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Ways to personalize your pergola

Pergola itself is already part of any patio, lawn or garden. However, it does not hurt to decorate it a bit more for this extra dynamism or function.

Vines, vines and other plants.

Popular pergola companions are vines and vines: climbing roses, clematis, honeysuckle, jasmine, vines or nightshade. They radiate a sweet aroma, especially when a cool breeze pass. This makes space conducive to loneliness and meditation.

You can also plant herbs in masons or reuse cans attached to supports as part of a pergola design. Another option is small palm trees located next to each wooden pillar to create a tropical feel.

Lanterns, lanterns and lanterns

Lighting contributes to the desired mood and mood. A string of magic lights brings a touch of fantasy. For a more oriental look, hang Japanese or paper lanterns on the ceiling of your pergola.

DIY glass lights or small forged lights give your sun shade for condominiuma modern or gothic look. Pipe lighting may surround poles or along a slatted ceiling. This type of lighting is great as a Christmas decoration.

Votive candles in a sconce column or candles in glass jars provide a more romantic setting.

Railing and pillars

If you want to create a small children’s playground, you can turn a pergola into one by simply adding balustrades around it. For the Greek effect, use columns instead of the usual pergola stand. Pillars are ideal especially for really wide arbor plans. You can choose tall, thin or wide columns; either plain or embossed design.

Curtains, drapes and screens.

When the curtains or curtains are hung and assembled in the middle and then placed on one side of the pergola, they create a Mediterranean atmosphere, especially if the curtains use Middle Eastern patterns. Satin or silk curtains can be hung around the pergola if it will be used as a wedding altar. Transparent or lace curtains cause mystery and sensuality.

personalize your pergola

Swings, chairs and tables.

What is a pergola without garden furniture? A small coffee table and comfortable pillows around it create instant privacy where you can read alone or just meditate. The table and two seats make it an instant outdoor dinner for lunch for two or dinner in the evenings. A hammock or a swing or a hanging bed in the center makes this a cool place to take a nap.

Other decorations

Turn a pergola into an exhibition area for children’s works, sculptures or old garden accessories that are still of sentimental value. If your pergola is used with a summer kitchen, hang beautifully embroidered coasters on the stands. And to create an impact effect, paint the supports in different colors or paint the entire structure in different shades of the same color. A splash of paint can spice up a very traditional brown wood.

There are hundreds of possibilities and options for decorating the design of the pergola. It takes a little imagination and effort.