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    Student facilities at Bennett University

    Bennett University is a private research university that was founded by The Times of India Group in 2016. This newly established institution has made a notable mark by featuring on the list of some of the best universities in the National Capital Region. It has been run and maintained by the Academic Council, Planning Board, and the International Advisory Council. Bennett University offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. level programmes in various disciplines. Currently, the university includes four departments, namely the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, School of Management, School of Law, and School of Media & Liberal Arts. In addition, it comprises of two research centres, including Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Centre for Executive Education. Also, the university is associated with some of the popular international universities that include Georgia Institute of Technology, Cornell University Law School, Babson Global, and Johnson Cornell University.

    When it comes to student facilities, the campus is spread across 68 acres of land and includes accommodation for students. Along with this, it features sports rooms and clubs. The campus also maintains indoor badminton and squash courts, a swimming pool, a football field with floodlights, a volleyball court, cricket grounds, and table-tennis set-ups, as well as common rooms for board games like chess and carom and snooker pool. In addition, it has lawn tennis courts, well-equipped gyms, long jump pits, and kabaddi grounds. Besides, the campus offers free Wi-Fi connectivity to its students along with well-furnished rooms, fully-equipped digital classrooms with air-conditioners, ATMs around the campus, and additional reading rooms on each floor of the hostel. Plus, it has power back-up generators that maintain the supply of electricity uninterrupted 24×7. Moreover, students are provided with laundry facilities. Also, the accommodation building involves a dining area. Overall, Bennett University provides a peaceful learning environment to its students.

    Further, Bennett University admissions are conducted online with various time slots so that students face no inconvenience. And, if they happen to miss the given time slot or couldn’t connect to the server, they can ask for another slot from the university counsellor through an e-mail or the provided contact number. The admission process is simple but tests students on the basis of their verbal ability, logical reasoning, quantitative ability, and general knowledge.

    Not just this, Bennett University gives students ample opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities and events that are organised by the university clubs. Some of the active clubs that organise various events are Robotics, ISSAC, MACAY, Nomad, and Astronomy clubs. In addition, a student body club is also run by a group of students which is chosen for the organisation duties. These students are elected by the majority of students and a few professors who are among the organisation team.

    Find out the complete information aboutcourses, reviews, cutoff, placements, ranking, admissions, fees and eligibility for Bennett University at https://www.shiksha.com/university/bennett-university-greater-noida-48472

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    Signs, Symptoms, Treatment For Skin Cancer


    A skin cancer diagnosis can seem frightening to anyone. It’s definitely not the end of the world, though. That’s because prompt treatment can in many cases lead to a recovery process that’s a total success.

    If you want to do everything you can to safeguard yourself from the dangers of skin cancer, then it can help you considerably to learn about its various indications. Signs of skin cancer can vary greatly.

    Being able to pinpoint skin cancer indications rapidly can be a terrific thing. That’s because it can help you get efficient and speedy treatment. Click here to learn more about skin cancer and how it operates.


    There are numerous things that can give you clues with regard to the possibility of skin cancer. It can help you significantly to play close attention to your skin. If you see brown sections on your complexion, melanoma could be the reason.

    Be on the lookout for brown areas that feature dots that are notably dark. Moles are also big clues. If you see a mole on your body that ever bleeds, melanoma could be the reason. Moles that morph in appearance may be a big clue, too. A mole that out of nowhere becomes bigger or darker may be telling you something about the state of your skin.

    Are there sections of the tissue on your body that hurt? Do they burn and make you want to scratch yourself for hours and hours on end? Do you notice any of these on your toes, fingers or hands? Are they on your nose or your mouth? Note that these irregularities can pop up on all different parts of the body. That’s exactly why it’s so critical to give all parts of skin equal attention no matter what.

    It’s also crucial to think about scabs on your body that bleed frequently. Do you have a persistent scab that seems to recover all of the time only to come back? If you do, basal cell carcinoma could be the cause.

    This is a kind of skin cancer that affects many people. It tends to pop up in parts of the body that get a lot of contact with the sun’s harsh UV (ultraviolet) rays. That’s why it’s relatively prevalent on faces and necks in people.

