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5 Strategies in Crafting an Effective Employer Brand

Planning an effective strategy for employer branding is definitely not a simple task. There are a lot of things you need to consider in order to create a good employer brand.

“What makes us a great company to work for?”, “How can top candidates make us their employer of choice?”, these are the questions you might be asking when it comes to improving your employer brand.

We came up with 5 best strategies you can use that could help you craft a strong employer brand:

Set up goals. All sorts of businesses need proper planning and implementation in order to achieve a successful outcome, and that includes the recruitment process. Identifying your company’s mission and vision and incorporating it to your employer branding can assist you in picking the types of employees that would be a great fit in your organization.

List down criteria for target candidate. There are a lot of applicants trying to find a job, from new graduates to recent unemployed individuals but not all are qualified for the position you are offering. You need to list down the qualifications of the potential talent so you can easily filter out good candidates from unqualified ones. Aside from having a pleasing personality, a top candidate should be able to present himself knowledgeable of the position available and have the skill-sets needed to determine if that person fits to be part of your team.

Post a job vacancy on various platforms. Unless you only want referrals from trusted people, you need to tell others that your business has a job vacancy. In order to attract more applicants you need to broaden your reach by advertising your vacant positions through different social media channels and posting in online job boards.

employer branding

Develop an effective EVP (Employee Value Proposition). Any business or organization must come up with an effective employee value proposition to attract the type of employee it needs to deliver its business goals. Having a strong EVP will not only help create a sustainable talent recruitment strategy but also ensure high levels of talent retention.

Try to think of what an applicant expects from a company he or she would like to work for and what sort of benefit the organization has in store for them if they decide to join the team. You may also ask the perspective of your existing employees to help you understand the loopholes better and notice the areas that needs improvement.

 Scrutinize your application process. Finding it difficult to form a team of extremely talented and passionate employees? Maybe it’s your application process that’s hindering you from recruiting top candidates. It is imperative to carefully examine your strategy and eliminate unnecessary steps in order to make the process easier for applicants. Avoid setting unreachable standards as well as you might miss a potential candidate that can be an asset to your company. Be open for applicants who have less experience but are eager to learn and be trained.

While it is good to comply on the traditional rules, it is also important to have the ability to manage changes. As you think of new processes to hire future employees, consider the point of view of job seekers as well.

Some factors to consider are as follows:

– “Where can job seekers know about your organization or process?” – Most job seekers look for job vacancies online. Building your website’s rank on Google or any other search engines would help you in expediting the visibility required.

– “Where do applicants seek for a job position?” – There are lot of social media platforms available that you can connect with such as LinkedIn, Facebook and even Instagram to advertise your job openings.
– “How can I further promote my business’ job vacancies?” – Creating recruitment videos and attending networking events would be beneficial for you to make your business known and promote your company’s culture. This would assist you in attracting the right audience required which would ultimately benefit you in managing your branding strategies. Otherwise, you can connect with some established consultancies to advertise your organization and let them know about the vacancies in your company.

Creating an effective employer branding strategy plays a vital role for each and every company to simplify the process of recruiting or interviewing any candidates. As you come up with the best employees, you will also be able to reduce costs, energy and time in achieving greater success for your business.