of an office refurbishment – the audit alone will help you to assess waste and how it can be minimised.

    Choose eco-alternative

    This is somewhere that all the staff can get involved. Most things used in an office have a greener alternative. Some things can cost a little more but others offer great savings. For example, refilling ink cartridges saves a lot of money and is also a great way of preventing all those thousands of empty ones going to landfill.

    Staples may seem like a tiny part of everyday office life that doesn’t need dispensing with – one staple can’t do any harm, right? Wrong! One staple soon becomes many and anyone who has ever received a delivery of the office staple order knows how heavy they are in bulk! Staplers that squeeze the corners together are not suitable for every office – in that case, use paperclips that are reusable.

    Ditch disposables

    This may need a little more co-operation from staff because the washing up rota is often a huge bone of contention. However, stopping the use of disposable paper cups, paper towels and sachets of instant coffee and going back to mugs, glasses, tea towels and refillable jars makes a very sizeable dent in office costs and also the impact on the environment.

    The same goes for buying notepads – if you recycle anyway (and hopefully you do) why not slice paper up into sticky-note or note pad size and use the blank side. Then recycle it. This needs to be used with care – don’t do this if you routinely shred for security reasons.

    Downgrade the dress code

    Many offices are strict in what staff can wear and end up using a lot of energy throughout the year to keep them warm or cool. Office designs nowadays often include a lot of ducting for air conditioning, double glazing for warmth and a lot of complex placing of furniture to allow for very sophisticated heat and cooling options. By letting staff wear clothes appropriate to the weather – still neat and tidy, of course – here http://workathome-blog.net are major savings to be made.


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    How To Make Facebook Highly Instrumental To Generate Leads For Real Estate

    Facebook is now easily considered among the most genuine and competent source for authentic lead generation in the field of real estate. Based on research last year it has proved that more than 50% inbound marketers rely on Facebook for prospective lead generation. This should be a wake up call for marketers who still haven’t explored Facebook as an instrumental social networking medium for lead generation. For a newbie in the real estate marketing field, this http://robertshellhouse.com will help you see the benefit from using Facebook to get good leads. It has been proven time and time again that Facebook can be a profitable source for real estate venture.

    Look at some methods that will help you get positive leads via Facebook

    1) Good use of Cover Photo

    Cover photo is the first thing in your Facebook profile that draws attention of other Facebook users to your profile. So put a stunning picture of the house for sale as the cover photo. It is bound to bring in viewers to your profile to see what you have to offer. With the cover photo you have another advantage, you can add the call to action function to the cover photo.  This will get visitors directly land to the page of your target site via the cover photo.

    2) Put your Website Link in the Caption

    Use a compelling caption like, ”Your dream home waiting for you.” Now make sure to insert the link of your website with the caption to give an easy access for people that are interested in the home for sale.

    3) Initiate Virtual Chat in Facebook

    Just like in twitter you can organize a live chat in Facebook among your friends and followers. Choose a topic from http://giraflat.com like the best property deals in town or what is the latest in real estate. People will come up with various suggestions and queries regarding the topics.  Make use of the right opportunity to put forward your website’s link as answers to queries or examples to opinions. Believe me there are large scopes to pull out potential buyers through these live chat rooms.

    4) Organize Facebook Event

    If you have to think big then you have to look beyond common Facebook tactics.  Say you have decided a day for your Open House. You can hold a virtual premiere of your Open House in Facebook itself. Create an event page for the Open House and circulate the page among friends, friend of friends, family, and business associates. The share function of the FB page has to be used to the full potential in this case. The larger the number of people getting the preview of your Open House then your chances of getting larger numbers of future buyers to your event. This is just a small example. You can create any event pertaining to your property other than just Open House the best thing about real estate is being creative.

    5) Target Your Customers

    Facebook offers the liberty to choose profiles to which you want to address your advertisements to. If your home for sale would be ideal for couples with children you can specifically target those profiles of families with children. This is a feature that you essentially find only with social networking media.