    If you want to stay on top of the possibility of skin cancer and all of its possible effects, you should make a point to routinely assess your skin in striking detail. If you detect indications that are out of the ordinary, you need to book an appointment with a doctor without delay.


    People who have skin cancer can delve into all kinds of treatment pathways. Their doctors can determine which specific treatment pathways are most appropriate for their individual circumstances. Surgical procedures can in many cases manage skin cancer situations. These surgeries in many circumstances call for local anesthetics.

    Chemotherapy is another treatment choice that’s out there for individuals who have skin cancer. Some doctors even discuss radiation procedures with patients. Radiation can be suitable for eradicating problematic cells that may be lingering.

    There are even various topical procedures that can handle skin cancer. Topical and photodynamic therapies are both examples of topical pathways. Some people receive immune response modifier treatment.

    If you want to stay on top of your delicate skin and its wellness, you need to be keenly aware of all of the hazards that are frequently associated with skin cancer development. If you’re vigilant and go to the doctor for an assessment rapidly, then your odds of getting things back on track are strong.

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    Secure Your Life By Investing At The Right Place

    There are many ways in which you can invest and end up making more money. That said, it is always your call to look for areas that you can invest and start making money. Investments can either start paying off immediately or after a little while. Once again, the latter should be one of the criteria you have to look out for before deciding on where you’d like to invest. Below are ways in which you can spend your money and start making a living through passive income:

    Investing in Bonds

    If you are looking to invest, then the safest way of doing so is by getting yourself some bonds. When companies or municipalities are looking to make some money, they usually advertise bonds with a promise to give a given amount of interest after a stipulated period. Therefore, if you buy enough bonds, you can have your money increase in interest without even having to lift a finger, which sounds like a good bet at the end of the day.

    There are several kinds of bonds, including government, corporate, and municipal bonds, all of which have different terms. It would, therefore, be a good idea for you to take your time and study all of them in a bid to find the one that suits you best. Feel free to seek advice from a financial advisor or a friend who has history investing in bonds before making a decision

    Investing in the Stock Market

    Investing in the stock market is one of the most popular ways of investing, especially with most millennials, and it is so with good reason. However, before you get into it, you’ll first be required to decide whether you are going to do online through an online brokerage or find a broker and do it face to face. Once you’ve made your decision, now you can go ahead and make a purchase.

    You will also have to decide on the price you’d want to purchase the stock. The latter will allow you to know what kind of order you will be required to make, whether it is a limited order of a market order. If you want to make a killing, then your best bet would be dealing directly with the company since then you won’t have to worry about paying broker fees.

    Investing in Mutual Funds

    Another way for you to invest in the future is through mutual funds or a portfolio. However, first, you’ll have to seek out some friends or family members who are also looking to make an investment and put all your money together in a mutual fund. Just make sure that your mutual fund is professionally managed to avoid any unwarranted situations that may arise from dealing with unscrupulously done agreements.

    These mutual funds can be used to invest in cash, bonds, stocks, or any other valuable assets.

    Investing in precious metals

    You can use the money to acquire precious minerals such as gold or silver through firms such as Goldstackers which will see to it that your investment is safe at all times. These precious metals increase in value with time, which makes them a good investment. By investing in metals one thing which you never would see is that the market does not go down at a greater level.


    The good thing about investing is that you don’t have to have a ton of money at your disposal. First, you have to know where and how to invest. You can then use the little money you’ve got to start then keep adding as time goes on. Some investment ideas don’t need for you to have money.

    Just ensure you are in an excellent position to start, for instance, Airbnb. Feel free to check out other areas which you can invest by either asking friends or even better, carrying out your research online. Moreover, remember, if one doesn’t work out, don’t despair. You are always free to go for the next one as soon as you can.



