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How much do you know about protecting your bitcoins?

Bitcoin is one of the most difficult currencies that have been put to thieves since the money was created, but like any system, their security can be burst. We are not questioning Bitcoin, on the contrary, we question the human factor. Due to not following a minimum of good security practices, bitcoins that have been stolen are counted in almost 1000 million dollars. So it never hurts to prevent.Click here for Bitcoin price.

How to protect my bitcoins

Not only having your funds in the purses and accounts of the exchange houses run the risk of losing them.

As in the real world, everything in the network is susceptible to being hacked by very well protected that you think it is.

However, if you follow these recommendations, you will make it extremely difficult for anyone who intends to steal.Visit this site for Bitcoin price.

Manage your own keys

This advice is very basic, but sometimes we forget.

You must be very (but very) cautious (and initially distrust ) of the online services where you store bitcoins, be they of the type they are: purses, exchange houses, bets, …

Analyze very well the service and its reputation before sending a single satoshi or tell someone to send them there.

Remember the previous cases of robberies, all had a very good reputation. Even being trusted sites can be compromised by a criminal. You must understand that the moment you do not have the bitcoins they can disappear. So, as far as possible, have your bitcoins the minimum time in third hands.

Bitcoin price

Keep your software updated

As a general rule, you will use a computer program such as a purse and Bitcoin client, and you will use your computer or smartphone.

In other words, with this program, you will store your private keys and operate with them through the movement of your bitcoins.

Well, in this case, worry that everything your computer or mobile phone has is updated and free of malware of any kind.

Do you use a web wallet? Your operating system may be infected or outdated, the browser may have a malicious extension that you do not know,…

Encrypt your private keys

Currently, any purse program worth its salt will create your private keys automatically. Not everyone follows good practices in the creation of these private keys, avoiding that it is easy to replicate, but the best known if they do so.

What is important to understand is that once created, they are stored on your device in plain text. In some file or internal database.

Wallets that incorporate good practices to prevent this have the option of encrypting the file where they keep your keys.