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    Samsung Galaxy S9 powered by the design of S8

    Samsung launches the perfect device of the year, dubbed as Samsung Galaxy S8. And, now all eyes set on the next beast Samsung Galaxy S9.

    For the design of Samsung Galaxy S8, on the backside, too, things are not quite standard for Samsung. Since the front panel lost all keys, and fingerprint reader was just one of them, it was moved to the back part. It is located to the right of the camera gently. To the left of the camera are the flash and the heart rate sensor. Despite the fact that all the forces designers spent to create the front part, the back also looks nothing. So, now imagine the perfection of Samsung Galaxy S9.

    Complete symmetry is the first thing that pleases and striking in the S8. The camera and the remaining parts are arranged symmetrically in a line. And me, as a perfectionist, it is very pleasing. But there are also things that awaken in me the Hulk. It should only take a look on the bottom and it seems that all power is completely left, designers. Audio input and speaker are arranged symmetrically in a line, but the USB Type C slid down. Maybe, Samsung will pick type C in the Galaxy S9 as well.

    In the S8, on the right side power button is located lonely, and on the top face is NanoSim tray for two or for one SIM cards and memory cards. The left has been refilled and now, in addition to the usual volume keys, there is also a start button nuclear missiles Bixby assistant. Do not forget about the defense of Koreans. The front and back of the smartphone is closed protective by glass Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Which well, it is very difficult to break and scratch – so all is practically impossible. Of course, if you do not wear diamond earrings.

    You can also continue not afraid of water, as this year’s smartphone is not deprived of protection against moisture and dust. It has a standard IP68, allowing smartphone immersed into water to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes.  But the smartphone is not a member of only one window – faces are made of the aluminum-colored casing. Thanks to the hard work of designers and engineers that make the body fit is very tight, and it seems that the body is solid, rather than assembled from three parts. So, everything that you require in the Galaxy S9 is already there in S8.