Why you should shop online from now on

An online clothes shopping is a win-win situation for you – spend less time and money, and get the goodies delivered and picked up from your doorstep.

When was the last time you shopped for clothes? Was it at the mall, and was it preceded by days of planning? You had to time it to coincide with the weekend, because you couldn’t spare the time to make a run to the shops on working weekdays. Then you trudged through all the clothing stores, trying on different items and finally picking one. It was an exhausting process that took hours.

You wouldn’t have spent so much time – or money – if had switched to online clothes shopping. Online clothes shopping in India is an absolute blessing for those who are strapped for time and who prefer not to spend too much time lingering in the shops. Over the years, online shopping in India has gone beyond mere convenience, however – it is quicker, more affordable and more comprehensive than offline shopping.

Quicker: Just flick on your favourite shopping app and get a look at their newest merchandise. There’s no need to go through the entire product inventory. You can be up to speed in just a few minutes. Your search can be further streamlined when you set filters for price, colour, sleeves, fit, etc.

shopping online for clothes

More affordable: Online clothes shopping in India offers regular discounts across most products and categories. Leading shopping apps and sites offer discounts on practically every item, and the discount and deal margin is higher during festive sales. Overall, you save a lot of money when you shop online.

Comprehensive: Online shopping apps and sites like Jabong have a wide range of clothing options, across brands, fabrics, prices and types. You name it, and the app has a selection of clothing available for your consideration. There is no way a brick and mortar store can match the online inventory of a leading shopping app. You can browse through a wide range of styles and pick the latest ones.

Apart from providing the benefits outlined above, you will realise that shopping online for clothes is really simple as well. Each leading shopping app lays out all the product specifications for you to check out, so that you have all the pertinent information before making your selection. The app also provides a size guide for you to compare the clothing against your actual body measurements – there are helpful tips about picking the right sizes if you are in between two sizes listed on the app.

Also, shopping apps like Jabong have easy returns and exchange policies in case you are not fully satisfied with the quality or fit of the garment(s) you purchased. In case you wish to return the merchandise, you can simply alert the app and ask them to take the package away. The app then refunds your money in about a week from the date of returns.

Tell us, can shopping ever become simpler than this? Switch to online clothes shopping and save time, money and effort that you can expend on other tasks.