11 Common Types of Storage Containers for International Shipment

When you want to ship goods to different countries, you need to work with a freight forwarding company. It is important to get information about your freight forwarder and the way they work. It is equally important to get details about shipping or storage containers. A shipping container is basically designed to withstand storage, shipment, and handling. Some of these containers can be large reusable steel boxes, and you can also find those traditionally used corrugated boxes.

It is worth mentioning that container units usually vary a lot in structure, dimension, construction, and materials. This often depends on the type of products you want shipped. Here are some of the most common types of shipping or storage containers used today:

  • Dry Storage Containers: These are probably the most commonly used containers and are available in various dimensions. You may need them when shipping dry materials. The most common sizes of dry storage containers are 10 feet, 40 feet, and 20 feet.
  • Flat Rack Containers: These containers come with collapsible sides. They are quite like simple storage containers but their sides can be folded to turn them into flat rack containers that are used to ship wide variety of goods.
  • Open Top Containers: These containers come with a convertible top. It is possible to remove its top completely to carry materials of any height.

  • Tunnel Containers: These storage containers have doors on both ends. You may want to opt for these containers when you require quick loading and unload of goods.
  • Open Side Storage Containers: These types of containers come with doors that allow you to turn them into completely open sides. This provides you with more space to load goods.
  • Double Door Containers: These storage containers have double doors, which is the reason why it is easy to load and unload materials. These can be of up to 40 feet in size.
  • Refrigerated ISO Containers: These temperature-regulated containers come with carefully controlled low temperature and are suitable for perishable items like vegetables and fruits over long distances.
  • Insulated Containers: Also called thermal containers, these containers are the complete opposite of refrigerated containers. It means that they have a regulated temperature control to help maintain a higher temperature. The choice of material is very important here.
  • Cargo Storage Roll Containers: These are foldable containers generally used to transport stacks or sets of materials. Made using strong and thick wire mesh along with roller, they are great for easy movement and offer great protection to the materials.
  • Half Height Containers: Generally made of steel, these shipping containers are about half the size of standard containers. They are often used for goods like stones, coal, etc. It is easy to load and unload goods on these containers.
  • Tanks: These types of container storage units are generally used to ship liquid materials from one place to another. A huge proportion of shipping industry uses these types of storage containers. High quality steel is usually used to make these storage units – sometimes, they are also made of other anti-corrosive materials to offer full protection to the materials.