    6) Offer Forms on Customized Tap

    This is an extra step that you can take to reach out to your virtual customers. Your customers will not have to download eBook from Facebook. You need to customize the tab so that the forms are available live on the platform. Visitors who sign in the form will be directly emailed newsletters and eBooks about recent real estate properties.

    When you are a real estate professional it is important that you are available to buyers and are able to talk with future clients in order for them to start trusting you. With Facebook, you can build your reach and enlarge your social circle in order to stay connected with past clients and gain future clients. Patience and right steps are the key principles to get a taste of success in real estate. Remember you want to stand out from all the rest.


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    How To Maintain A Garage Door

    Broken garage doors can present many problems. For instance, if a garage door cannot close completely, it is easier for thieves to take things out of the garage or enter the home through the garage. A door that has trouble closing may unexpectedly fall on a child, pet or elder. Given the weight of garage doors, this can prove to be fatal if not severely damaging. In the event a door cannot open, it may be difficult to get to work if the car is in the garage. It’s important to avoid a broken door at all costs. Here http://woodworking-pro.com are many telltale signs that a door is about to break. Proper repair, maintenance and replacement can avoid a tragedy, and it can avoid other issues, such as pests

    Pests typically enter the garage even if there is a gap in the door. Several things can cause a door to not shut properly and tightly. A door that does not shut in entirety is a sign that the door needs part replacement and repair. For instance, broken rollers, even on one side, can cause issues. Before a roller becomes broken, it can become worn. Both sides of the garage door need to support the same amount of weight. .If a roller becomes worn or broken in the slightest amount, the other parts holding the garage door will end up bearing more weight and will become worn and broken as well. Worn and broken rollers can occur from binding. Don’t force a door open or closed if it does not move easily. If the door must be closed, do so gently, and do not open it again. It’s best to not open and close the garage door until a roller can be replaced.

    Frequently check garage door bolts as they can become loose for many reasons. Over the years, garage door bolts loosen from normal usage, but they may also loosen when there is a fluctuation in the outside air temperature. Rapid heating and cooling can cause bolts to loosen. Garage doors incur shrinkage and expansion when the temperature changes. It may not be evidential at first, but closer inspection may reveal those that need to be tightened. If a bolt comes off, other connected hardware can cause a sudden break or cause the door to fall. Another issue with bolts is that they can become rusted and end up breaking. This http://diytelevision.net needs to be monitored as well. Do not open a door that has a loose or missing bolt. Replace it before attempting to open the door

    A garage door that closes properly offers many benefits. It can help to decrease cooling and heating costs because a garage door that has a tight seal will prevent drafts from wafting in and prevent cool air from escaping the home. The garage indirectly affects the inside home temperature through convection heating. This is especially true if the garage is not properly insulated. Visit http://www.architecturebeta.com  for more tips.


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    How To Maintain The Quality Of The Flooring System Of The Home

    The flooring is more prone to damage, considering the fact that it tolerates such a huge amount of traffic of feet, shoes, pointed sandals and furniture. And since it is like the skin of the house, it becomes even more essential to keep it prim and proper so that the place looks presentable. A little bit of floor repair goes a long way in maintaining the regality of one’s place and keeping it safe as it is basically looking after the health of the floors and mending it in damaged places.

    A few things that Help in the Repair of One’s Floors easily are:

    1. The first and foremost thing is to carefully analyze the severity and the cause of the damage. There could be many reasons for floor damage, for instance, concrete floors might be damaged due to the cracks made by the expansion and contraction of the floor. In such a case, it becomes pointless to try and remedy the problems. Similarly, laminated floors are very sensitive to water. And in case of ignorance about this knowledge, one may unintentionally let it be in visit at metalaqua.com , which may consecutively result in buckling/warping.

    In case of concrete floors, as mentioned earlier the problems could be a tad more deep rooted. But they still have to be treated.

