About GDAX

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GDAX is the cryptocurrency exchange, which was established in the year 2017 and functions worldwide. This platform has advanced panels; and suppose you are the beginner, you might need a little to get used and comfortably interact with this platform. GDAX is highly popular and associated with the popular name in this cryptocurrency space.

How Does It Work?

GDAX is one kind of cryptocurrency exchange, which trades various assets and it includes Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and many fiat currencies. This platform provides a complete range of the trading pairs that you can choose from.

Since the cryptocurrency sector spreads to different parts of the world, GDAX is keen on building the stellar reputation. For GDAX, highly professional and advanced traders might find it quite useful. The reason it is this was made with some sophisticated panels, which most of the new traders find it very daunting to navigate. This notwithstanding, the platform serves advanced and beginner users both.

 What is the difference?

GDAX and Coinbase is the sister companies that are owned by same people; if you are trading over Coinbase and want to expand the trading boundaries, then GDAX will be the best option to try out. And even people who want to trade cheaply compared to the Coinbase might find GDAX the best alternative as the transaction fee is affordable.

 Why Do You Need Register on GDAX?

GDAX has plenty of things to offer to their users. You will get real-time costs of the listed currencies: GDAX provides the live page for different digital assets & trading pairs on their platform.