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    Buy High-Quality of Wines at Vinomofo

    Looking for the Online wine retailer, then don’t go away from the Vinomofo. This is an ideal online store where you can buy different types of wines and enjoy the parties with your friends and family members. This is the best online store in Australia and comes in the top 25 list of the Australian best wine retailer stores.  Many local Australian people visit this platform, and it will provide the best wine for every occasion at very affordable price. If you need high-quality and tasty wine, then you can rely on this store and purchase the wine according to your taste and budget. They have different types of wines in their stock which are in different prices and range, so it is easy for you to take advantage of the wine purchase by sitting in the home and get the incredible wine for your parties or small part at home. This place is best for purchasing the wine in entire Australia, and it will be the price range of the wines, and it will be the best for your home purchasing for you or to gift someone else. This is an incredible place on the internet where you can buy the imported wines and get your guest a surprised by serving them an imported wine in the dinner.

    Online wine retailer

    • Variety of wines: In this platform, you can buy a variety of wines which is best the parties. If you love to drink imported wines, then this place is the best for buying imported wines. This place is the incredible online store in entire Australia, which provides the wines to the drink lovers, and they will get the incredible wines in Australia. This place also wines the best pureplay online retailer in Australia, so if you ever want a wine of high-quality, then you can visit this platform and purchase the wine at a reasonable price.
    • Affordable Price: At Vinomofo, you can buy your favorite wines at a very affordable price, and it will be the best place where you can purchase the affordable price. In this platform, you can get the best wines which are best to drink in the parties and don’t give any side effects to the body. If you Visit the Vinomofo, then you will buy the best price of wine in the entire Australia. If you get to know that this platform also won the award of the online store of the year in 2015.
    • Guaranteed wines: If you visit this platform, then you can purchase the mix wines, imported wines, and normal wines. This place is best in entire Australia and also wins the best Online wine retailer in the year in 2015. By visiting this platform, you will buy the wine which is made of high quality and good to consume in parties. The wines are made of this platform are from the natural ingredients, and no preservative was add in the wines, so it is easy for you to enjoy the incredible wines at parties.
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    Travel Tips for a Business Trip to Westlake

    If you’re traveling for business to Westlake, California, there are some things you should do to make your trip go as smoothly as possible. With a little preparation, all you need to do is board your flight or pick up your rental car and arrive at your destination. Your trip will virtually be mapped out for you detail by detail because of the time and consideration you took to plan it in advance. You can even account for the downtime you have or come up with a few alternative activities in the event that your original plans didn’t work out as scheduled.

    The following tips will make your business trip run efficiently and prepare you for the schedule you’ll keep while away from home. Apply them accordingly and experience a much better way of traveling going forward.

    Find a Hotel That Has a Meeting Room Onsite

    Among the best ways to keep you from losing valuable time and money on a business trip is to find a hotel that delivers the most bang for the buck. For business travelers, one popular choice is the Hyatt Regency Westlake. In addition to spacious rooms, business travelers are able to utilize the resort-like hotel’s business facilities to host a meeting. It also offers equipment that allows you to print, copy, and fax important documents the way you would while at home.

    Another top destination for business travelers is the Westlake Village Inn. This upscale choice is situated on a 17-acre property and offers luxury accommodations. If you’re looking for a step up for your work travel (especially if it’s on your employer’s dime) then this is a great choice.

    Look into Automatic Check-In Services

    From not needing to deal with TSA to having your hotel room ready the minute you arrive, automatic check-in services are worth their weight in gold. They allow you to shave minutes off your wait time so you can spend them doing something more productive. If you’re given the opportunity to skip the line, do so. After a long day on a plane or rushing to meetings, you’ll appreciate the services even more.

    Explore the Area Whenever You Have a Free Second

    It could be very tempting to stay in your room after a long day of meetings or conferences. That doesn’t mean that you should, though. You don’t need to travel long distances to get a feel for the area. In fact, exploring the neighborhoods around your hotel will suffice. You can hire a driver to take you to a local eatery or to see an attraction that you want to photograph. Picking at least one activity to do that has nothing to do with business helps turn any trip into an exciting one.

    Make Your Trip Productive and Fun by Preparing Ahead

    Your trip to Westlake can be productive and fun. By taking the time to plan things out, deploying some timesaving techniques, and engaging in some exciting activities, you’ll make even the busiest business trip as enjoyable as possible. Just make sure you don’t do anything on this list, and you should have a great travel experience.