    • For filling up the chipped areas a mixture of one part of cement and two and a half part of masonry sand is ideal.
    • All the mixtures should be poured in a damp area in order for them to bond well.

    1. For wood floors, olive oil and vinegar work wonders. Here http://onlyweld.com are many solution which easily combats dirt, and help to glam up the wood. Another very common type of flooring is the vinyl flooring. Famed for requiring minimal maintenance, it is also the moist cumbersome when the time comes to actually look after them. They either need professional assistance or specially formulated products for vinyl floors themselves.
    1. When it comes to hardwood floors, only the damaged plank has to be removed and one is good to go. However, doing this job is also an art and one has to make sure that while removing the plank they don’t cut through the sub-floor, ending up in messing up things even more. After this part it is very easy as it is merely sand and outing in the fresh plank.

    Floor repair is not that big a problem. Actively monitoring and evaluating the minor issues will surely pay off in the future in terms of improved safety, performance, durability and looks. It will prevent huge mishaps from happening as a damaged floor structure, as is well known, may cause a lot of hassle when it becomes unmanageable. It is truly said that a stitch in time saves nine – keeping caution and also making use of these simple techniques as mentioned above will help in saving a lot of time, money and energy.

    If you have not tried the explained steps for your floor, then you ought to do it now. If you want to know more then click here http://odonnell-green.com and get some more useful information.


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    How To Maintain Your Block Paved Driveway

    1. Keep it weed-free

    If the human population had to pick one plant that was more despised on grass, driveways and plant beds than the weed, it would struggle. Weeds are an unsightly nuisance that can compromise the aesthetics of your exterior and are a serious threat to national habitats, harming other plant species and causing serious soil disturbance.

    For example, Australia has suffered a dramatic increase in weed invasions in recent years, because weeds here are spreading at a faster rate than they can be removed.

    Fortunately, back in the UK, one method you can take to prevent the spread of weeds in your area is by treating all the gaps in the paving with weed-killer in the spring and summer months, when the plants typically grow at their fastest rate. Brushing newly emerging weeds can also prevent them from expanding. This http://www.home-remodelling.net is also a useful way to keep your block paving clean and should be performed at least twice a year. If left untreated, however, weeds can quickly spiral out of control and spread to other areas of your garden.

    1. Lift sunken block paved driveways

    When sand is released from the joints of the paving, your driveway may gradually sink, which may raise alarm bells and compel you to believe that your home is experiencing subsidence. However, fear not, because in many cases this problem is caused by excessive rainfall, which can gradually erode the sand in the joints, particularly if the paving is old and some cracks are present.

    For example, it is probable that there was an increase in block paved driveway erosion in the first few months of 2014 owing to the UK’s exceptional wet winter, which was the wettest winter in almost 250 years of records.

    When gaps are present in your block paving, freeze-thaw weathering may also occur, particularly during winter periods when night time temperatures fall well below freezing point but daytime temperatures rise above freezing. Professional driveway repair companies can easily raise the driveway again by adding new sand, compacting it, realigning the block paving before sanding it again.

    1. Spot the warning signs earlier on

    The earlier on your identify imperfections in your block paving, the easier it will be to rectify the problem. Financially, it is also more cost-effective for a homeowner to pay for a shorter repair job than a much longer, more complex repair. The main warning sign is when the paving becomes uneven and appears to have a lump or bump, which signifies the beginning of paving failure.

    This process will often occur earlier with paving that has frequent contact (i.e. used by a car every day or has recently been flooded). Visit www.biopolymerics.org for more information.

    Remember, leave the complicated work to the professionals

    If you think your block paved driveway will need to be repaired or completely replaced, here at BuildGreenAtlantic.org much safer option to consult a professional driveway repair company that will have the resources and the skills to understand exactly what will need to be done and when.


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    How To Live Like A King In A Tiny Apartment

    There’s a movement growing today for people to cut down on their carbon footprint. Recycling programs are keeping waste products like plastic bottles and metals out of landfills. People are finding new and creative ways to be environmentally friendly.

