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Cleaning a Travertine Surface Yourself – Some Quick Tips

You can find a travertine stone in just about every household. While some may use it for laying down the flooring others may want to use it to build countertops, or use them in bathrooms or even patio areas. The primary property of this stone that makes it so desirable is its longevity. It can last for several years without you worrying about travertine cleaning at all. Just make sure that the water does not seep in between, for that can make the walls and floor weaker. Post that, you just need to use some of the easiest cleaning tips to keeps your travertine surface shining like new forever.

Cleaning up the travertine surfaces

Despite being a sturdy stone, travertine cleaning is not the as hard task as marble cleaning or granite tile cleaning. Over time this stone can become rougher and stained. This is also why it’s always recommended that you clean up the surface whenever you spill something as soon as possible. To do this, you must use a soft cloth or a sponge, soaked in hot water (and stone cleaner solution) only. Do not use any acidic cleaner or generic bathroom cleaner to do the cleaning job.

Keep the flooring grit free by using a clean dust mop regularly. Do not use a vacuum over the surface, which can otherwise scratch the surface of the stone. Try to keep the tile grout clean as much as you can.

Sealing the gaps

It is necessary that you do not leave any spaces in between two travertine stones or tiles. More than etching, it is required to avoid staining the tiles all of a sudden unknowingly. If it has a polished finish, the travertine will be more resistant to stain that it would be with a matte finish. You can opt for this especially when you are dealing with a bathroom or kitchen counter.

Going for preventive maintenance

You must always remember to know of some simple yet effective preventive steps to carry out travertine cleaning procedure. If you have them installed on countertops in the kitchen, use coasters as well. In bathrooms, use a tray for holding the toiletries. If you have them on the floor, go for doormats or rugs.

These are just a few of the ideas you can yourself try at home. If these don’t seem to work for you or if you need additional help, there are always experts to help you out. Just make sure that you don’t take too long before contacting them. This will also give them enough opportunity to restore as much of the beauty of the travertine surface as is possible.