efficient hair removal

What you probably didn’t know about waxing

Some interesting trivia about the most preferred long-term hair removal method

We’ve all tried it before, but while some have stuck to it, others have looked for alternatives. We’re referring to waxing as a method of hair removal. Most women book salon appointments for it and dread the pain it brings. Here are some fun facts about it that you probably hadn’t realised:

* You can do it yourself.

There’s no need to book a hot wax appointment – just use cold wax strips at home and get the same results.

efficient hair removal

* It is more long term than other hair removal methods.

Since waxing pulls out hair by the roots, the hair follicles take a long time to rebuild the shaft again. Thus, you get up to 28 days of hair-free skin when you wax it. Other methods of hair removal like depilation, trimming and shaving remove hair only from the surface, so the hair regrows faster. Also, the hair regrowth is finer and sparser than before when you wax the skin. So, if you are a busy person without much time to devote to hair removal, then waxing is your friend.

* It may strip the skin of essential oils, but not if you use the right waxing product.

However, the danger of hot waxing is that it dries out the skin. Every time the wax is applied and pulled off, it removes the layer of essential oils and moisture on the skin’s surface. This leaves the skin dry and vulnerable to tanning, rashes and bumps. You can surmount this problem by using cold wax strips by a leading brand in India. These cold wax strips are fortified with skin-friendly ingredients that moisturise the skin as they wax it, so you are left with soft skin instead of dry, hassled skin.

* The potential for hair ingrowth is lower with waxing.

If you have shaved your skin before, or if you continue to do so on and off, then you would have noticed a glaring problem with it: it leaves behind ingrowing hair. Ingrowing hair grows visibly under the surface of the skin and does not rise out unless the thin barrier of skin above it is broken. But doing so causes localised infections and bruising. This problem occurs little with waxing.

* You can wax even the sensitive areas of the body.

Though it causes some amount of discomfort, waxing as a hair removal technique has applications all over the body. Some women also use certain brands of wax to remove hair from their face. However, wax strips can be used even on the bikini zone and on the underarms to remove hair quickly and efficiently. These areas also require fewer wax strips than the rest of the body. Avoid using hot wax on these sensitive areas, because the skin there is thinner than in the rest of the body.