Big data analytics – Certifications And Career

If you are interested in big data industry, then you must have seen that the number of job openings for data scientist are more as compared to any other roles in big data industry. However, another role in big data industry that is also equally in demand if not more is big data analytics. Big data analytics career is also quite an interesting one, let’s find out more about career in big data analytics and big data analytics certification.

Importance Of Certifications In Big Data Analytics And Skills Required For Big Data Analyst Career

While Data Science has been ruling the roost in big data industry, it is believed that data analytics is the right way to enter the industry. So what is the role of a big data analyst and how certifications can help you get that coveted job.

Certifications in big data analytics will definitely help in improving your prospects, however, if you are planning a big data analyst career then you need to constantly upgrading your both technical as well as non-technical skills along with certifications. Simply for the reason that you are in sync with the industry standards.

The constant upgrading of your skills as a big data analyst will ensure that the two main skills – technical and soft skills – are upgraded as per the industry standards. The core work of a data analyst has lots of steps to it and each step need to be carefully climbed to get results – data analysis.

 Once that is done, the result is recorded in a clear crisp format and presented to the stake holders. And this is where your technical and soft skills come into play. When we talk about the technical skills required for a big data analyst, we mean your familiarity with the scripting languages like MATLAB and python, querying languages like SQL, along with other computer skills and soft skills include defining the problem, you should be knowing the audience, and ability to deliver in a clear and concise format.

What Are The Job Prospects Post Data Analytics Certifications?

Certifications are third party validation of your qualification and skills will definitely add weightage to your resume. Data Analytics Certifications will increase your job prospects and will make you stand out in the crowd.

Some of the big data analyst certifications you may want to know about include Hortonworks big data certifications for beginners and professionals, IBM Big Data certifications for big data analyst, DASCA Big Data certifications for big data analysts and DELL EMC Big Data Certifications for both professionals and beginners.

As a certified big data analyst from a reputed certification body, you will become a preferred potential hire for numerous organizations. So certifications in big data analytics will only help you in enjoying a successful career as big data analyst.

Data Science Certifications  

Post big data analyst if there is any other lucrative role in big data industry – then it is Big Data Scientist. While there is lot of money attached to it, the role of Big Data Scientist is usually that of a loner and a problem solver. You must have heard the saying – “with great power comes great responsibility”, the same saying is true for the role of big data scientist. Since you will be handling loads of confidential data hence a big data science certification will help you present your resume confidently.

Some of the prominent Big Data Science certifications from reputed institutes that you may want to explore –  Hortonworks, Cloudera, IBM Big Data Certifications, DASCA and DELL EMC add weightage to your resume.