Manufacturing Industries Highly Prefer Sheet Metal

Why Manufacturing Industries Highly Prefer Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is a term used to describe metals specially processed into thin, flexible sheets. Alloys of different metals including aluminium, copper and brass can be made into sheet metal. If we look around us, we can easily see that several items have parts made from sheet metal. Before we explore the various sheet metal applications, let us see what those characteristics that make it so popular across industries are.

The qualities of sheet metal

  • Lightweight

Materials made from sheet metal are extremely light in weight. This is a desired characteristic among large machinery/metal objects as it enables easy movement and portability. People who use the end product can effortlessly carry it around.

  • Malleability

A highlight feature of sheet metal is it is durable. At the same time, it is flexible as well. Engineers love to use sheet metal due to its malleability.Flexibility opens up endless design opportunities.

  • Looks attractive

Products made from sheet metal look aesthetically pleasing. They carry a seamless look that is unmatched. Even if one is not pleased with the final look, the material can be manipulated several ways. Dying the metal with different colours is another way to increase the visual appeal of the sheet metal.

  • Durability

The main feature required for any good construction material is durability. Sheet metal does not collapse even under high pressure. It can resist moisture, sunlight and corrosion. This makes it suitable for building things that need to withstand all kinds of weather.

The qualities of sheet metal

The wide range of applications

Owing to its desirable characteristics, sheet metal finds wide applications across many industries. Let see some of the prominent industry applications of sheet metal.

  • The metal wings of airplanes

In aeroplanes, the wings and fuselages need metal coverings. Sheet metal makes for an excellent material here as it is durable and lightweight.

  • The automotive industry

From cars to railroad cars, sheet metal is the most preferred material to make vehicles’ bodies. Due to high malleability, all kinds of designs can be achieved from sheet metal.

  • To build decorative items.

Thanks to its visual appeal, sheet metal is suitable to build decorative items as well. What kind of decorative items? Breastplates, horse tacks, metal screens, metal light fixtures, grills, wall fixtures, panels and so on.

  • Mechanical contractors

Contractors use sheet metal during the construction of a building and make several items inside a building. For instance, when sheet metal is used as a wall covering, it becomes fireproof. It is also a good substitute for brick walls.

The bottom line

Sheet metal is a versatile material to build a wide range of things. It finds applications in multiple industries from something as small as a wall to a large object like an aeroplane fuselage. Those belonging to manufacturing industries can contact wholesale makers of sheet metal for their construction requirements. Sheet metals of different types, alloys and features are available. An expert would be able to rightly guide a client based on their requirements.