Tips To Give Your Living Room That Wow Factor

One must keep changing the look of their living room from time to time so as to kill the monotony. According to a few pieces of research, a change in the setting of your living room also gives a feeling of freshness and liveliness. So, if you are up for bringing the change in your mood, start from your living room.

Here are the few tips

If you have decided to bring some changes to your living room, try to keep in mind the changes that look good and leave a mark of statement on whoever visits your home.

Following are some helpful tips on giving it a change with a wow factor:

  • Colour coordinate your walls with the curtains. It would take a small effort but if your walls and curtains are colour co-ordinated the whole room looks thematic. Such colour combinations start to give the room completeness as a whole wherein, next you can start decorating your living room with other décor items.
  • Add a lot of greenery to your living room. The freshest and the most vibrant idea among all the above tips is to place indoor plants in your living room. This tip is also the most inexpensive tip from the above-mentioned ideas of giving your living room a wow factor while you revamp.
  • Include living room furniture to leave a statement. Always keep it in mind to invest in good quality and elegant looking furniture for your living room. The Italian room furniture is just the right taste for such requirements. The kind of design and light colours Italian furniture has, gives grace to the room. It is very important to include all the furniture you need yet leave some empty floor space so that the living room looks breathable. Hence, Italian living room furniture is the right choice.
  • If you have ever noticed a beautiful living room with regular lighting and the same with designer lights, you would know how much of a difference it makes. The light sources in the living room when replaced with antique or vintage looking lights changes the whole feel of the room. It definitely gives that wow factor to the entire room.
  • The best tip is to hang beautiful paintings and artistic wall hangings on the wall but to also try keeping it minimalistic. Walls full of ornamentations and frames do not give an impression of decent living rooms. Corners and walls full of paintings and other items do not look good, even if you purchase expensive or famous paintings of high value.


Almost all people spend most of their time in their living room while they are home. It must be noted that wherever you spend most of your time gives you a sense of security and your mood mostly switches according to the environment you stay in for the most parts of the day.