Things You Need to Know About outdoor security lights

Both natural and man-made lighting plays a significant role in comfort and liveability of our surrounding space. It is one of the most essential elements in home decoration because it creates both reality and illusion. In addition to illuminating our treasured objects and highlighting colours light also affects our mood, performance and mental health. Therefore, it is a source of life. While we cannot control natural sources of light, artificial illumination can work well for us in many wonderful ways if given the attention it deserves.

Used properly, light can improve people’s lives by making neighbourhoods and streets come alive at night by enhancing safety. As such, the relationship between proper outdoor illumination and our sense of safety cannot be ignored. For many homeowners, unauthorized entries and burglaries are a serious concern. In this article, we will focus on the importance of outdoor security lighting.

Types of exterior security lights

  • Motion-Activated Lights

This is an ideal option for homeowners who like to regulate their spending on electricity bills. Unlike other outdoor lights that remain turned on during darkness, motion activated lights are fitted with sensors that turn on the light when movement is detected in specific areas of the compound.  They are mostly installed in entry points such as gates and doorsteps, back yards, parking lots and swimming pool. Due to their delicate nature, they are often protected from direct exposure to elements such as sun, rain and snow.

  • Solar Floodlights

This is an environmentally-friendly approach for enhancing home surrounding safety. The lights are indistinguishable from others except that they are not powered from an electrical outlet. Instead, they collect power from solar panels that convert sunlight into electrical energy, which is stored in batteries. Being an independent unit it saves electricity bills. Additionally, their installation is cheaper compared to other forms of external lights.

  • Halogen Floodlights

They are the most common external illumination systems in neighbourhoods, industries, and commercial centers. While they emit strong brilliance, halogen lights are very costly because they consume more energy. Their only advantage is that a few of them can be used to illuminate a wide area because they are often mounted on high posts.

  • Fluorescent lights

Compared to traditional bulbs fluorescents are energy efficient. This means they consume less electricity. Additionally, they have a long life and can last for many hours which offer added savings in terms of labour and maintenance.  They are simple and can be installed in almost every part of the compound.

  • High-Intensity Discharge lights

Their luminescence is incomparable to other types of exterior lighting. They can cover expansive areas and are mostly used in huge parking lots, stadiums, residential areas, industries and recreational centers.

Importance of outdoor security lights

It secures the front door. While it defies logic most burglars use the main door for unauthorized entry into homes. External lights help in illuminating shadows from large trees and potted plants around the house, which provide hiding places. Homes near alleys can use motion-activated lights without attracting attention. External brightness during darkness also enhances the safety of property by keeping criminals at bay.