A Cup of Black Tea Makes Everything Better

One should always have everything in moderation. The concept of the balanced approach is good. Same applies to intake of caffeinated beverages like tea and coffee. But exceptions are always there, for example – Black Tea in Australia or dark tea.

Waking up to the cup of a perfect black tea is elation. People have their own preferences when it comes to tea, like –herbal tea, green tea, black tea. Camellia sinuses are leaves of a particular shrub from which black tea is made. Black tea has generally got a strong flavor. Before packaging black tea goes through few processing methods –withering, oxidation and then dried.

When around 3-4 cups of black tea are consumed a day without any accompaniments like milk and sugar, has got many potential health results.

  1. Enriched with antioxidants – Polyphenol in black tea is enriched with antioxidants that protect DNA and detoxify cells from hazardous effects of tobacco or other toxic chemicals. Black tea possesses a different kind of antioxidants from those found in fruits and vegetables having great health benefits.
  2. Dental health and protection – Results from studies prove that chemical compound Polyphenol found in black tea help fight against bacteria causing dental decay, plaque, and foul oral breadth.
  3. Boosts energy – Due to lower caffeine levels in black tea it results in better stimulated respiratory system, heart, kidney and better metabolism.
  4. Healthier heart – There are 21% fewer chances of contracting cardiovascular diseases in people who consume more than 3 cups of black/green tea than those who drink 1 cup of black/green tea.
  5. Prevents cancerous growth– Chemical component Polyphenol protects body cells and destroys abnormal cells in the body which may convert into the cancerous cell. Thus, preventing chances of ovarian and breast cancer in women who consume black tea than those who don’t drink black tea. But a lot more research work needs to be done on this.
  6. Stronger bones– PhytochemIcals present in black tea reduces the risk of arthritis, osteoporosis and improves bones density and strengthen them.
  7. Reduces stress level—Black tea helps in calming down the stress hormone cortisol present in the body after a long day consumption of black tea helps to d-stress and relaxes stress hormones and rejuvenates mind and body.
  8. Improves digestion-Black tea has tannins that have therapeutics abilities that help in clearing digestive tracks and makes them function well and effectively.
  9. Reduces the risk of diabetes– As per the research people drinking black tea often reduces the chance of diabetes 2 by 70%.
  10. Increases immunity -Tannins present in black tea helps in fighting influenza, flu, and many other viruses. Alkyl amine and antigens present in black tea increase body immune system.
  11. Cup of happiness —A perfect hot brewing cup of black tea always fills the heart with delight.

Regular moderate drinking of black tea increases your life expectancy by reducing many medical factors and stimulating body functions to perform better. Being one of the most popular drinks in the world black tea has many positive and impressive health benefits.