Pandora jewelry in Fayetteville

How To Make Sure That Your Pandora Jewelry Is Authentic

In today’s market, there are various other designers who create jewelry pieces similar to original Pandora jewelry. This might make it really difficult for people to differentiate between fake and real Pandora jewelry. However, while buying Pandora jewelry in Fayetteville, there are various factors which you can consider to make sure that you do not fall for any fake claims.

Below listed are a few factors which will help you to determine and differentiate real Pandora jewelry from the fake ones.

The first thing you want to notice while shopping for Pandora jewelry is that you should inspect two key markings. These two marks are makers mark and the quality mark. If you can locate these two marks on any of your jewelry, they can be the starting point which indicates the authenticity of the product.

In the US, the maker’s mark is a stamp that identifies the origin of a particular Pandora piece. Even the smallest piece of Pandora jewelry should be stamped with letters ALE which represent the Pandora founder Algot Enevoldsen.

 Pandora jewelry in Fayetteville

In some other countries, certain additional stamps are required in order to prove that the jewelry is authentic Pandora. In the UK, the maker’s mark is also referred to as sponsor’s mark. Whereas in Denmark, it is known as the responsibility mark.

The quality mark, on the other hand, is the mark which indicates that the jewelry is made using pure and genuine metal. Looking and identifying these marking are one of the first steps you can take to ensure that you are buying original Pandora jewelry.

Pay attention to the way the jewelry is designed. Pandora jewelry is made using genuine material which includes .925 sterling silver, 14-carat or 18-carat gold or a combination of either of these. Certain materials like crystals, plastic or glue will never be used in Pandora jewelry. So if your jewelry has any of these materials, it is not an authentic Pandora piece. Pandora jewelry usually comprises of high-quality diamonds, , and other precious man-made jewelry.

Pandora jewelry has a standard price across various countries. So if one store has a sale going on or is offering a discount, it should be the same for every store. If you find any store that is offering pieces which are too good to be true at a really great price, they are probably fake items. While buying online beware of fake websites claiming to sell original products.

The best way to identify these fake websites is by observing and exploring the site really well. Fake sites are apparent with poor writing and incomplete details about the products. Apart from all these signs, you should also consider looking at genuine reviews of people who have bought from the same seller or store. Make sure that you see the latest reviews and not outdated ones.

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