How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The Mobile App Landscape

Artificial Intelligence or AI is one of the hottest tech trends that have invaded the mobile space in the recent years. The cutting-edge technology has a promising scope for iOS and Android Developers looking to deliver unique app experiences. Nothing entices the users more than the idea of having a mobile app that understands their needs intelligently and gives the experience to match their expectations. This is exactly what AI is all about!!

Artificial Intelligence: Bridging The Gap Between Man And Machine

Artificial Intelligence refers to the ability of a machine or program to mimic human intelligence. An AI-empowered program can understand human behavior, solve problems, and suggest relevant solutions. In the context of mobile apps, this technology is being integrated into them in the form of context-aware sensors and chatbots. With their impeccable powers and capabilities, these AI-based tools are becoming an essential for e-commerce as well as enterprise mobility apps. The benefits that these tools are likely to bring are immense and businesses want to capitalize on them. For this reason, most of the businesses are demanding this technology as a part of mobile app development services. An AI tool embedded in your mobile application can transform it completely and make it a delight to use. Here is how AI is changing the app landscape:

Unmatched User Experiences

An AI-powered mobile app enables you to deliver unmatched user experiences. With this technology, the app is able to understand the user behavior and make a predictive analysis using it. Delivering a personalized experience becomes easy with the smart use of algorithms based on user search history. The app can target the users by sending personalized messages, discount offers, new or future products on the basis of their preferences. Similarly, enterprise mobility solutions can apply AI- based virtual assistants to train and assist their employees.

Customer Support

Chatbots or virtual assistants are the most popular form in which AI is used as a part of iOS and android mobile app development. They extend reliable customer support, similar to that their human counterparts would give. They understand customer queries intelligently and resolve them too. Chatbots can even be equipped with advanced functionalities such as voice recognition and predictive messaging. AI is making huge leaps in the space of healthcare apps too, as it is helping users to get real-time diagnostic support and enabling them to implement their plans more effectively.

Recommendation Services

Another incredible ability that AI brings for mobile apps is that related to recommendation services. Such apps serve fresh and relevant content to users, recommending products and services that would interest them. With recommendation services, the business can cross-sell and upsell their products as well as keep the users engaged.

AI is getting bigger and opening up a whole new world of opportunities in the mobile app space. Almost every mobile application development company is trying out this technology to create out-of-the-box apps. Whether it is businesses, users, or developers, AI in apps is an exciting idea which should definitely be explored.