The rise of Virtual Private Networks or VPN’s.

VPN’s are currently one of the most pressing topics in secure and effectiveinformation exchange online. Since its existence, it has undergone many a transformation and has required frequent improvements to keep up with the increasing skills of hackers.

We will discuss the origins of VPN’s (анонимность),the technologies that had paved the way for these networks to come into existence. Apart from this, we must educate ourselves on the importance of keeping our identity and information safe, as the world is a cruel place that would not hesitate to exploit you.

The frontiers of VPN’s

Before the existence of the internet, people relied on physical lines, all connected to one another, to communicate with each other over a distance. Alexander Graham Bell introduced this innovative technology as far back as 1876. At that point in time, the distances people were able to make phone calls was not far at all. Call distances increased with time as the introduction of central phone stations between points facilitated in more effective communication.

It was only in 1969 that an American military company, called Apra, created the first form of, what we know today as, the internet. They created a web of ‘routers’, connecting defense contractors, universities and government institutions all around the country and called it theApranet. This allowed communication to continue if one of the nodes in the communication line had been jeopardized. The principle on which this communication platform was based on, laid down the basic foundation for the World Wide Web or global internet.

The internet allows people around the world to operate in a mesh of communication lines, in order to achieve a free stream of communication and data transportation. This is possible with the help of thousands of servers acting as nodes, to aid as a portal for information to pass through.

Why using a VPN is highly recommended.

The problem with using a public point-to-point type of communication system is that these communication lines could easily be infiltrated. When sharing information via a long chain of routers, at any point or node, an inconspicuous hacker could tap into your line and see exactly what it is that you are sharing.

For companies, this obviously posed a massive threat. Imagine what would happen if very sensitive information of a giant company gets leaked. They would make zero profits and alter the economics of that industry. This has a negative effect on society, as it interferes with the basic laws of demand and supply and disrupts the economic mechanism.

Virtual private networks (анонимность в сети) allows local area networks to securely communicate with one another via tunneling of the channel you are using to stream your information. Tunneling means that a route would crash as soon as it senses someone is trying to hack it, and find an alternate one. Furthermore, if a hacker is successful to gain access to your information, VPN’s use strong encryptions to make the data inaccessible to parties that are not authorized.