Harley Reagan– Paving The Path To Happiness!

People assume that the realities both science and spirituality seek to explore do not relate to each other in any way. However, they fail to understand that it is the inquisitive nature of the human mind forms the basis of these two branches of knowledge.  Modern science involves an objectivity examination and scrutiny of the world in which all living organisms exists works by asking the basic question, ‘’How did Universe come into existence and how does it function?’’. On the other hand, spirituality is an introspective yet subjective understanding of the essence of being human being and tries to find the answer to the fundamental question of ‘’What am I?”

Harley Reagan – A leader who understood the delicate relationship between science and spirituality

Harley Reagan was a prominent spiritual leader in North America and the founder of The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society (DTMMS). This is non-profit spiritual organization that seeks to support, protect and preserve the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path. Its mission is the eradicate ignorance, superstition, racial intolerance and religious dogma from the face of this earth. This is to ensure future generations live in a world where they free to learn to love and respect their fellow human beings. Moreover, they appreciate the beauty and splendor of this planet. At the height of his career he was elected as Twisted Hairs elder of the Council of this spiritual group in July, 1992. In addition to this, he was also an ardent martial expert who contribution in this field earned a place in the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Appreciating the delicate relationship between science and spirituality

The members of this spiritual group explain that in ancient times people understood the subtle connection between these two essential branches of human knowledge and did not regard them to be in conflict with each other. Even today, in many eastern religions, their preachers believe that human beings must first have a thorough understanding of themselves before they gain knowledge of the Universe they live in. This goes a long way in promoting a healthy relationship with their Creator. According to them, all human beings exist in five interconnecting levels. These are the environment they live in, their physical body, their intellect, their intuition and finally their spiritual self. The members of The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society (DTMMS) clarify that it is disconnection of these two fundamental branches of human knowledge that is the root cause of challenges people experience in the world today.

They go on to explain that being in a very intimate relationship with Grandmother Earth or Nature in the psyche of every human being. Since time immemorial, ancient cultures around the world have been honoring the various manifestations of nature like the trees, the wilderness, the mountains, the mighty rivers, valleys, the Sun and the Moon. In the view of Harley Reagan, human beings must never attempt to break their connection with Nature otherwise it would eventually lead to their own demise. In fact, they should strive to change their attitudes and reinforce their Divine connection with Grandmother Earth.