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What Should Home Automation System You Choose?

Trying to select the right home automation system for your property can be a minefield. Each company claims to offer a better system than its competitors. That is understandable because they want your business!

Home automation was created to transform our lives in our homes to add convenience, security, and enjoyment in a way we thought was never possible.

According to www.CustomControls.co.uk, the global smart home market is expected to increase by nearly $40 Million by 2020. Big growth is predicted and it is easy to see why. The three most likely home automation companies you will be looking at are Crestron, Lutron, and Control4.

Let us take a look at each company in turn.


Crestron continues to advance and grow at a relentless rate. Their quality service coupled with their ingenuity has won them many fans. Their smart home automation system integrates lighting, security and temperature control to name but a few.
By a simple click or flick of a button on your smartphone or tablet, you can instantly turn the lights on or off in any room in the house, despite not being in the room. This is great for switching lights on when you are on holiday or out for the evening to deter any burglars. Motion detectors can also switch your lights on and off when you are in the property.

There are also temperature detectors in the system that can maintain a normal temperature within your home environment, without you having to do anything.

The automation system as a whole helps you to save money, energy and time, as less energy is wasted and when you are out the property, the temperature can be reduced or increased to save money.


Control4 is a new entrant into the home automation market. It should be noted that the Control 4 home automation system is less flexible compared to Crestron and the options available in terms of equipment is found to be limited.

Regardless, the system itself works well and is of good quality, so you certainly won’t regret your purchase. We’d recommend this system for a small apartment.


Lastly, we would recommend Lutron. They are known for their excellent lighting system. We love how you can control light levels using your smartphone or tablet. If you prefer automatic control with regards to light levels, then you can simply schedule when the lights should turn on and off. Lutron at this time does not offer audio or video control.

For more information on the different home automation systems, check out https://www.customcontrols.co.uk/blog/crestron-vs-lutron-vs-control4-which-is-best/.