Facts about urology

The major symptom where you would need to head to a urologist would be with urination. You are going to face difficulty in urination. This would be accompanied by a burning pain as well. The patients are going to notice blood in the toilet paper. In some cases, the patient may experience urination during the course of the night as well. In case of a man, the general feeling would be that I am suffering from erectile dysfunction. This would be a clear cut indication of impotence. In some patients you may feel urinary issues. It would point to a leakage of urine. On your first visit the doctor may ask you to opt for a routine physical exam and this would be in addition to a host of other tests. Generally tests on your blood or urine are suggested. Possible X rays and pelvic exams would also be called for at this point of time. In certain situations the test would not be done on the first day, but you can expect the test in the days to come as well. For example if cystoscopy is suggested that works out to be an examination of the bladder it does not take place during your first visit. Here you would need to explore all treatment options with the urologist.

It would be always better to opt for the best urologist in India. The fact of the matter is that they are linked up to some of the top hospitals in the country. They do offer a combination of surgical along with non surgical treatment options. All of them lead to lesser complications along with better outcomes. Most of the hospitals do offers the latest as far as treatment options are concerned. Most of them go on to rely on non invasive procedures.

The mere fact when you are given the news that you need surgery would not be a great feeling at all. For some, it may go on to come as a total shock to be honest. But at this point of time you would need to ask the urologist a lot of questions in order to reduce the anxiety and stress. When you go on to visit a urologist go with a list of questions in mind. In order to go through the first appointment there are some questions that you can ask the urologist.

  • Will you go on to describe the surgery to me and what are the benefits I can derive from the same
  • Is there any need to wait or do I need to have the surgery straight away.
  • Can I work on my condition in any way
  • What is the number of procedures you have gone on to perform. What are the success rate as far as the surgeries are concerned
  • Do you feel that there is a need for any second opinion

Once all these questions are answered then you can go on to consult a urologist. They are going to do a great job.