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    Top 3 materials from which your bong is made

    There are such a significant number of approaches to get your THC or CBD fix nowadays—blunts, joints, thai sticks, edibles, wax, oil, the rundown continues forever. In spite of a large number of these new and novel ways to deal with cannabis use, one thing stays consistent: the bong is the go-to decision for pot smoking. Be that as it may, similarly as there are a wide range of approaches to expend cannabis items, there are various kinds of bongs to look over.

    Be an educated buyer when you buy marijyana. We need you to know the distinction between a dull and joint. We need you to know all the weed terms. Also, we need you to know the contrast between a percolator bong and a gravity bong. That is the reason we’ve made this manual for the sorts of bongs accessible at Art Glass Express website for your smoking joy.

    How about we begin by examining the different materials from which bongs are made so you can see the advantages and disadvantages of each. From that point forward, we’ll move into the various bong structures you need to browse.


    Glass is the most well known material used to manufacture bongs. It gives a spotless, unadulterated taste in light of the fact that the glass doesn’t influence the kind of the smoke. Glass is anything but difficult to screen for pitch development since it’s straightforward. It’s likewise exceptionally simple to clean when the development turns into an issue. As a result of these variables, glass bongs are frequently more costly than bongs produced using different materials.

    Beaker bong


    Plastic is likely the second-most well known material for making bongs since it is amazingly strong. You can drop a plastic bong amid a hacking fit and the main harm done will be the water recolor on your floor covering. Plastic bongs are likewise genuinely shoddy when contrasted and different materials. Bongs produced using plastic are incredible for voyaging in light of the fact that they are hard to break and don’t break or split like glass or earthenware.


    Artistic bongs will in general be heavier and increasingly vigorous when contrasted with different materials on this rundown. Thus, and their general delicacy, earthenware bongs don’t typically travel well. They do, notwithstanding, come in a wide range of curiosity shapes, sizes, and hues because of the way that mud is incredibly pliable and simple to work with. Fired bongs are typically more costly than plastic bongs on account of the work that goes into making them. In spite of the fact that a fired bong probably won’t be your day by day smoker, they are surely extraordinary for unique events or to show in a bureau or on a rack.

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    How to Manually Restore Your WordPress Database?

    Wondering How to Manually Restore Your WordPress Database? If yes, then I have got you covered. There are quite a lot of situations in which one would want to reset WordPress database manually.

    For example, if we have lost access to the WordPress blog, or our WordPress website is hacked or anything. Restoring a WordPress database manually is not a really easy job.So in case if you want to know how to manually restore your WordPress database, keep on reading:

    How to Manually Restore Your WordPress Database?

    Step 1: Delete the Database

    First of all, you will need to delete your database. This is the most important step before you step down to any other steps. Without following this step, you will be stuck with everything. So you better follow this step very carefully.

    However, you should also know that deleting the database will completely remove your content and settings from WordPress. Plus, these settings are not reversible. So be sure that you are ready to lose all your data before moving to the next step.

    So, first of all, you have to log in to the cPanel of your web hosting.

    After that, you have to go to the MySQL databases option under the Databases > MySQL Databases section. Once you are on this page, you will find a list of all the databases connected to your WordPress website.

    So start with identifying your WordPress database and copy and paste the name into a text file. Then you will have to delete the database using the delete button from the actions column, and it will wipe out your old WordPress database completely.

    Step 2: Create A Database

    Now that you have deleted the old database, you will need to create a new database. Since WordPress requires a database to run. Hence it is an important step that you have to follow.

    So after deleting the old database, you will still be on the same cPanel page. So from here you have to find the create a new database option. Then you will need to enter the same database name that you have deleted previously.

    After click on create database, the page will refresh and you will get to see a name pop up again under the current databases area. Over here you will need to add a user to the database section. You can simply enter your old username and password. Then select the matching database and username from the drop down menu and click on add user.

    If you cannot find the old user, you may need to create it manually. You can easily do so from the Add a new user section. If possible, you use the same username and password as your old database user. You can easily find these details in your website’s wp-config.php file. The file will be present in the root folder.

    Step 3: Delete Unnecessary Files

    When you delete the database, it does not delete all your files completely. Even after deleting your database there are quite a lot of other files which you need to delete as well. Such as your plugins, themes, uploads and so on. Even it is extremely important for you to clean them before starting your new website. Else, these files will eat a lot of your server space.

