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5 Great Holiday Destinations for the less mobile

Being less mobile is no excuse not to go on holiday and here is a selection of places the less mobile can still enjoy.

If you aren’t as mobile as you used to be it can be depressing looking through holiday brochures full of shiny, happy families playing beach volleyball or skiing. It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a nice break – it just means you’re looking in the wrong place! There are specialist operators who can provide you with home from home care services during your holiday making sure you have a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Here is a selection of 5 places that you are sure to enjoy, even if you can’t gad about like you used to. Many of them have good public transport and you can book self-catering accessible apartments to enable you to continue to receive in home care in the manner you are accustomed to.


You can’t go to Barcelona without seeing something pretty amazing. The work of Gaudi is everywhere and it is an impressively accessible city with level-access public transport – even a wheelchair user’s beach! Some of the landmarks – such as the SagradaFamillia – have accessibility limited due to steep wheelchair ramps and the difficulty of modifying historic structures.

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Another city boasting a good, and accessible, public transport system it also has plenty of museums and other attractions to keep you occupied. Berlin has put a lot of effort into accessibility and many attractions are easily to navigate even with limited mobility, although the Holocaust Memorial is noted for the uneven “wave-like”floor.


A little closer to home Cardiff offers pedestrianised streets, accessible public transport and a hub of shopping, eating or just relaxing centred in the bay area. Plus, being a capital city it has all of the cultural benefits of theatres and nightlife, such as the New Theatre that has a lift and wheelchair accessible seating.


Perhaps not an obvious choice given how hilly it is but surprisingly accessible. The original trams are not level-access but the new trams are, which allows you to negotiate the city easily. The weather is usually mild – neither too hot nor too cold. Staying the Baixa district makes for a flatter holiday – but taxis are cheap and many attractions offer use of wheelchairs.

The Danube

If your mobility is limited then a river cruise might be the ideal solution. Let the world come to you. Cruises along the Danube typically visit Budapest, Vienna, the Danube Delta and the Wachau Valley. Excursions are available and there are plenty of cruise providers who can offer a tailor-made service for those older guests who may be limited in what they can do. Unlike sea cruising river cruise boats are far more steady and stable which can be an important consideration if your balance is a little unsteady.


There’s surprisingly much to do in Malta, even if you can’t walk far. Valletta is a small, perfectly formed city although, as a medieval city, there are cobblestones in places. If you arrive by cruise ship The Barrakka Gardens are accessed by a lift from the harbour area.