Cleaning Supplies to Store at Home

Cleaning Supplies to Store at Home

The best way to ensure a successful house cleaning is to keep a complete home cleaning kit with all the essential supplies. It’s ideal for the cleaning kit to be highly portable, organized, and practical. Most of all, it must contain an array of essential items and tools that can ensure high-quality cleaning results. The following are the basic cleaning supplies that have to be included in your cleaning kit:


You certainly need this in your bathroom, toilet, and of course, the kitchen. In bacteria and germ-filled areas like the toilet and bathroom, disinfectants are made to fight off these bacteria and germs, keeping the family protected from illnesses. The toilet seat has to be regularly wiped with it. A disinfectant is also needed for dealing with kitchen surfaces where you cut meat.

All-Purpose Cleaner

Well, if you only have one product left in your cleaning kit, may it be the all-purpose cleaner. The major benefit of having this cleaner is it can guarantee good cleaning results on all types of surfaces. It’s a must-have product so you can clean from one room to another. You can use this cleaner on both bathroom and kitchen countertops. A spray version or a diluted and concentrated solution will do the job.

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Your cleaning kit must not also lack this one product: bleach. Bleach is highly abrasive and it is not recommended to use it daily. However, some cleaning tasks require its use. One thing is the grout in between tiles. Using bleach gives unbelievable results, which is why bleach is a crucial cleaning product to have all the time.

Cleaning Cloths

Cleaning cloths are recommended since they come together with the multipurpose cleaner and disinfectant when used in wiping down mirrors, bathroom cabinets, kitchen countertops, bathtubs, etc. These cleaning cloths have to be cleaned regularly as well or they will just be spreading dirt and germs instead.

Furniture Polish

Most modern-day home cleaning kits will have a furniture polish. It does not only smell good; it also takes care of wooden furniture and brings out its natural beauty. This helps to reduce watermarks and it can add shine and gleam to any type of dull wooden surface.

Glass and Mirror Cleaner

Glass and mirrors are not hard to clean if you have the right product to use. A reliable glass and mirror cleaner can take away grime and marks without leaving the surface sticky or smeared.

Reusable Latex or Rubber Gloves

It sets you in a mood for cleaning when you turn up the volume of your stereo and put on your cleaning gloves. This pair of gloves will protect your hands from the harsh ingredients of cleaning solutions, making your hands soft and thoroughly protected.