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    Everything You Need to Know About CNC Plasma Table

    Plasma Cutting is the method commonly used for cutting metals and for other purposes too. There is a hand-held plasma cutting tool which is the excellent tool for cutting through steel metal, straps, metal plates, pipes, bolts and more at a rapid pace. It can also be used as a gouging tool for removing the defective welds and back-gouging the weld joints. It is widely used for cutting small shapes of steel plates, but this tool doesn’t guarantee higher accuracy and edge quality in some of the fabrications of metal. This is where the CNC plasma table comes to your rescue.

    What is CNC Plasma Table?

    This is the plasma system or machine which carries the plasma torch and it can be rotated or moved in the path directed by a PC. The term CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control which signifies that the machine is controlled by a computer all the motions and movements of the torch are based on the numerical codes available in the program.

    Mechanized or Hand-Held Plasma – Which is Best?

    The CNC plasma table comes with a different type of plasma system which is different from the hand-held cutting applications and one especially designed for the mechanized cutting rather than the hand-held cutting. The mechanized system makes use of straight barreled torch which is carried by the machine and it also has the varied interface which is controlled automatically by the CNC. You will also come across with some entry level machines which carry the torch that is ideal for hand-held cutting. But the professional grade machines and tables for fabrication and manufacturing come with mechanized torch and plasma system which is different from hand-held machines.

    The Important Components of CNC Plasma Table

    The size of this table is important, and you need to choose the plasma cutting table based on your unique needs and preferences. The small plasma table with CNC facility is usually ideal for home hobbyists, garage fabricators, and craftsmen. However, the scenario changes when it comes to small or large businesses. The businesses that regularly need a metal cutting table for producing parts would require choosing the one that is bigger and larger. Regardless of the size, there are a few important components that your plasma table must have. Please have a look at these components.

    • The table and mechanical components – These are the components of the CNC plasma table that include the torch carriage, gantry, Z-Axis to move the torches.
    • The CNC – This is the brain of the plasma table and you need to ensure that it is upgraded. The CNC is the prime component which will convert the cutting program into instructions for your which will control the cutting direction and accelerate the plasma system, peripheral equipment, and height controller.
    • The fume controller – When cutting metals, it is necessary that you have better control over the fumes and hence you need to check the fume controller of the cnc plasma table. There are two options to control the fume in the machine a downdraft system or the water tray. You can read more about the options online.
    • The air plasma cutting system – For best quality cutting of metals and optimal finishing of the edges, it is necessary choosing the renowned and quality air plasma cutting system. There are many brands to choose from and you need to get the best cutting system for your table.
    • Torch height control – In order to reduce the overall pricing of some low-cost CNC-type Plasma Table is sold which has no THC. But ensure to choose the model that comes with THC as it improvises the cutting quality and enhances consumable life while saving money in the long run.