    To remove, these files, you will need to look into the root folder and then into the wp-content folder. You can delete these files by login to the Cpanel. Or you use your favorite FTP application for the job. Then you will need to go to the public_html folder and find the wp-content folder delete the files.

    Step 4: Reinstall WordPress

    In the end, you have to reinstall your WordPress site. Simply from your Cpanel go to the WordPress option. After that follow all the steps that you usually follow and install WordPress again. Once done, you will be able to use your website again.


    So that was all for your question that says How to Manually Restore Your WordPress Database. However, this is quite a lengthy process and a bit complicated too. But you can easily speed up the process by using WP Reset.

    WP Reset is a free to use WordPress database reset tool which you can try out. Along with that, you can also give a try to the wphtaccess plugin which will allow you to edit .htaccess file from your WP Dashboard.

    If you liked how this WordPress Reset plugin works, you should also check other products from the same developer like UnderConstructionPage, Google Maps Widget, Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode as well as Security Ninja.

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    Top 5 Leather Accessories from Harley-Davidson

    As a Harley-Davidson owner, one of the best ways to uphold your reputation is with rugged leather biker accessories. Owning a Harley is a lifestyle. Your gear and motorcycle are about celebrating the open road. Slip on your jacket and never look back. They send the message that you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty and that cruising is your real passion. Here are five pieces of leather that every Harley enthusiast should have:

    1. The Perfect Jacket

    The first thing people notice when you ride into town is your jacket. Whether you’re a “mysterious stranger” or a rebel without a cause, sleek leather jackets turn heads. Of course, they’re also exceptionally comfortable and great for protection from scrapes, but that can stay your secret.

    The best Harley jacket depends on your preferred shade of leather — such as a jet black or deep brown patina — as well as the type of riding you love. Look at these factors:

    • Waterproof protection
    • Great ventilation
    • Casual versus riding jacket
    • Loose fit versus slim fit

    The best motorcycle brand shirts and leather accessories also feature the Harley-Davidson logo proudly. After all, style is everything.


    2. Vintage Vests

    A solid leather vest is an iconic must-have for Harley enthusiasts. Rocking your vest provides great breathability and a gritty look that inspires respect.

    3. Black Leather Chaps

    Partly for style and partly to give you a solid layer of protection from road rash, jet black chaps look rough and rugged. They also give you the freedom to wear your favorite pair of jeans without sacrificing safety.

    4. Hello-Officer Gloves

    Glove styles are a personal thing, and Harley-Davidson has plenty. From fingerless gloves with the American flag to skull-studded full-finger bad boys that tell people to back off, these leather gloves feature the Harley logo in all its glory.

    5. Eye-Catching Boots

    Harley-Davidson boots are a great mix of top-end performance for the long haul and attention-grabbing style. The right choice depends on your bike, ride distance and the type of image you want people to remember as you kick open the front door. The best motorcycle brand shirts and leather accessories also feature the Harley-Davidson logo proudly. After all, style is everything. The first thing people notice when you ride into town is your jacket. Whether you’re a “mysterious stranger” or a rebel without a cause, sleek leather jackets turn heads. Of course, they’re also exceptionally comfortable and great for protection from scrapes, but that can stay your secret

    Owning a Harley is a lifestyle. Your gear and motorcycle are about celebrating the open road. Slip on your jacket and never look back.

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    Remedies for alcohol treatment, how to stop drinking

    Alcoholism is never a quantitative term. It for the foremost half alludes to a human constant and intemperate drinking of alcoholic beverages, includes their several ineffective endeavors to prevent, and affects their health, becomes irresponsible and forgets to keep up personal values additionally. Men square measure 2 to multiple times a lot of addict to become serious drinkers. The basic implies that if you expel one amongst these supplements from your consumption routine, there’ll be an absence that causes health problems. Liquor wouldn’t make up the category of a elementary supplement on the grounds that not having it in your consumption regime doesn’t prompt any quite inadequacy.

    When will we apprehend an individual has become associate alcohol addict?

