How to get reviews on Google

Every business wants to get reviews from their customers. This helps businesses to improve and it is one of the easiest ways to get the trust of future and existing customers and also to market their business. Once you have set up the Google review URL you can let your customers know about how to leave a review on Google. Here we share with you the steps to make a URL for review from customers on Google.

How to create a URL for reviews on Google?

For this, you should be having the dashboard of Google My Business or you can make use of the mobile app. On this, you can share the short URL for sending a review. Using the short URL your customers can post a review about your business and also view the profile associated with your business.

It is possible for every business that has claimed its short name on My Business of Google to get a short URL that can be shared with customers. This will redirect them to a page where they can post reviews. Even the URLs that were created earlier using the tool of PlaceID lookup would work, or those created from Google Search, but short names created short URLs are highly recommended.

Share the short URL to get reviews from customers:

Using computer:

  • Sign in to the app of Google My business.
  • Choose the location that you would like to manage.
  • Then you will get the option of Home in the left menu.
  • With the option of “Get more reviews”, you can copy the short URL for sharing.

Using mobile: 

  • Open mobile app of Google my business.
  • Choose the location, if you are having many locations.
  • Tap on customer’s options and reviews.
  • You will see the share icon on the top right area.
  • You will be asked to create a short name if you have not created it yet.
  • Copy this URL to share with the customers.

On your website, you can mention how to leave reviews on Google. This will educate your customers on the same.