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Your home to heaven – Hundred Palm Residences

Hundred Palm Residences is an elite new development in the heart of town and its unique profile will touch the blue heaven. They have brought this project to enjoy urban-resort living on the edge of the city. Its entire project will make you feel like a heaven in the greenery.

Hundred Palm Residences presenting a rare investment opportunity with a beautiful concept that you cannot take your eyes from. It’s like a worth experiencing lifestyle and you must not miss.


At these residences, you may enjoy surrounding of meandering rivers, vibrant cityscape, tranquil neighborhood and beautiful greenery. Your body and soul will definitely and consistently be engaged by refreshing elements of the new and fresh lifestyle.

It doesn’t matter, what you desire. You will never have to go far to find it. New shopping malls, art galleries, and small boutiques share the same neighbor.

Singapore’s some best food, leisure destinations, most famous site seeing points and shopping are nearer you and you may reach to these places in a couple of minutes.

Site Plan:

Hundred Palm Residences is not just a home but it can be more than a place where a tired soul can rest, it is like a heaven for celebration. It is the best way to show off how you are living. At these residences, it will add the new colors to your lifestyle.

You will live within the natural landscapes and boundless greenery. Shopping malls and sports hall are nearby and you do not require going far for any amenities. Beckoning city is also within reach and you will just have to step out to the park-connector that runs through various the parks.

If you are a lover of great outdoor and sports, indulge in an early morning cycling, jogging or yoga along with the scenery park or just enjoy various sports in a myriad.

Since education is fundamental to every child’s growth, we have chosen this location so that your child doesn’t have to travel long for education. Best schools are within close proximity.

You may give your small kids a head start by enrolling them in a pre-school which is also located nearby. So no matter if your child wants to stay in these beautiful residences from pre-school to any higher level of education. They will never have to go far to get their educations.

Singapore’s top level of primary schools, prestigious institutions, college and etc. everything is nearby. So they will grow along with the beautiful environment.

Hundred Palm Residences has everything that meets the needs of your entire family. You may start your day with the morning jogging or cycling on its splendid beaches. Burn your calories at the gym. In the middle of the days, your soul may take rest under palm trees and in evening you may gather with your friends and family at the barbecue pavilion or you may all relax in Jacuzzi. At late night you may enjoy with friends at night clubs which are also within the reach.

After considering all the things, you will experience inner comfort and relaxation that you have ever wished in your life.