    • Insomnia
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Drinking secretly
    • Unable to limit the number of alcohol consumption
    • Feeling a compulsion to drink
    • Unable to steer
    • Blackouts, inability to recollect something when drinking

    Alcohol use disorder is what doctors decision it after you cannot management the number you drink and knowledge problem along with your feelings once you are not drinking. some folks might imagine the most effective thanks to manage it’s determinedly, like it’s a difficulty they have to figure through on their lonesome. But, over liquor consumption is absolutely viewed as a brain malady. Liquor causes changes in your mind that create it tough to prevent. Trying to endure it on their lonesome isn’t attainable. You wish to require the steerage of a doctor or take antialcohol supplements.

    Good nutrition will facilitate to keep up your health and forestall your body from any illness. The basic supplements that your body desires square measure sugars, protein, fat, nutrients, minerals, and water. The basic implies that if you expel one amongst these supplements from your consumption routine, there’ll be an absence that causes health problems. Liquor wouldn’t make up the category of a elementary supplement on the grounds that not having it in your consumption regime doesn’t prompt any quite inadequacy. Alcohol use disorder is what doctors decision it after you cannot management the number you drink and knowledge problem along with your feelings once you are not drinking. Some folks might imagine the most effective thanks to manage it are determinedly, like it’s a difficulty they have to figure through on their lonesome.

    Alcoholic beverages basically comprise of water, liquor (ethanol), and an excellent quantity of sugar. The calories originate from liquor and sugar and square measure thought of void calories on account of the absence of the opposite elementary supplements. It’s one thing that you just could augment your consumption routine, however it is not one thing that you just want in it.

    Know a lot of concerning the health supplements from the best drugstores Japan online.

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    5 Great Holiday Destinations for the less mobile

    Being less mobile is no excuse not to go on holiday and here is a selection of places the less mobile can still enjoy.

    If you aren’t as mobile as you used to be it can be depressing looking through holiday brochures full of shiny, happy families playing beach volleyball or skiing. It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a nice break – it just means you’re looking in the wrong place! There are specialist operators who can provide you with home from home care services during your holiday making sure you have a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

    Here is a selection of 5 places that you are sure to enjoy, even if you can’t gad about like you used to. Many of them have good public transport and you can book self-catering accessible apartments to enable you to continue to receive in home care in the manner you are accustomed to.


    You can’t go to Barcelona without seeing something pretty amazing. The work of Gaudi is everywhere and it is an impressively accessible city with level-access public transport – even a wheelchair user’s beach! Some of the landmarks – such as the SagradaFamillia – have accessibility limited due to steep wheelchair ramps and the difficulty of modifying historic structures.

    Holiday Destination


    Another city boasting a good, and accessible, public transport system it also has plenty of museums and other attractions to keep you occupied. Berlin has put a lot of effort into accessibility and many attractions are easily to navigate even with limited mobility, although the Holocaust Memorial is noted for the uneven “wave-like”floor.


    A little closer to home Cardiff offers pedestrianised streets, accessible public transport and a hub of shopping, eating or just relaxing centred in the bay area. Plus, being a capital city it has all of the cultural benefits of theatres and nightlife, such as the New Theatre that has a lift and wheelchair accessible seating.


    Perhaps not an obvious choice given how hilly it is but surprisingly accessible. The original trams are not level-access but the new trams are, which allows you to negotiate the city easily. The weather is usually mild – neither too hot nor too cold. Staying the Baixa district makes for a flatter holiday – but taxis are cheap and many attractions offer use of wheelchairs.

    The Danube

    If your mobility is limited then a river cruise might be the ideal solution. Let the world come to you. Cruises along the Danube typically visit Budapest, Vienna, the Danube Delta and the Wachau Valley. Excursions are available and there are plenty of cruise providers who can offer a tailor-made service for those older guests who may be limited in what they can do. Unlike sea cruising river cruise boats are far more steady and stable which can be an important consideration if your balance is a little unsteady.


    There’s surprisingly much to do in Malta, even if you can’t walk far. Valletta is a small, perfectly formed city although, as a medieval city, there are cobblestones in places. If you arrive by cruise ship The Barrakka Gardens are accessed by a lift from the harbour area.