    One movement that is popping up all over the world is cutting down your personal living space. The popularity of tiny living is attracting a wide variety of people from all walks of life. Now you have folks living comfortably and happily in spaces that may be as small as 150 square feet.

    If tiny living is something that may interest you, just realize that it’s a life commitment. There are as many advantages as there are disadvantages. So make sure to do your research before making such a life changing decision. If you decide that tiny living is the right thing for you, remember that one of your biggest challenges is going to be storage. Here http://www.interiordecoratorcourse.com are some tips on how you can live like a king in a tiny space.

    As mentioned the biggest challenge is the lack of storage space. The first step is making sure that you can part with your belongings and can downsize without too much pain. Tiny living is a rewarding challenge especially if you can live self-sufficiently with less.

    To save on space, you should check out products that can pull double duty. That way you don’t necessarily have to worry about finding a spot for something that may really not be needed. For example, if you have a living/bedroom area why not find a couch that can be a sitting area during the day and your sleeping area at night. There are lots of space saving couches and chairs available for your local retail stores like IKEA this www.mmmpoolservice.com can help solve that issue for you.

    Another area that you may find challenging is the kitchen or cooking area of your apartment. Tight quarters won’t allow for the latest gadgets especially with very little space on your counters and in your cabinets. You have to determine just how much room you have to work with once your major appliances like your refrigerator and stove are set up.

    You do have many choices when it comes to kitchen appliances. Refrigerator come in all sizes and even mini-refrigerators will have some advantages for you. You may not have an ice machine or a deep freezer, so you’ll learn at http://emergency-plumber-au.com  to adjust your buying habits to meet your storage needs.

    One area that you can actually save space is with your cooktop. You can use a convection office instead of a tradition oven for your cooking needs. You’ll find that these products are readily available and offer different features depending on the model.

    You also have a choice for your cooktop and that may even eliminate the need of buying a stove altogether. Induction cooking is becoming very popular because of its better cooking methods and energy saving properties. Products like the As Seen on TV NuWave Induction Cooktop sold by Carol Wright Store will save you time and money. It’s a portable cooktop that uses magnetic energy instead of gas or electric energy. It’s a space saver since it can be put away when not in use. So that may give you more room for other items.

    Tiny living may not be the right choice for everyone. But for those that embraced the change and the challenges that come with it, have often said it was the best decision and the right decision for their lifestyles and for being environmentally friendly.


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    How To Lower Your Home Insurance Premiums? – 5 Basic Tips

    Purchasing a home is a long and arduous process, but all the effort is absolutely worth it in the end. After all, your house is an investment and perhaps your most important asset. Obtaining a home insurance policy is not about purchasing the most expensive one or getting the cheapest deal. Understanding the big picture is essential when it comes to choosing the right homeowners insurance.

    Finding a home insurance policy can get complicated when choosing between all the options that are available in the marketplace. Im speaking from my personal experience. I had some issues with my insurance company, so I decided to seek legal advice (click here to visit my firms website). Throughout the process, I learned basic tips which helped me get the best home insurance deal, while lowering my insurance premiums. Take a look http://Aksaraycity.com :

    1. Maintain a Spotless Credit History

    For a while now, insurance companies have been using your credit history to determine insurance premiums. An excellent credit record will help you to reduce your home insurance costs. Getting organized financially will save you headaches in the long run.

    1. Reduce Risks

    Here http://www.interactivedevelopment.net are various ways to cut home insurance costs. Some of the most popular are installing a fire alarm system and investing in security lighting. These simple and inexpensive home improvements will help you to considerably lower your insurance premiums.

    1. Raise Your Insurance Deductible

    If you increase your deductible, you will be able to dramatically save on your premium. As stated by the Insurance Information Institute, if you have a deductible of at least $500, you should consider raising it to $1,000. You may be able to save as much as 25 percent. Bear in mind that you may need a separate deductible depending on the area you live; for example, a disaster-prone area.

