Booking a Royal Holiday on the Train Maharaja Express India

Booking a holiday on the train Maharaja India is perhaps the biggest treat you can gift yourself. This is one of the leading luxury trains in the world and with good reasons too. It has practically redefined luxury travel in India ever since it was first introduced in 2010. The Maharaja Express continues to be one of the most luxurious trains in India. When you decide to embark on a vacation on the train Maharaja India, you will need to choose from its five spectacular journeys. Each of these tours is a lifetime experience in itself. They will take you to spectacular destinations that offer a heady mix of natural beauty, architectural splendors, and historical heritage.

What makes the train Maharaja India a luxury palace on wheels?

  • Just like the luxury train Maharaja India is a dream to watch from the outside, it is a picture to behold inside as well. It reflects the historical beauty of the bygone eras, the opulence, and lifestyles of the royalty in ancient times. While the interiors have been adorned with the richness of the Indian historical art of those times, the cabins are equipped with all modern amenities to give passengers every comfort they can dream of. So, when you are on this luxury train, you can actually experience the grandiose and opulence of the royal life.
  • Booking yourself a vacation on this train Maharaja India will take you to the exquisite forts and palaces of the north and western parts of India which are etched in our history. You can even enjoy interactions with the royal families and get invited for dinners and lunches with the royal in these historical palaces and forts. The tour organizers arrange for day trips to various sightseeing attractions. They will also arrange for the tourists to commute to these places without any difficulties. The guests are provided with tour guides for these day trips.

  • Whether it is a trip through the national reserve forests like Ranthambore or visits to the UNESCO heritage sites, a tour of the Ajanta-Ellora caves or the wonders of the Taj Mahal, you will be taken to every worthwhile destination on that route. The journey through the rich countryside is a treat for the eyes and guests get a taste of the village life. Their stay inside the trains is also rather regal because they are provided with every kind of luxury and comfort. So, whether it is salons and spas, boutiques and entertainment centers, cuisines and accommodations, everything is magnificent and reeks of opulence.
  • The accommodations are extremely spacious and cabins have air-conditioning and other necessary amenities like Wi-Fi connectivity, entertainment facilities, and spacious washrooms. All public areas have CCTV surveillance while guests are also provided with personal butler service. Guests can enjoy gourmet dining in the dining cars where meals are prepared by world famous chefs. You can enjoy different types of cuisines on board the Maharaja Express. There is a well-stocked library for bookworms and indoor games facilities for entertaining guests keen to stay back on the train during day tours.

In other words, a ticket on the train Maharaja India is nothing short of a royal vacation. It guarantees you an unforgettable travel experience where you can get the comfort only you can dream of. This train stands for royalty in every way and the royal treatment meted out to guests is living proof of this. To book a holiday on this train, you need to decide which tour you want to opt for. There are multiple packages on offer and you should choose on depending on the destinations it will cover.