The Reason Why Amazon Prohibits Selling CBD and Hemp Oil

Amazon is one of the most popular online retailers in the world. It’s very easy to do online shopping on this website because you can check for cheaper alternatives, make use of the free shipping, and read the reviews. They sell all kinds of things that are worth billions of dollars. They offer millions of products that can be shipped to your doorstep right away. But the only problem is, you won’t find CBD on Amazon.

There are several reasons as to why CBD is banned from being sold at Amazon. Let’s find out why and what these reasons are.

Problems with CBD Being a Controlled Substance

Even though CBD is legal in many states, some states still ban the use of CBD. For example, Idaho is a state where CBD is illegal in every form. You wouldn’t want to ship illegal CBD in this state. Otherwise, Amazon will receive a hefty fine or worse. CBD is known to give relief in many diseases and conditions like seizures. But it is still a big question mark when it comes to legitimacy. If the FDA hasn’t approved a specific CBD product, it is still considered a controlled substance.

Amazon has a strict set of rules when it comes to the products that they are selling.  One of these rules is “Products offered for sale on Amazon must comply with all laws and regulations.” In other words, all supplements must not contain any controlled substances like CBD. So if you are looking forward to ordering your very first CBD product, buy from legitimate sources like Joy Organics.

Buying CBD Under the Radar and the Possibility of Fraud

Hemp Oil is not marijuana; therefore, it is not considered an illegal or controlled substance. That’s why you will see different kinds of hemp products being sold on Amazon. There are hemp shampoos, conditioners, extracts, and many more. But some hemp products have CBD in them. This gives you a chance to purchase CBD oil without being caught. If you type in the following on the search bar:

  • Hemp Extract
  • Hemp Oil
  • Hemp Oil Extract

Some companies sell CBD oil under the pretense of selling Hemp Oil or Hemp Extracts. One problem is that these may not be the best CBD products out there. Aside from that, there is a chance that these companies are committing fraud because their supposed CPD rich products are not appropriately regulated. With its price, you will never know if you are getting what you paid for.

A Legitimate Source of High Quality CBD Products – Joy Organics

If you are still on the lookout for quality and legit CBD with an affordable price that will not break the bank, Joy Organics is the perfect place to be. It is a reputable and trusted company that offers potent CBD oil made out of premium and high-quality hemp.

Their products are filled with phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil that strengthens the potency of their products. To ensure that you only get pure CBD without the possibility of making you high, make sure that it’s Broad-spectrum hemp oil that’s THC-free. All of these CBD products are tested by third-party labs to give you the satisfaction of a CBD oil without THC’s hint.