    1. Find Out If You Are Eligible For a Discount

    Discounts are not the same in every state in the U.S.; however, companies offer several types of discounts. Do your research and determine what type of discount you are eligible for. For example, some companies offer a 10 percent discount for retired senior citizens.

    1. Compare Insurance Company Premiums

    Several insurance companies offer a discount of 10 percent or more if homeowners maintain an insurance contract with the same company, but all of them do not have the same policies. If you do not shop around, you may be missing out on good home insurance deals.

    Were these tips useful? Consider using the recommendations mentioned above to make a more informed decision and be an educated consumer!


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    How To Locate Asbestos In An Old Home

    When you’re considering remodeling your home one of the first things you should do is to call in a professional or someone who has received extensive asbestos training. This person should help with finding asbestos in areas where you may never even look. However, since most professionals are expensive you may want to save money and do it yourself. Fortunately, if you know where to look detecting the presence of this deadly fiber is not difficult.

    Suspect homes

    If you have purchased a home that was built between 1920 and 1979 then it’s safe to assume that it’s laden with asbestos. Back then asbestos was renowned as a miracle fiber which was far less expensive when compared to regular fire retardants. This is what made them desirable in homes and all new homes back then were laden with asbestos especially pipe insulations and ductwork, as well as in vinyl flooring, attic insulation and the wall.

    Asbestos based materials were not just limited to the homes built back then. Many of the homes that were built prior to 1940s also have asbestos which is a part of the insulation and the heating system. Homes built prior to the 1900s also have asbestos because remodeling projects often used asbestos based materials to reinforce weak structures and insulate the heating systems. This is why before you remodel your home familiarize yourself with all the usual places where asbestos can be hidden.

    Heating duct insulation

    In older homes especially dating back to the 60s and 70s asbestos paper was wrapped around heating ducts in the home. Here http://www.blueprintroofs.com are two types of materials that were used to wrap ducts one looked like white paper while the other looked a lot like plaster of paris.

    Boilers, water pipes and water heaters

    The same paper like insulation was also used on water heater pipes and boilers. However, the plaster of paris type wrap may look darker than usual owing to its years of service.

    Cement based asbestos for roof shingles

    In the 1920s right up to 1960s asbestos fibers were combined with regular Portland cement to manufacture fire resistant and durable roofs. If your home’s roof dates back to the 60s or 50s, it may be worth checking them for asbestos as there is a 79% chance that they do contain asbestos.

    Acoustic tiles for the ceiling

    Here are angelosepoxyflooring.com some tiles that contained asbestos. That said it is impossible to really know if your ceiling contains high levels of asbestos without getting samples checked by a laboratory. However, keep this possibility in mind when renovating your home.

    Floor tiles

    Both vinyl and asphalt floor tiles dating back to the 1920s contained lots of asbestos fibers. If you’re going to remove layers of flooring from your kitchen then be careful because even if the top layer is new i.e. dating back to the 90s, the older layer underneath may contain asbestos. However, like ceiling tiles this is hard to tell without a thorough laboratory analysis of various samples taken from the floor.

    What to do if your home contains asbestos?

    Having asbestos in your home does not automatically label it has being dangerous to your family’s health. Good condition asbestos will not end up releasing its tiny fibers into the air making it dangerous for everyone. The best policy is to leave it alone if you do not necessarily need to remodel that specific area. However, if the place is damaged or is decaying or you’re seeing that asbestos particles are being released into the air then it’s time to call in someone who has received asbestos training.

    A qualified asbestos inspector should be able to check your home for signs of danger and then get to work on removing the threat from your home. Many professionals will start by collecting various samples from your home prior to actually labelling it as being dangerous and hence warranting a cleanup.

    Finding signs of asbestos during a DIY remodeling project is a frightening prospect. However www.zigbee-automation-home.com strongly believes that educating yourself about the fiber and your old home is the key to being prepared to handle these types of unpleasant surprises. If you do not feel equip to handle the situation then it’s best to call in professionals.