Reading the Philanthropic Tales with Selim Zherka- Working For the Poor & Have-nots

Live for other, and die for them is what Bible has been teaching mankind. And why only Bible, all the holy books that have been scripted on the Earth, speak of humanity- the main essence of which lies in living for the others. The more one gives, the more he gets. But it was the entrance of consumerism which has actually started bringing in the change of man’s attitude. The man started being self-centric as the world demands so, and in this rat race, few got stamped, and only the powerful lot got to survive.

This is exactly when people started drifting apart from each other, and they turned out to be their own enemies. Selim Zherka believes that it is the entrance of capitalistic world which destroyed the humanity of mankind. Now people seem to live in a world where they have lost confidence in giving, and this is exactly what he believes needs to change. Himself a devout Christian, Selim believed only in giving, and he believes that it is the most secular form of living for one another.

He has definitely earned his material needs with investment and immense success in the real estate industry. But he has never allowed this accumulated wealth used only for his sole benefit. He believes that people live only because of the community life, and hence it is his responsibility to give back to the community as well. Aid, however, he believes will not work as aid given was not effectively planned; throwing money at simple problems doesn’t reduce it. Instead, it only increases because money doesn’t work on its own, it needs to be used by mankind, and lack of human resource will never solve the issue. So more than money, it is the human involvement which is needed to help the poor.

The main idea behind charity should not be in showing pity or helping people just to make them dependent. The ideal concept is to make them self-dependent and help them walk and stand strong. Aid again is a concept which enhances the dependency of one or the other. So aid is considered as a mere bandage on the wound. The limitation of aid is restricted in just bringing in a slight balance to the international economic system which is presumed to be unjust. Globalization is indeed a good term to hear of, but it is solely responsible for distinguishing the numbers of haves and have-nots in this world.

However, just stating these problems won’t help, instead, people need to work and bring a solution to these problems. Selim Zherka with his knowledge and wisdom believes that it is in the communal sustenance that will help in eradicating poverty from the society. With this notion, he makes sure everything he earns; a percentage of it goes for the kids who cannot gather their square meal. Being a father of eight children, he knows the pain a parent goes through when their kids sleep hungry. His work needs no special mention, no recognition, he just wants to fetch in some equality in this world.