Best Inspirational Movies That Teens Must See

All teenagers across the globe sometimes need a little kick of inspiration to fulfill their goals and achieve their maximum and watching motivational movies can often do the trick. In this article, we will be talking about the best Telugu inspirational movies that are specifically catered towards teenagers. Also, you can watch here, at the Aha movies website, all of the content that will be mentioned in the following article and many more Telugu movies.

For those who have not been previously introduced to Telugu movies, they are an independent fraction of Tollywood (Indian Hollywood) that makes entertaining movies on the Telugu language.

The first movie that we will discuss is a very inspirational movie by the name of Raghuvaran B Tech. It is a tale of a young man named Raghuvaran, who is an engineer who fails to secure himself a job in his profession for four years. Eventually, he falls in love with a girl named Shalini, and while being on a date with her, ignores mobile calls of his mother that was dying at the time, calling for help. Furthermore, the movie gets interesting once Raghuvaran realizes his mistake, falls into severe depression, and has to climb a mountain of problems to get his life back on track.

Moving on, the next movie on our list is Anandam, a romantic drama. It tells the story of two neighbors who hate each other since they were kids, Kiran and Aishwarya. Later on, Aishwarya moves out of her flat and finds a letter from a girl who committed suicide that incidentally previously lived in the apartment that she just moved in. She tells Kiran about it, and they start forming an unexpected bond.

The last movie on this list is a comedy named Pilla Zamindar. It is a story about a successor of a wealthy dynasty named PJ, who is very arrogant and proud due to his immense financial status. However, the plot thickens once PJ reads a will of his deceased grandfather, who categorically stated that PJ will only get the family heritage that he was supposed to inherit if he completes his graduation exams while living like an ordinary citizen.

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