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How To Make Facebook Highly Instrumental To Generate Leads For Real Estate

Facebook is now easily considered among the most genuine and competent source for authentic lead generation in the field of real estate. Based on research last year it has proved that more than 50% inbound marketers rely on Facebook for prospective lead generation. This should be a wake up call for marketers who still haven’t explored Facebook as an instrumental social networking medium for lead generation. For a newbie in the real estate marketing field, this will help you see the benefit from using Facebook to get good leads. It has been proven time and time again that Facebook can be a profitable source for real estate venture.

Look at some methods that will help you get positive leads via Facebook

1) Good use of Cover Photo

Cover photo is the first thing in your Facebook profile that draws attention of other Facebook users to your profile. So put a stunning picture of the house for sale as the cover photo. It is bound to bring in viewers to your profile to see what you have to offer. With the cover photo you have another advantage, you can add the call to action function to the cover photo.  This will get visitors directly land to the page of your target site via the cover photo.

2) Put your Website Link in the Caption

Use a compelling caption like, ”Your dream home waiting for you.” Now make sure to insert the link of your website with the caption to give an easy access for people that are interested in the home for sale.

3) Initiate Virtual Chat in Facebook

Just like in twitter you can organize a live chat in Facebook among your friends and followers. Choose a topic from like the best property deals in town or what is the latest in real estate. People will come up with various suggestions and queries regarding the topics.  Make use of the right opportunity to put forward your website’s link as answers to queries or examples to opinions. Believe me there are large scopes to pull out potential buyers through these live chat rooms.

4) Organize Facebook Event

If you have to think big then you have to look beyond common Facebook tactics.  Say you have decided a day for your Open House. You can hold a virtual premiere of your Open House in Facebook itself. Create an event page for the Open House and circulate the page among friends, friend of friends, family, and business associates. The share function of the FB page has to be used to the full potential in this case. The larger the number of people getting the preview of your Open House then your chances of getting larger numbers of future buyers to your event. This is just a small example. You can create any event pertaining to your property other than just Open House the best thing about real estate is being creative.

5) Target Your Customers

Facebook offers the liberty to choose profiles to which you want to address your advertisements to. If your home for sale would be ideal for couples with children you can specifically target those profiles of families with children. This is a feature that you essentially find only with social networking media.

6) Offer Forms on Customized Tap

This is an extra step that you can take to reach out to your virtual customers. Your customers will not have to download eBook from Facebook. You need to customize the tab so that the forms are available live on the platform. Visitors who sign in the form will be directly emailed newsletters and eBooks about recent real estate properties.

When you are a real estate professional it is important that you are available to buyers and are able to talk with future clients in order for them to start trusting you. With Facebook, you can build your reach and enlarge your social circle in order to stay connected with past clients and gain future clients. Patience and right steps are the key principles to get a taste of success in real estate. Remember you want to stand out from all the rest.