Playground Safety Tips For Parents and Caregivers

A playground should be a place where kids can enjoy and have fun, but sometimes, unexpected injuries may occur. Parents, guardians, and caregivers should do anything they can to make sure that no children will get hurt.

It’s given that it’s not easy to control every child at once, simply because they have different personalities. But there are things you should follow to make sure that a child is safe.

Below are some safety tips you should consider to avoid accidents in the playground.

1. Playground Safeness

Before getting your children to go out and play, always check the playground area. Look out for any dangerous debris such as sharp wood, broken glass, rusty slides, broken equipment that could cause injury to the kids while playing.

Check the playground surfaces, always make sure that the ground is soft and can absorb shock in case a kid would fall during the playing session. Stay away from rough and hard surfaces like concrete and cement, children will most likely to trip while playing. Inspect any holes in the ground to prevent kids from fracturing their little legs.

Playground Safety

2. Playground Equipment Appropriate for the Kid’s Age 

One of the most common reasons a kid get injured is because of improper use of the equipment. Usually, kids aging 6 years and under should use plastic coated equipment or toys to avoid any injury that may be caused by sharp metal objects.

Basically, playground equipment is already set, so check the ground if it is lower compared to those used by older kids. Usually, equipment which has a low ground can prevent any injury in case a kid suddenly fall when climbing up.

3. Check the Condition of Playground Equipment

As an adult, it’s your responsibility to check first the condition of the playground equipment before getting your children to play with it. Check if moving parts and joints are still in-tact, this will prevent accidents as well as a sudden breakdown of the equipment during children’s playing session.

If any flaws are present, report them to any playground attendant so they can repair it right away.

4. Children’s Clothes

Children should wear comfortable and safe clothing. So make sure that before leaving for the playground, they are properly dressed.

It’s given that children will get dirty in the playground, so don’t make them wear white clothes. Avoid wearing neck scarfs, necklaces, and bracelets, these things have possibilities to get caught by moving equipment.

For shoes, make sure the kids are wearing closed-toe sport shoes and tightly tied. Shoes that have a rubber sole makes more comfortable to play in. Do not wear your children plastic sandals that are slippery and make climbing more difficult. In addition, they are more prone to getting tripped.

The Bottom Line

As an adult, it’s your responsibility to always keep a close look at your children while they are playing. Doing this can allow you to have a fast response when unexpected things happen. It’s okay to let your children have fun once in a while, but always ensure the children’s safety.