Explore the Street Food of Capital: Delhi

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If you are a foodie then you should never stop exploring the varieties of different places. The world is full of food items and eatables. If you live in Mumbai and you have almost the tang of every eatable of this city; why not take your food expedition beyond boundaries to Delhi? Exactly, have you ever heard about the street food of this capital? Well, if not then you surely are missing out something wow.

Plan a trip to Delhi

You can easily plan a trip to Delhi if you live in Mumbai. You can go to capital, meet your friends, explore food options and soak in the cuisines of this place. You can fly in just two hours or so for this expedition. Hurry up check out the Mumbai to Delhi Flights Schedule and find out when you can make it. After all, when you work so hard and always on your toes; you have every right to explore food items and experience diverse street foods of different places. Without doing any delays, have a peep into some of the scrumptious offerings of Delhi below:


Who could have imagined that the commonest food of Tibet and Nepal might become one of the most prevalent foods in Delhi? Over the past nine ten years momo stalls have flourished all over the capital. Momos are the dumplings filled with a mixture of vegetables, chicken, pork,lambor even buff. These are steamed and served with spicy and hot red chilli sauce and mayonnaise. To give a distinct tang, different types of spices are also sprinkled on the momos.


It is the most popular street food and snack of Delhi. The origin of samosa can be traced back to Middle East, wherein it was known as sambosa. The vegetarian version here consists of a plain flour the cloak stuffed with potatoes, green peas, lentils or cauliflower. Some even prepare it sweet by filling it with even khoya or chhena. If you are a person with non-veg pallet then too you need not to panic; non-vegetarian version of samosa is available with minced lamb or even chicken fillings. Ah, you are going to love these samosas for sure.  Remembertheold’ champion among Delhi samosas is aloo samosa, packed with potato and catered with mint chutney and saunth. You can get even mini samosa so; you must go ahead and dive in the world of samosa in the capital.


It is a Delhi classic that is available in all residential and commercial areas around town. This dish is puffed bread that is made up of semolina or even wheat flour that is deep fried in oil or clarified butter, and at times, even stuffed with paneer or even mashed potatoes.  These are served with chickpeas prepared in whole spices, green chillies, onion and pickles. The taste of different places is different and you can find these choleBhature getting catered in every corner of capital.

Thus, you should try out these discussed street foods of Delhi along with Golgappa, Cholekulcha, Chaat, RajmaChawla, Kachori, Kebab, Alootikki and so on.