Little Known But Hard-To-Ignore Benefits Of Synthetic Engine Oil

Engine oil is the most important fluid next to fuel in any car and your BMW is no exception.

Hence it would be unwise for you to choose ordinary engine oil over synthetic engine oil the next time you take your vehicle for its scheduled BMW servicing. There are several reasons why synthetic engine oils are more popular over ordinary engine oils. For starters, it offers a lot of benefits to your BMW car’s engine.

Some of the most appealing benefits synthetic engine oils can offer to you and your beloved BMW are as follows –

Synthetic engine oil offers superior protection to your BMW car’s engine

BMW cars are technology-packed, safe, reliable and high-performance beasts hence it is evident that the engines of these modern marvels would need superior protection – something that ordinary engine oils cannot offer to your BMW.

In the opinion of a certified and renowned BMW mechanic operating in Perth, the best step forward for a BMW car owner is to start using synthetic engine oils in their cars.

Synthetic engine oils –

  • Offers impressive protection to the engine of your BMW against foreign deposits
  • It reduces friction among movable parts thereby increasing the operational life of critical components of the engine and
  • It has a high flow rate thus allowing it to offer protection to every nook and corner of your BMW’s engine.

Synthetic engine oils last longer when compared to conventional engine oils

Synthetic engine oils need to be replaced at a frequency that is lower when compared to ordinary engine oils. For instance, under normal driving conditions, if your BMW car has synthetic engine oil in its engine, you would be making the trip to the mechanic after every 7,500 to 10,000 miles to change the engine oil.

Hence, you will be saving a lot of time and money when you start pouring synthetic engine oil in your BMW car’s engine instead of ordinary engine oil as the former lasts longer than the latter.

In a nutshell, although the initial cost of pouring synthetic engine oil in your BMW car is high when compared to ordinary engine oils, the former offers a high ROI factor.

Synthetic engine oils keep the engine of your BMW car cool in hot climates

Cold weather does not serve well to car engines and neither does extremely hot weather. Perth has a Mediterranean climate which means the summers are extremely hot and dry. Hence, in order to ensure that the engine of your beloved BMW does not suffer irreversible damage due to extreme heat, you need to start using synthetic engine oil for your car, instead of ordinary engine oil.

Ordinary engine oil breaks down prematurely when operational temperatures soar thus leaving your BMW car engine unprotected.

Synthetic engine oils, on the other hand, have been designed to remain functional even in extreme heat thereby offering protection to your car’s engine even in the hot and dry Perth summers.

It is evident by now the reasons why synthetic engine oil is better. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that changing the used up synthetic engine oil in your BMW car demands the car to be taken to a BMW-certified shop or mechanic’s garage. It is the only way you can ensure that your car will be safe and the engine oil that is being poured into the engine of your BMW is genuine.