How to Keep Your Yard Healthy

You take care of your lawn, your home, and your life. Sometimes, you need professionals to come in and take care of the hard stuff. Tree removal is an extremely dangerous part of lawn care. Many times, trees will be near homes, power lines, children and areas of high traffic. Therefore, this difficult jobs should be handled by experienced professionals who can ensure that it is handled safely and effectively.

Arborists: Dedicated Professionals 

An individual who cultivates and maintains the health of trees is known as an arborist. Arborists are qualified to diagnose problems in trees and often maintain the integrity of the tree by trimming when necessary. They are often called when a person notices their trees are sick or about to die. There are many actions that an arborist may take, but at times tree removal is absolutely necessary. When this is the case, it is of utmost importance to seek professional care and service so that the integrity of the land and structures around the tree do not experience any damage during removal.

Trimming the trees

Costs of Removal

There are many factors that may determine the cost of tree removal. Costs of removing a tree can actually vary from $150 up to $1500. Limb removals are on the lower end of the price range. A qualified arborist knows which limbs are problem areas. They can remove them in hope of restore the health of the tree. For an entire tree that needs to come down, the price of removal increases. For a tree up to 25 feet tall, average cost of removal is between $150 and $500 dollars. The taller the tree, the higher the price will be. A tree 75 feet or taller can cost up to $1500 to remove. Tree stump removal usually costs more, but it is worth it to those who want to create a new surface on their property after a tree has been removed. Some people have fireplaces in their homes, and wish to use the wood from a tree to fuel fires. For an extra fee, some arborists will bring log splitters to the property to carry out this service.

Use Common Sense

When consulting with an arborist about tree removal, remember to check local laws and city codes. Some jurisdictions protect trees as part of neighborhood organization property, while others require preservation of natural land and will not permit any tree to be disturbed–no matter what shape it is in. The issue of tree ownership may also arise if a tree is located between one property and other. Arborists and owners of property may face charges of tree vandalism if precaution is not take before tree removal, so always check your local laws.